Listen, I don’t know whether or not Tuesday’s chopper attack/stunt was intended as a weapon of mass distraction. What I do know for sure is that, whatever its intention, its effect was to create a news-free 48 hours into which all manner of sordid stories could fall.

Here, for instance, is some random military patán bullying the elected leader of the legislature:

That took place minutes after a mass scuffle/brawl between National Guard soldiers and the elected members of the National Assembly…

…which itself happened because National Guard officers had decided to plant nobody-knows-what in CNE-branded boxes in the Legislative Palace.





Minutes earlier, a plainly unconstitutional Supreme Tribunal had moved to rewrite whole swathes of the constitution —yet again— for narrow partisan advantage —yet again— this time by empowering the regime-aligned Human Rights Ombudsman to perform the functions the constitution plainly and explicitly reserves to the Prosecutor General, purely because it can no longer count on blind political obedience from the Prosecutor.

Minutes later, that prosecutor’s assets would be frozen and her right to travel abroad withdrawn.

That happened just as the regime-controlled National Elections Council demanded to have thousands of schools and voting centers declared Military Security Zones on the date of an illegal referendum, threatening to send people who protest the vote to jail for up to 10 years, even though the vote is transparently rigged.

All this while more and more political activists are jailed for protesting, as one of the country’s largest cities faces a spasm of looting and arson and ends up under quarantine after looters attack a lab holding dangerous samples of things like leptospirosis and equine encephalitis.

Oh, and I almost forgot, the president also vowed to impose through force of arms what he cannot obtain through the vote.

But is any of that on the front page of your morning paper?

No. Of course it isn’t.

Why? Because some shithead with pretty eyes and a deplorable Netflix queue decided to take a police chopper for a joyride.

At the single most sensitive moment for the future of Venezuelan democracy, we’ve just hit worldwide front-pages for the single stooooopidest reason of the lot.


Deep, deep sigh.

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  1. We have to focus on the important things, like who will be the next Miss Venezuela.
    No wonder people think of us as frivolous.

  2. Yes, maybe Perez didn’t have the best timing?*

    But saying “some shithead with pretty eyes and a deplorable Netflix queue decided to take a police chopper for a joyride.” That’s a pretty dick thing to say.

    Maybe even a patán thing to say?

    *On second thought, maybe his timing WAS the right one for his goals. Avoid innocent casualties (towards the end of the workday, emptier building), escape right before sunset (make it harder to find him at night).

    (Having issues with browswer, please check for duplicates)

    • He’s back with a new video. Explains how the attack of the building(s) was meant to not harm people.

      Say what you will but I’m glad to have one (1) armed guy on our side. One (1) armed mofo vs. colectivos armados (paramilitares) is better than none.

      We can do all the symbolic shit we want, show the world 15,000,000 people “voted” against Maduro and the ANC but deep down we all know where this is going UNLESS Maduro willingly and definitely GTFO.

      We are days away from a gigantic conflict, likely bloody, between pueblo and paramilitares/diehard military.*

      The big unknown is finding out whether the ‘good’ FAN (all branches) will ultimately side with the pueblo and put a stop to the bad guys…or let us (and our last shred of democracy) die.

      If the ‘good’ FAN sides with us, they won’t only have to deal with paramilitares, “green on green” shooting will also occur…they must be aware of that.**

      One (1) armed Oscar Perez is better than none…and I’m sure…I hope he has many friends.

      A valid point from the other side, though. Could Maduro use this as an excuse to start killing people left and right in the next march or trancazo? Well, fuck. +90 deaths later they sure as shit don’t need an excuse.

      The MUD talks about the Hora Cero…hope they know people keep different times.

      *Must be hard to call for a toque de queda if people have to go out and vote for your ANC, no?

      **Capriles says he doesn’t want a coup but then he says he “hopes the military institutions will eventually step up.” So…one is a coup….but if is done in response to something really bad…then that’s stepping up?

  3. Does anybody here ever heard of Yukio Mishima? After reading Isnardo Bravo’s TL in twitter I believe that the whole story is a tropical version of Mishima’s death.

    Most of the loonies and radicals believe that a public proclaim is enough to persuade the silent majority of acting against the ANC.

    As for the really important news of the recent days, I decided to ignore the helicopter non-sense in my twitter and focused mostly on the siege of the AN that night.

    The Borges vs. Lugo reminds me of the confrontation of Vargas and Carujo during the “Revolución de las Reformas”: Pedro Carujo claims “El mundo es de los valientes!”, and President Vargas replies “El mundo es del hombre justo!”. Sadly, Vargas lost and got kicked out of Venezuela and the Presidency…

    Vargas could do nothing until Paez intervened and defeated Mariño and his cronies.

