There are two things I liked in James Cameron’s Titanic. First, that very quick shot, right after the boat tips, when a man dangling from the the rail next to Rose and Jack falls, and awkwardly hits the giant propeller with his head. Clank!

The second is Kathy Bates’ performance as Margaret Brown (AKA The Unsinkable Molly Brown) an American socialite who allegedly convinced several rescue boats to look for survivors after the ship went down.  

While last week Luisa Ortega had the last word, Monday started with news from the Supreme Tribunal (TSJ). The Electoral Chamber had dismissed her request to suspend the Constituyente process put in motion by president Maduro to purge his opponents from the state. Ortega had been unsparing: Maduro’s proposal violates a slew of Constitutional tenets that set the ground for, well, Venezuelan participative democracy.

“Incompetent accumulation of causes,” they said.

As the news was still searing another joyful hole in our media outlets and people on Twitter were declaring the Nth death of Venezuelan democracy, the Prosecutor General had already shot back.

A plainly, proudly, unabashedly servile Supreme Tribunal has struck down literally everything the overwhelmingly popularly-elected National Assembly has tried to do.

Since she can’t get the support of the hilariously misnamed “Moral Republican Council” the body made up of the hardcore chavista Comptroller General, the Human Rights Ombudsman, and the Prosecutor General herself, that is legally empowered to dismiss judges she filed to annul the judges’ appointment in the first place.

Specifically, she’s going after the 13 judges (and their alternates) appointed by the lame duck National Assembly in 2015. You remember that, right? After chavismo had already lost its Assembly majority on the December 6th, 2015 electoral drubbing, it pulled off a fraudulent procedure that plainly violated several constitutional provisions to appoint a slew of utterly pliant yesmen (and women) to the Supreme Tribunal.

It was that event, more than any other, that has shut off any conceivable avenue for resolving the crisis institutionally. A plainly, proudly, unabashedly servile Supreme Tribunal has struck down literally everything the overwhelmingly popularly-elected National Assembly has tried to do, bringing Venezuela to the crisis it faces today.

By zeroing in on their appointment, Luisa is bringing the crisis full circle.

She went from moving against the constituyente to moving against its enablers.

We can expect all kinds of answers from the Supreme Tribunal, except one where justice will be served. Just as we expected that the Constitutional and Electoral Chambers would dismiss her previous motions. Nonetheless, the play-by-play has been exciting. Ortega had these documents up sleeve all along: drafted, prepared for filing.

She’s been crossing off every option, one by one. With every passing day, her public stance, as well as her legal actions, get closer and closer to the root of the problem. Raising the stakes for those involved and highlighting their accountability.

She went from moving against the constituyente to moving against its enablers. She’s been working her way to the top, methodically. I wouldn’t be surprised if folded inside her little black notebook she has a draft of the ante-juicio de mérito request against Maduro.

She’s creating loads of pressure for chavista bureaucrats to jump ship before it sinks, just like she did. Although, depending on how you look at the country, the ship has already sunk, and just like the Unsinkable Molly Brown, Luisa is just bringing the boats about to rescue a couple of her bobbing comrades.

Update 11:29 a.m.: Luisa Ortega just filed an ante-juicio de mérito request before the TSJ (Sala Plena) to review the merits to prosecute the 7 judges of the Constitutional Chamber. If such motion is approved (by 17 judges from 32), these 7 judges would be removed and subjected to criminal prosecution. She’s out for blood.

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  1. Maduro’s dictatorship makes me think of ‘un derrumbe del cerro’.

    Ortega’s moves are at best downpour on the face of the dictatorship. It may start ‘el derrumbe’ but most likely not. A little more erosion, more weakening, but not the collapse.

    Chavismo has renounced reason, the only way out is either violence by the biggest violent actor, the military or downright bankruptcy by which it cannot pay its goons as promised (quoting Naky’s piece “…just as they promise houses, cars and home appliances for GN and PNB “).

    Thanks for the help Blanca. After all, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

  2. It is a strange thing to see an act of revolt that at the same time exposes the person’s complicity. A welcome thing but strange to see.

    It’s like an architect of the Titanic shouting from the lifeboat that it was not fit to sail.

  3. More rats jumping ship the better. Luisa provides a liferaft from them to have a career after Maduro and crew are thrown out.

    She met with former Chavista ministers yesterday. She is driving the wedge in Chavismo. Furthermore a top general resigned last night over the prostituyente.

    The ship is sinking fast…but Maduro, Diosdado et al might want to go down with a fight…I hope not but they brought in 165 more armored vehicles yesterday.

    That said, I saw Diosdado on VTV last night. He was not his same self. He looked nervous, like he heard some bad news before going on TV and he was not his same shameless self (mmg sin verguenza!!). Hope this is true because I want this to end sooner than later.

