#AdWars, Motorizado Edition


Since my last post, the election campaign has officially begun. In the last few days, attention has turned to a figure that has quickly become (for better or for worse) a symbol of the current Venezuelan society. I’m talking about none other that the motorizado.

The governing PSUV made the first move with the commercial at the head of this post. Instant classic. A group of motorizados say they’re “at the revolution’s command” and pledged to mobilize “whomever it takes” to win on December 6th.

The opposition coalition MUD didn’t take long to hit back. Days later, they rolled out an ad with a group of bikers making an “even clearer” statement: everybody, no matter what side they’re on, counts towards change. And that change will come through votes.

It’s no coincidence that both Chavismo and MUD chose the motorizado as a protagonist for their ads. Let’s not forget: the late Comandante Presidente was transformed into one for his swansong election.

Chavismo really wants to maintain their image as the side that really understands “el pueblo”, meanwhile the opposition looks to frame itself as the side who actually “feels your pain”. But this could also mean a symptom of what Juan discussed in his latest Sobremesa.

Whatever the motivations are, this campaign is just getting good.

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      • You can always root for Putin, who’s carpet-bombing them in Syria, because unlike Al Assad, he doesn’t carpet-bomb his own citizens.

    • it’s not an isis shirt;it says “there is no god but god”; an easy mistake to make given the white letters on a black background.

  1. This little publicity stunt was cringe worthy to say the least. What was even more cringe was the fact that the opposition responded to the ad using the same token. It doesn’t help that the guy in the opposition ad talks like the type of guy you wouldn’t want to share a side walk with. They should’ve just left it as it was to further justify the image the officialism’s cahoots with motorized gangs and thugs. I don’t know about you guys but every time I hear a motorcycle nearby, my heart rate gets a tad bit more agitated and I pick up the pace.

  2. I have to agree with David Cortes on this one. I get that they are trying to appeal to sectors outside the Opposition’s traditional base. But that was undignified and (to me) doesn’t send the right message of hope for a better society.

  3. Can’t they be more creative? Put 700 guys on motorcycles in a long line waiting two-by-two, covering over 5 city blocks, for the local food store to open. I mean, these guys have to go food shopping sometime, right?

  4. These ads simply reveal the pathetic level of under-education plus massive BrainWash of the millions of “pueblo” for whom the were carefully crafted. What else can you say, it’s beyond embarrassing, it’s sad and tragic.

    To lighten things up a bit, the MUDsalad “pueblo” and even the “oligarchs..” could learn a thing or 2 about this devastating Populism from Gloria Alvarez. Not just because she’s easy on the eyes..

  5. I think the Government ad is not meant for the “pueblo” is meant specifically for the middle class. That Ad is designed to scare the living crap out of the opposition or anyone thinking of voting against the government. The slogan “Come sea” meaning “by all means” is there to show that they will do whatever to win and defend the revolution.

    • Thats the entire government motto in this election is ¨Como sea¨ and threats of violence and fear, Maduro has openly said on Cadena Nacional that the revolution will win ¨Como sea¨ and if the opposition somehow win, it will be the worst because he will take the revolution to the ¨next step¨

  6. Oh my. Very sad. If we could only find an opposition politician as clever and prepared as Renny Ottolina, the opposition wouldn’t be in the situation it is right now, struggling to win elections and find a critical base of supporters while also having to deal with govt. using all the state resources to the benefit of PSUV et al. But well, when you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

    It is understandable that the country is in a much different state right now when compared to Renny’s era. However, the way to progress is not the motorizado way. People can argue that first you deal with other problems etc. but, the motorizado appealing speech approach, is an indicator of other things such as the constant improvisation, the lack of depth in ideas, etc. which have historically prevented the opposition from gaining popularity and suceeding.

    Who is John Galt?

    • Exactly, is a dumb move to use motorizados to spread another message but under the same concept, instead of exposed it for what it was a thinly veil threat for the gobernment.

      Besides Motorizados arent exactly the ¨pueblo¨ favorites, in fact motorizados dont even trust their own kind around each other.

  7. It’s a scare tactic. “Elite” no longer has any meaning since most everyone stands in line and has few hard assets. “Revolution” in today’s parlance simply means, “Us.” And if you cross them, vote them out, they will come after you on motos con armas. Thuggery, and Mud made it worse by going anywhere near such a ham-fisted threat.

    Sure hope Lopez gets outta jail once the torch passes hands. Toreralba at the helm is a non-starter for me and many others I fear.



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