    So… does anybody know the name of a strongman with ties to the military that can show some love for our democracy?

  4. Los más de dos años que llevo pendiente de lo que sucede en Venezuela (soy español) han sido, entre otras cosas, la confirmación de lo superficial que es la sección de información internacional de cualquier gran periódico o medio de comunicación. Lo que usted cuenta ahora es tan solo el último capítulo.

    Hoy en día uno tiene acceso en internet a informes económicos, análisis políticos, conversaciones de bar (tweeter)… y entonces uno puede ser su propio periodista. Esto me ha permitido ver su profesión desde un ángulo muy distinto y, aunque pueda parecer contradictorio, me ha hecho verles mejor y peor al mismo tiempo. A mis 49 años ha sido como darse cuenta que los niños no vienen de París al mismo tiempo que descubres los placeres del sexo. Ver cómo, desde mi casa, podría corregir y mejorar los artículos sobre Venezuela de ciertos periodistas profesionales o descubrir en los posts de Naky Soto la vocación de periodista en bruto han sido dos cosas, entre otras muchas, que han salido de estos más de dos años con ustedes. Estoy seguro que habrá muchas más.

    Mientras tanto, un saludo solidario desde España que no falte nunca.

    • Dougbouy, you are misinformed. Coca is not yet grown in large enough quantities in BRV. Coca is not imported, processed or transferred in BRV. Coca paste is imported and processed in BRV. Cocaine is imported and transferred in BRV. The events in question have nothing to do with illicit trafficking of cocaine. The various local cartels conduct their operations with unheeded impunity. I don’t find anything funny in your idiotic comment.

    • General in charge of Caracas airspace? Protect from what? With what? If during 9/11 the US air force had no idea what to do and how to do it (their plan was reportedly to request the air force pilots to kamikaze their F-16s into attacking airliners), do you really think the Vz forces would know how to respond to this?

      • 9/11, the U. S., after necessarily first grounding many hundreds of flights in U. S. air space, singled out the one over Pennsylvania at low under-radar altitude headed for the White House (yes, the one where the passengers ” saved the day”, as in the movie) blew out its tail (F16, or similar), and it pancaked upside down in a Pennsylvania farm field, not many minutes away from its target. Where the U. S. failed was in intelligence not detecting the Saudis in Fla. taking commercial airliner flying lessons, only interested in flying, not landing, especially after similar groups had been detected many months earlier planning to crash an airliner into the Eiffel Tower, and even hijack up to 8 airliners for similar purposes, as per info discovered in a terrorist group computer in Manila.

  5. Quico, how about your views on what the soon-to-seated ANC will do once they convene. And yes, like most others here, I believe the vote will happen onJuly 30.

  6. Thank you. I was disappointed to see it on The Atlantic (although they did mention distraction). But of course that there it was again: Venezuela! After… this-MANY-days.

    Getting the vids from my mom herself was just heartbreaking.

    Peace to all, soon.

  7. Quico, this is one big info op. Several things also happened online: 1) gag order blacking out all or most military Twitter accounts on the day of the stunt. 2) disappearance of two regime controlled robot sites that spam Google News index and can account for half or more of indexed stories at any given time.

    The first one was noticed immediately after news of the false flag op occured. The monitoring of these 400+ FANB Twitter accounts has been going on for a while and the blackout is a clear indicator

    The second one was noticed the following day. Those two websites are tracked daily and it’s no coincidence they went dark on the index when the false flag op occured. The reason for this is to allow everyone else to index their chopper stories without dilution and interference from the robot spam sites.

    Conclusion: the false flag info op extended to Twitter and Google News. It was successfully executed while maintaining operational security.

  8. Or you are completely wrong and it is not as stupid as it seems to you.

    Now, I don’ t support the chopper guy, in fact, I am extremely suspicious of the whole thing, but I am convinced that it was not a hoax simply meant to distract us. it makes Maduro look weak, when he knows he has to look strong, It is more likely that the show was staged by some obscure chavista-but-not-madurista faction. In fact, all theories seem plausible except the one that says that this was a hoax staged by Maduro himself. That is impossible. A dictator can’ t afford to look so weak when he is barely surviving and the only thing actually holding him together is violence. What he needs right now more than anything is to show that he is in full command of the situation. Something as “stupid” as the chopper incident can indeed cause the fall of Maduro (or anyone in his position), because it destroys his already crumbling macho image. IN fact, that is why everybody is speaking about it, even though nobody is ignoring the other events that happened.
    Also, since I don’t believe it was staged by Maduro, what I ask myself is: Who is behind it? That’ s why I considerer relevant. History ialways seems stupid to a smart guy, until it is too late.General Vivas seemed ridiculous to many people (including myself), and now he is being tortured and doesn’ t seem so ridiculous. He was a comic figure for some, and now suddenly he is a tragic figure. So, something as a silly as the chooper incident, can indeed have very serious consecuences, and become something unexpectedly important.
    The MUD does well to distance itself from the events, because it actually undermines its role.But I don’t understand the need to lie.

