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Wanna know what’s going on in Venezuela? You won’t have it easy.

State media newscasts are just propaganda. Private ones kinda report the news, but focus more on infotainment and human interest stories. Newspapers try to fill the void, but many are either getting bought by mysterious people or dealing with the constant lack of newsprint. Just today we learned that Venezuela’s oldest newspaper, Barquisimeto’s El Impulso, will stop circulating because it has run out of newsprint.

Is there an alternative? Yes. Online that is.

The Wall Street Journal’s Ezequiel Minaya has written this story on the sudden rise of news and opinion web portals in recent months. The onslaught of communicational hegemony is forcing many journalists to go online in order to show what’s happening, and offer channels for people to express their views. This blog is a tiny contributor to that movement.

The State knows this, and it is working on ways to try to impede access and even control those spaces: Arleth In Vitanza’s recent report tells us how the hegemony is looking to block online content, including pushing for legal measures and even some real-life arrests as a form of putting pressure on those using the web to air their views. And then … there’s the issue of having the slowest Internet in the region.

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  1. Yes, I also read those articles yesterday. However, I’m not sure i want to know all the details, day by day, of steady economic deterioration, especially when there is nothing I can do about it. Maybe, I can get more depressed about it than I already am if that can help anything. What I need to look for is some tunnel light somewhere when it’s safe again to dream. I’m thinking that may only come when the vultures come to buy up what remains. I’ll try to buy up what I can as well.

  2. Survival mode rules! Marc.
    Keeping the disjointed New home/ old home realities becomes impractical an counter productive.

    This is a well known effect of exiling key people and groups. Once you are out you need to make a life where you are. Gomez was well trained in these dynamics…

  3. Me deja un amargo sabor cuando en este blog ni de vaina mencionan a los blogs que se dedican a sacarle los trapos al gobierno y a la oposición: Infodio, Venepiramides, y Las Armas de Coronel.

    La verdad es que Caracas Chronicles es donde van a poner sus artículos el equivalente mediático de sifrinos de la Cuarta que por envidia y arrogancia pareciera que mencionan a esos tres blogs cuando la cosa brilla aquí por su ausencia. Para qué nadie los acuse de comeflores y rolitranque de pajudos.

    Esa actitud tiene tanto que ver con la falta de información auténtica fuera del país. La de descalificar a los demás por no ser perfectos gringos del este de Caracas o estudiantes en alguna universidad desconocida de Europa.

    Dan vergüenza. Es en serio.


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