  4. We have all been warned about looking a gift horse in the mouth. Whatever the pressure that is exerted on the regime, from anyone, is welcome.
    Her motives are baffling. I think of a person involved in an armed robbery that goes way off plan and someone gets killed. They signed on for the robbery but not the murder.
    Perhaps that is her way of justifying her previous actions. Fraudulently prosecuting opposition troublemakers (Lopez, etc.) was acceptable to protect the revolution. Destroying Chavez’s “perfect” constitution is more than she signed on for.
    She has been complicit in the fraud and she admits it.
    It goes to reason that all of the rulings that these “judges” ruled on, are null.
    You can’t cherry pick justice.
    She may very well be throwing the life preserver to the people that are not as sullied as Maduro, Reverol, Cabello and company. Some of the other regime members may seize this opportunity to salvage their reputations and possibly keep their assets from US seizure.
    This would be an excellent time for the Pope to proclaim his solidarity with the opposition and call Maduro out for human rights offenses.
    Pressure from the Vatican, the actions of the Attorney general and the resignation of Major General Alexis López Ramírez, are the examples of God, Honor, Country. The people with concerns are being shown the way to redemption.
    We can only hope.

    • If the Pope wants to do something to help he could start by ex-communicating Maduro, Cabello and any others in his flock who violate Christian principles through acts of repression and cruelty. Not a difficult task for His Holiness; a pen, a few papers to sign, a public announcement. It would only be symbolic, but some hardcore followers among the pueblo (and even the security forces) might begin to see the light, as if their starving children weren’t enough.

      • RWG,
        I totally agree. The statement regarding not taking sides was indefensible. The Church should always be against evil.
        I remember former NY governor Hugh Carey being refused Communion due to his stance on abortion. I don’t remember if it was the Vatican or the NY diocese that initiated the action.
        The Pope is very Liberal. He is a product of Argentine Liberal politics.
        He has lost much credibility among his flock.

  5. How can we trust Luisa Ortega, after she was a fervent Chavista and even Madurista for years and years? At best she’s just another rat pretending to jump ship. Counting on her is absurd. Heck, she should be on trial and in jail for her own crimes against humanity.

    These are hundreds of Chavista narco-criminals and thieves, plus the corrupt military, police, governors, mayors, etc. They won’t step down easy: because they risk jail time and loss of properties, bank accounts..

    The Pope, the OEA, are you kidding? Not even the USA or Europe really care, and don’t want to intervene.

    My guess is that Chavismo will stay in power until 2019. If they try to steal the 2018 Presidential Elections, hell will break lose. Millions and Millions would hit the streets. But not Ortega,the useless Pope or international organizations. The people have to do it.

    • “Heck, she should be on trial and in jail for her own crimes against humanity.”

      Yeah, but only after she’s been done with her purpose of undermining the dictatorship’s power, for now, she’s useful to splash manure on their faces.

      “These are hundreds of Chavista narco-criminals and thieves, plus the corrupt military, police, governors, mayors, etc.”

      Who do you think the people are going to hunt like animals after all of this is over? Those criminals dug their own graves, no one will mourn for them.

      “Not even the USA or Europe really care, and don’t want to intervene.”

      Then why are those countries seizing the narco-criminals assets on their countries then? That IS the foreign intervention, because that’s what’s causing the defections, for the simple reason that chavismo’s weak point is their bank accounts.

      “…the 2018 Presidential Elections,”

      Are you living under a rock or what? Who the heck told you there would be elections anymore after the prostituyente in july 30? Lmao, you reached a new level of naive with that comment xD

  6. LOD, like her, or not, is the only real current hope to avoid a major bloodbath in Venezuela. The Military must now decide–“Are we with, or against, the Constitution/democracy; and, do we want to go down with the ship/possibly to the Hague?” For the Military, there is no more excuse that, “We were just defending the Constitution/Constitutional powers”….

    • Words are technically useless, as they have no thought of their own, and thus are meaningless … oh, and unconstitutional, null, void, etc.. Thus anything submitted to the TSJ, is an accumulation of ineptitude … oh, and lest I forget … unconstitutional, null void, etc.. I have spoken.

      (See how that works?)

  7. I believe it’s not 17 of 32, but 13 of 25, seeing as the judges can’t vote on their own trial. That said, who know what they’ll do? Probably it won’t be accepted anyway!

  8. Luisa’s latest change of mind/ heart, is nothing but a life raft for the more clever chavistas, to save themselves. the life boat analogy is spot on.

    I can see that clearly. It is not a recognition of guilt and search for redemption, but rather, a cunning move within chavismo from the pragmatically corrupt, against the fanatical ideologues.

    Rather run to live another day! they say.

    With this in mind, Its welcomed only on the condition, that the negotiations behind closed doors, do consider justice and repatriation of stolen goods and capitals from these saved “ones”.

    I hold a tissue to my nose and accept the compromised, if this means taking down the foreign occupation before it slaves the nation, and hopefully at a smaller damage. (a la Japan’s nuclear bomb option!),

    Still the stink is bad! and the implications ruin deep…


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