  9. chopper guy is not paracachitos. paracachitos was real (infiltrated by regime). you fail to see big picture and don’t grasp how regime works. you are not versed in PSYOPS, false flags, information operations,etc etc etc. you took the bait

  10. Maduro was on national TV as the story was breaking and family were calling us. Anyone run a timeline as to when Maduro took the stage versus the events unfolding? I got distracted and suddenly Maduro was talking about the event. Was he advised like Bush on 9-11 or did he take the stage with the story in-hand? He sure seemed to have a lot of info quickly.

  11. I am going to stick with my immediate gut reaction, (lord knows i am more often wrong than correct) but this looks to me like an Erdodan move. This does not mean that it will lead to a more violent crackdown tomorrow, only that Maduro et al have this card in their back pocket. This was a helicopter not an attack helicopter with missiles/rockets that could damage a building, the dude was dropping grenades and shooting a rifle. Revolutionary? possibly but no one with any strategy wants him acting on their behalf.

  12. My gut tells me that the helicopter incident was staged by the regime.
    I appreciate the argument that a wayward police officer makes Maduro look weak and that this showed he does not have the grip on the police forces that he claims.
    The helicopter was recovered and is apparently undamaged.
    Considering that these have been used as weapons against the opposition protesters, it would seem reasonable that the pilot would have made sure it was destroyed. A quick soak with gas and a match would have rendered the helicopter useless. Instead it was recovered and can be put back in service.
    Assuming the the air force has airworthy planes, no plane pursuing the helicopter is another odd occurrence.
    You have people that have stolen a helicopter. Their intent is not clear. They have dropped explosives and fired weapons. Yet no other aircraft pursue it?
    Maduro appeared to have immediate intelligence on the incident and did not consider it an important enough event to postpone his media appearance.
    This just doesn’t add up.

      • Yes Ira I do.
        We use C-130’s as gunships that can stay on target for hours at a time.
        Stationary and slow moving targets are easily tracked or observed.
        Pilots of planes that have higher stall speeds have learned this amazing trick, they fly in circles.
        This is how a fighter plane stays over a downed fighter to protect the pilot.
        Amazing isn’t it?

        • Not in VZ they dont, and consider:

          A helicopter launches from Caracas, and helicopters fly LOW to begin with. VZ air “defense” certainly has no fucking clue that this is a hostile “aircraft,” let alone have the capacity to track all helicopter traffic in the city. Let alone the country.

          I think you forget how fucked up every aspect of VZ is, ESPECIALLY police, military, and I guess just about everything else.

          And the chopper is in and out in 10 minutes, and you actually think that VZ air defense has a fucking clue what’s going on, let alone engage, in 10 minutes?

          Keep dreaming.

          I pray that Trump would take up Maduro’s and Rodruguez’s challenge to invade.

          It would take the U.S. about 2 days to destroy their entire military, and with 80% of the people on our side, 3 days to put Maduro in a hangman’s noose for all the deaths he’s caused,

        • The main point is…

          Radar doesn’t work at low altitude helicopter levels.

          A little thing like buildings get in the way.

  13. If it was staged or not staged, I don’t know. And it was clumsy and inefficient. But annoys me that sector of the opposition seem to be annoyed by what he did (if it was real), as if it was something wrong from a moral point of view.

    It seems clear to me that some people keep believing in the illusion the Maduro will go by any other way than by force. By force I mean either a coup or an armed rebellion by the people. The first is the more likely and desirable scenario and therefore any military or police that rebels should be supported, doesn’t matter how clumsy they do that.

    What else to do? Do you really think that Maduro, the low IQ obtuse radical marxist will decide to resign because “hey, too many protesters have been killed already?”. He couldn’t care less, He has the mind of a Mao Tse-tung, if it is necessary to kill 2 millions Venezuelans to keep the revolution going, he will do that. Now I wonder what are your plans? You that love to criticize so much the “radical” opposition that was right from the day one of this regime? What are your plans?

