Teresa, la Usurpadora


Just hours after the TSJ ordered his removal, plus 15 months in prison for contempt, Barquisimeto’s Mayor, Alfredo Ramos, was arrested by SEBIN intelligence agents. His relatives and lawyers have been denied their right to visit him, multiple times.

The following day, the Iribarren Municipal Council, under Chavista control, named its current head, Teresa Linarez, as the new mayor. She took office by stating:

We got the mayorship back. I don’t mind being called an usurper, I came here to implement a court order and I’ll do it with the support of the people and the revolutionary councilmen. Therefore, I won’t allow any attacks on the municipality. We’ll apply a heavy hand to watch over our people and those who ride roughshod over our people will be sanctioned.

In her first days, praised by Lara’s chavistas in charge, she has led  “the clean-up of the city”, under the slogan of her administration, “For Barquisimeto’s sake”. Planning protests and trancazos? Linarez promises harsh retribution.

But beyond that, and singing the Constituyente’s praises, she’s making sure that local social programs are done for political profit: People looking for free health assistance must now carry the Carnet de la Patria, and you probably know how much fun that is.

Carmen Ramos, Alfredo Ramos’ wife, denounced this practice showing a Municipal Institute of Social Development (IMDES) flyer and its new requirements for social assistance, including a letter to either Linarez, or the IMDES chief, stuff that previous IMDES heads consider abhorrent.

With a new political platform, recently created to demand the freedom of Mayor Ramos and other political prisoners, the scarce information available about his health is cause for concern. He suffers from hypertension and Mrs. Ramos said that, days after his imprisonment, he had a crisis. She’s not sure if the medicines she gave the SEBIN have reached him.

Just remember: Alfredo Ramos is but one of many opposition mayors jailed, removed from their posts or wanted by SEBIN.

¡Dígalo ahí, Amnistía Internacional!

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  1. That’s going to be the way chavismo will deal with elected representatives going forward. Keep that in mind when cheerleading for regional polls and crying when “radicals” point this out.

    I hope it’s worth it

  2. I’m not exactly sure why so many members of the MUD think that the next set of elections are going to prove pivotal. There is nothing keeping the Cubans (and their lapdog Chavista toadies) from simply removing them or even banning them preemptively.

    Keep the pressure on.
    Hope that Trump keeps his yap shut.
    Let the economic house of cards fall. The bonds are chiming due.

    There will be no US invasion. The ineptitude of Maduro and the Cuban puppet masters will be the undoing of Chavismo.

    • Because they are addicted to oil money (as most Venezuelans are) and they see this as an opportunity to get hold of some. That’s is the only possible reason that would explain their erratic and frankly astonishing behaviour. Part of me thinks they are as part of the problem as chavismo is and we either get rid of them as well or we will never ever be a normal society.

      Venezuelan politicians and society in general only seem to care about finding ways to obtain oil money: whoever controls the oil revenue controls the whole country. Hence, everything is driven by this parasitic behavior and logic is not always something they take into account when taking decisions. That also explains why we have been suffering the Red Disease for so long, despite their evident lack of aptitude to do anything apart from destroy the former semi-functional society.

    • “There will be no U. S. invasion. The ineptitude of the Cuban Castro puppet masters will be the undoing of Castrismo”–Anonymous, post-Missile Crisis Executive Agreement….

  3. The infamous Castrista Boiling Frog effect continues in Kleptozuela. Slowly but surely. This is just another so-called “socialist” “chavista”, another under-educated THIEF disguised as “rebolusionaria”. Soon you will see her with expensive cars, purses, jewerly, and her entire family vacationing in Paris or Rome.

    And we thought Cubazuela would never happen in our country.. 18 years, and getting stronger every year. While much of our illustrious “pueblo” has no clue of what’s really going on or what they really voted for.

  4. The photograph heading this post says it all. Most don’t realize that municipal councils are not up for re-election in the Regionals, are overwhelmingly Chavista from the last elections. and can easily remove/replace Oppo mayors accused on trumped-up charges by the courts; Oppo governors can also be removed on trumped-up charges, or, they will simply be bypassed by parallel Chavista governors, as in Miranda/Dto. Federal, who will be the only ones getting all-important Govt. funding–meaning, the MUD leaders going to crooked Regionals, legitimizing the CNE/ANC, alienating/diminishing their own popular base of support, was probably to keep their own sorry asses out of prison… for the time being, only….

  5. The people need to take every chance they can to damage these people.
    Hit and run attacks, burn their houses, make them afraid to come out in public.
    If everyone driving ran over every police officer and soldier they saw, took their weapons and left the scene, the odds would change in a day.
    Sustained resistance is needed.
    The regime does not have the resources to protect all of the criminals and their families.
    As long as the people abide by these illegal actions, they will be like lambs going to slaughter.


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