A matter of keeping your priorities straight


juego-de-estrellas-en-valencia-ante-puerto-rico-1After tons of criticisms and complaints, CENCOEX – the replacement to currency distributor CADIVI – has finally received praise for doing things right on time.

Was it for food supplies? For medicines? Nope, it was for baseball players.

Oscar Prieto Párraga, the current head of the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League (LVBP) has thanked both the Sports Minister Antonio Álvarez and CENCOEX chairman Alejandro Fleming for authorizing their requests for currency on schedule for the upcoming season. Now, the teams will have dollars to pay for foreign players. PLAY BALL!

With that settled, the authorities will probably focus now on another urgent issue for the country’s allocation of currency exchange: the shortage of breast implants.

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    • Only if you are a Naturalized Venezuelan. If you are born Venezuelan the only way to lose nationality is to voluntarily give it up.

      You can lose your citizenship if you conspire against the government, harm the nation or fail to live there for a very long time among other reasons.

      • Incredible, given that we still dont have Maduro’s partida de naciemiento and supposedly he was registered in three different places.

  1. Of course they have to authorize currency for baseball! You know, a mediocre government have to promote and care for mediocre sports 🙂

  2. mmmhhh…frankly speaking, nowadays, some Venezuelans will be more concerned about the shortage of breast implants or the lack of Smartphones in the stores…

  3. This is becoming ironic and farcical. It has to be a sign of over the top dysfunction and a confounding lack of leadership. Nobody is in charge! If this continues to escalate, at some point the adults have to take over. Right?

  4. Should we guess that some extra dollars were slipped in under the table to get Prieto Parraga to publicly announce that CENCOEX is doing a bang-up job? Or did the stack of dollars come with a little warning that said “if you don’t praise us, we’ll cut you off”?
    Place your bets.

  5. Those crazy chavistas be like, “Fuck food and medicine, niggas gotta play ball.”

    No wonder we’re going to default (with painful consequences for the very people who voted chavistas into power).

  6. They got rid of that harmless Pepsi logo above a tower in Caracas claiming that it was “too American”, but now they give advantages and benefits to what is probably the most Yankee sport of them all, a great symbol of US influence in the country.

  7. Its a symbol of the severity of the stranglehold the government applies to ordinary institutions access to forex that the giving of 9 million to the baseball association is deemed newsworthy, something which has been routine for dozens of years past .! This is by inference true proof that the govt is so short of dollars , that its income of oil dollars is so curtailed vs its politically prioritized dollar obligations that the giving of 9 million to baseball is such a big deal. !!

  8. They need to just make sure Wilson Ramos, Andrusbal Cabrera, and Jose Loboton don’t get kidnapped this offseason. (Ramos was already kidnapped once and then ‘rescued’)

    Go Nats!


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