  14. Maybe the death of his brother him pushed him over the edge

    “Rivas Gamboa dijo que Pérez había crecido en Caracas, en Parque Carabobo, y estaba bien formado como piloto, francotirador y manejaba técnicas de buceo. Por ello, había solicitado sus servicios en las producciones que requerían estas experticias. De allí fue que salió la propuesta de hacer una película juntos y Rivas le planteó a Pérez que la protagonizara. Lo describió como una persona familiar, abierta, reservada con sus temas laborales, con gran sentido del humor y con visión social, pues tenía una fundación para ayudar a otras personas y llevar medicinas a los hospitales; pero consideró que el asesinato a su hermano que “para quitarle un teléfono lo apuñalaron, aparte de la situación de zozobra que se vive en el país, fue lo que derramó el vaso”.

    Lee también: INFOGRAFÍA | La fuga del inspector Pérez develó que Caracas no tiene radares
    Otro episodio que también vivió Óscar Pérez hace un par de años fue el intento de secuestro de uno de sus hijos. Pérez tiene tres hijos varones que desde el 2016 viven con su esposa fuera del país. “Esa convicción por los valores tal vez lo llevó a tomar esa decisión, y estoy seguro que nada tiene que ver con el protagonismo. Esos comentarios que hacen por Twitter y en algunos medios de comunicación realmente me tienen molesto porque buscan descalificarlo, simplemente es un acto como venezolano y debemos apoyarnos nosotros mismos”.

    La posición del cineasta es parecida a la del periodista Isnardo Bravo cuando escribió en su cuenta de Twitter “14. Para mí no se trata de un montaje, porque la verdad es que reflejó un secreto a voces: el enorme descontento dentro del Cicpc. 15. Además la dictadura le sigue el juego del montaje porque así puede demostrar que controla todo y nada pasa sin que ellos lo propicien. 18. Dudo que si algún otro funcionario tenía pensado dar el paso ahora lo haga, después de ver cómo se limpió el piso con su antecesor”.

    • I still think that though wishful, it was a legit effort by Oscar Perez. I think it will serve as a catalyst for other individuals within the armed forces to start to suspect that each he/she is not the only one with reservations about serving the regime. Much like the 2007 RCTV closing of 2007 created the current generation of Vz politicians, this can allow the ideas of resistance to the regime to gain traction in the not-yet-corrupted members of the armed forces.

    • I think he is sincere. He. I dont know the rest of the “operation”.

      That doesnt mean he isnt also too full of himself, too in love with his own action-man mythology, and absolutely screwed up by doing a stunt whose only repercusion so far is to give Maduro a chance to say “SEE! VIOLENCE!”

      People are more than one dimensional. They may have good intentions and idiotic ways to go about it, they may have deep reasons and superficial ones for the same action at the same time.

      • Exactly! the whole stunt should have been analyzed with NUANCE, like you say, people are multi-faceted

        the fact that people reacted to him so despectively was somewhat unfair, and like others have noted, might even backfire (discontented people might not venture to express their dissent at all)

        I think it was a little shitty to deride him so viciously —- anyone HAS to be able to say they strongly reject this highly impractical and reckless and even deplorable maneuver without resorting to mockery of the individual, esp. if the person doing the analysis professionally evaluates and interprets current events of such a complicated nation as ours — belittlement is NOT equal to condemnation or (more than well deserved) criticism

        • (“look, he seemingly flipped out and while we understand and share the frustration of living in this country, we cannot and do not support his action nor the desire to carry out grandiose performances…”)

          and by the way, greater nuance also makes a better story!

          more human and closer to reality — an attempt at understanding his mindset would have made such an interesting read!

  15. The argument that Heliomaniac took all the oxygen out of the major events happening that day, is plain silly. First Heliomaniac should be praised that he got front page headlines worldwide. Real or not, news is news, and by my 2 year following here the international news reporting is now hot and heavy.

    Besides does anyone really think that girly push of Borges by Colonel Dufus, would have gotten a single line published anywhere. And the rugby scrum? Fun to watch, but really? News? Nope

    Well yes it is big news in VZ, but then we get to the question? “Are you saying the VZ population are idiots?”

    They can not hold 2 thought?

    That Heliomaniac rained down amnesia pellets from his AK-47?

    No, I think everyone knows very well what is going on, and Heliomaniac is just another grain of sand leaking from a very weak dike holding democracy ultimate restoration.

    Though, it will be a bloody mess, it will happen. I just can not see the youth in VZ stopping. They have too much to lose.

  16. My God–what a stupid article.

    How DARE you try to minimize what he attempted to do here. And he obviously didn’t attempt to really hurt anyone.

    But the symbolism and motivation for the people is unparalleled.

