#AdWars, Motorizado Edition

Since my last post, the election campaign has officially begun. In the last few days, attention has turned to a figure that has quickly become (for better or for worse) a symbol of the current Venezuelan society. I’m talking about none other that the motorizado.

The governing PSUV made the first move with the commercial at the head of this post. Instant classic. A group of motorizados say they’re “at the revolution’s command” and pledged to mobilize “whomever it takes” to win on December 6th.

The opposition coalition MUD didn’t take long to hit back. Days later, they rolled out an ad with a group of bikers making an “even clearer” statement: everybody, no matter what side they’re on, counts towards change. And that change will come through votes.

It’s no coincidence that both Chavismo and MUD chose the motorizado as a protagonist for their ads. Let’s not forget: the late Comandante Presidente was transformed into one for his swansong election.

Chavismo really wants to maintain their image as the side that really understands “el pueblo”, meanwhile the opposition looks to frame itself as the side who actually “feels your pain”. But this could also mean a symptom of what Juan discussed in his latest Sobremesa.

Whatever the motivations are, this campaign is just getting good.