    Shmucks write blogs and accomplish nothing, while people risk their lives and the blog shmucks criticize them.

    Fucking disgustung, and the reason why VZ is so fucked up.

  17. Francisco, you are way off base on what happened here.

    You are minimizing THE most valuanle opposition action in years and years.


    What are you smoking?

    • Ira,
      You are really rude and ignorant.
      Most people in Venezuela who are actually risking their skins to end this dictatorship
      think this act was counter productive.
      YOU are disgusting. Please, comment on blogs about the USA or perhaps about your wee village

      • Kepler, you were an obnoxious asshole on, and a fucking anti-Semite to boot. Everyone there thought you were a total shmuck.

        So believe me, anything you have negative to say about me, I consider a positive.

        So thanks for your post!

        And by the way:

        You’re also stupid. Your analyses are always wrong. And you always attack anyone who DARES interfere with the Kepler BRILLIANCE!

        Go fuck yourself calling ME arrogant!

        • do you always call people who dislike you anti Semite? Because then for you anti Semites must be multiplying like crazy, even among the Jewish community around you.

          • Kepler, you know what you are.

            And you proved it in your post here right now.

            My God–you were despised by everyone on Devil’s Excrement, so I guess you decided to move here to get even more despised.

  18. Francisco again hits it in the head.

    A long, long, LONG lists of the absolutely awful stuff that the stunt, peine or not, of a narcissist managed to get buried…

    … and all you people talk about in the comments is the stunt of the narcissist.

    5 more deaths, riots on one of the main cities, a fucking QUARENTINE, the trampling of the Assembly, but yes, please, lets talk some more about the ineffectual publicity stunt of a guy a bit too much in love with his own picture. Thats what is going to take Venezuela out of the hole it is, some uncoordinated, unsupported, confusing “action” that nobody decided to follow up because it was either a planned provocation or an unplanned one gifted to Maduro.

  19. My point is: anything that makes Maduro look weak is good for us. For many reasons. If you say it was staged, then you make him look strong and you actually demoralize people. I understand the fact that MUD wants to keep in charge and I think it did well to distance itself from that particular event , but why lie and say it was a false flag when you actually don’t know? In any case, say: we don’ t know what that was, but we do know that we didn’t had anything to do with it and we are suspicious, follow us”. Only Guevara took that position. So you are not only making Maduro look strong, but you are actually making yourself look weak ( Borges).
    And besides, what are you really expecting? People are being robbed, tortured, and murdered because you are calling them to fight, and then you get all afraid when things start happening. As Grandmaster Ben Finegold would say: very suspicious.
    It is difficult sometimes to trust a leadership that believes that sending a message of weakness (Borges being beaten) is better than sending a positive message of strength (“Maduro can’ t even control the police,we are so close to Miraflores”). Do you know what would have atractted more attention than the chopper? Borges fucking hitting that motherfucker. It would have helped him in the polls…

  20. Hey, it’s such a false flag, such a peine, that the regime has ordered basically to “search and destroy” this guy:

    “El régimen de Venezuela emitió orden de captura internacional contra Óscar Pérez, piloto del helicóptero secuestrado y que se rebeló ante la dictadura de Nicolás Maduro.

    El ministro de Interior, Justicia y Paz, Néstor Luis Reverol pidió a la Interpol la activación de una circular roja contra el funcionario policial que este martes, 27 de junio, sobrevoló un helicóptero del Estado, lanzó dos granadas, pidió libertad en Venezuela y luego huyó.”


    “Venezuela’s regime issued an international order to capture against Oscar Pérez, pilot of the hijacked helicopter that rebelled against Nicolás Maduro’s dictatorship.

    Inner Minister Néstor Reverol asked Interpol the activation of a red order against the police officer who this tuesday, june 27, flew a state helicopter, tossed two grenades, asked for freedom for Venezuela and then fled.”


    This is like comparing a group of people being attacked by the dictatorship’s repressive forces as a “distraction”.

  21. Francisco, despite your first paragraph disclaimer–did you edit that at a later date based on the negative feedback you got… ???

    Your headline calls him that “Chopper Dude.”

    Chopper Dude?


    Think about it.

  22. Ira, there is a way to disagree with the article without acting like a buffoon. You believe, the jackass err umm helicopter guy had the intention of starting an actual rebellion within the armed forcers, where does this belief come from? It is clearly fine to disagree with an author here but I wonder where, quite literally, does your belief in “#tropicalrambo” come from?

    • I’m the buffoon?

      Where did I say that his actions would cause a rebellion within the armed forces? Show me one sentence that even remotely suggests that.

      I believe the military is corrupted beyond words.


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