Down the Sketchy Election Fraud Road, Again


I don’t agree with Quico.

I wouldn’t call this outright fraud, yet. The feeling is way too similar to that of the 2013 Maduro/Capriles elections when Maduro won and the opposition questioned the results, pursued an audit, and mobilized people in the streets. And once the dust started settling they realized that the kind of fraud that had happened was harder to explain than just saying they changed a 1 for a 7. It was way more complex than that, and yes, way worse, since it relied on Millions of Dollars from corruption and on using public institutions to gain electoral advantage. It was about the conditions on the playing field, conditions which you accept, under protest of course, but still, conditions that you accept because there’s just no other choice.

We know where that course of action took Capriles. He was called a coward after pulling one of the bravest moves that a politician can pull, which is to put common sense before your followers’ innermost desires, when he called off the street protests against this hard-to-explain fraud.

With each passing day, the resolution of the conflict slips further away from Venezuelan hands.

Tonight, minutes before Tibisay Lucena went on national television to announce the results, MUD rushed a statement by its spokesman, campaign manager Gerardo Blyde, in which he said that they had information that the CNE was to announce the results, and that they had reason to believe these results may not be trustworthy and that they wouldn’t accept them until MUD was able to verify its own numbers.

Tibisay Lucena’s results were unbelievable. Before a national jaw drop, Lucena read the numbers. The opposition was only able to snatch 5 (or 6) governorships, when the worst scenarios from different experts predicted 7.

It is unbelievable. For all the reasons we write about on this website every day. Unbelievable. Absurd. Incredible. Improbable, yet not impossible. It was an extremely hard to call election from the beginning (what if there wer actually some chavistas with their own regional following who weren’t relying in Chávez’ fat mustachioed banana-eating legacy?). This is why, on Friday’s Political Risk Report we didn’t give an estimate of results, but mostly focused on the motivation of the regime to commit fraud, and on the international repercussions that said fraud would entail. I believe, like Quico, that the Venezuelan conflict has migrated to the geopolitical playing field and that with each passing day, the resolution of the conflict slips further away from Venezuelan hands.

But I wouldn’t be so quick to assume that the international police will jump on this one and call fraud. In any case, I’m sure that if they don’t, it is because we are in a similar situation to that of Capriles in that terrible night of 2013, when he lost his second election against the Venezuelan dictatorship. And we should keep in mind the mistakes of five years ago before moving forward. 

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  1. When it looks like fraud, smells like fraud and feels lile fraud, it is fraud. Questioning that is just wrong and has been and will be the problem for not just the opposition but also the country. For many years to come. Cuba it was and cuba it will be as tge only way out of this mess is a very violent uprise.

  2. Stolk, Stolk, Stolk, bro, I know it’s so damn difficult to accept that chavismo is openly changing numbers like they did with the prostituyente, because it takes away the hope that all of this mess could have been magically solved through a simple voting.

    Again, I remind you of yet another of the pieces of the fraud, aside from the cuban paws that directly change and meddle with the numbers from the dumpster-island, this is specially important becuse it explains why not a single complaint for fraud has progressed against chavismo and was quietly put aside:

    In the case of any inconsistency, the machine’s information takes precedence over any other medium, be it the papers or the actas.

    The fictional numbers that can be programmed to give more or less when the button is pressed.

    “which is to put common sense before your followers’ innermost desires,”

    Also, how good has worked that so far? Let me guess:

    How many people have been murdered by chavismo since 2012? At least 100 thousand if we take a very conservative number of 20 thousand murders per year (Deaths caused by starvation, disease and crime are also caused by chavismo as they systematically deny the people’s right to access food, medicine and they finance and back up the criminal gangs across the country)

    How has fared Venezuela’s economy since 2012? One dollar was worth less than 500 Bs in 2012, now it’s worth 60 times that amount, and it’s very likely it will continue skyrocketing.

    Yeah, “common sense”, I’m sorry if this sounds insulting, but you seem to ignore that during the four months of protests, 170 people slaughtered by the chavista colectivos and repressive corps pale along the almost 7000 people who were murdered by the regime during the same time, yet they seem to be invisible for you (As they are for all of those whose single argument to demonize protests is that “they only leave a trail of corpses”)

    The ball is in MUD’s park, their actions from now on will define if they continue existing as a viable leadership for the opposition or if they finally crumble and fall apart for good.

    • “The ball is in MUD’s park, their actions from now on will define if they continue existing as a viable leadership for the opposition or if they finally crumble and fall apart for good.”

      The last one mate, MUD is as dead as a Dodo. Bunch of fucking pendejos q son los del MUD.

    • I agree with Duncan here.. started to believe a long time ago that the Mud is complicit w/ psuv. Your real opo leaders are jailed or ignored. Until HRA, Falcon and Rosales are gone this nightmare will continue.

      • I agree, HRS is as double faced as they come, don’t think the make them like that anymore, Falcon has been a chavista incognito since the get go and Señor I return in a private plane and surrender my ass to SEBIN with a smile Rosales we can’t trust further than we can throw his corrupt ass!

  3. I think all of this “debate” regarding what happened is moot. It’s clear that Chavistas will not cede power no matter what and that the international community won’t interfere to the point of forcing them from power.

    The only way anything will get done is if Venezuelans take up arms against the regime. If (when?) that happens the international community might step in. The results will be bloody and the country will be brought lower still. However this is the only way to change the regime.

    In short, Venezuelans have two options: suffer for no reason indefinitely or suffer for a cause temporarily.
    I see no other choice ahead for the country.

    • “The only way anything will get done is if Venezuelans take up arms against the regime.”


  4. mud

    wet, soft earth or earthy matter, as on the ground after rain, at the bottom of a pond, or along the banks of a river; mire.

    Informal.scandalous or malicious assertions or information.

    Fuck if this isn’t exactly the definition of the MUD I don’t know what is.

  5. I wonder how big a role the abstention due to apathy/hatred toward the MUD played in this.

    The more abstention, the less effort in fraud they have to commit.

  6. What did you expect? Everyone knew they will cheat and so they did. MUD needs to get the proof so the international community steps in. But I would not count on it.

  7. I don’t know how detailed or substantial your analyses are on the “risk” thingy you guys do, but if it is like your entries here in CC people are wasting their money big time.

  8. “And once the dust started settling they realized that the kind of fraud that had happened was harder to explain than just saying they changed a 1 for a 7.”

    If one considers abuse of government funds, voter intimidation, media control, gerrymandering, demographic engineering, the use of corrupt courts to eliminate opposition candidates, and the use of a corrupt CNE to keep a thumb on the scale, then it is perfectly valid to say that elections have not been “free and fair” in Venezuela for 14 years.

    However, prior to the prostituyente, there were just two elections which showed clear evidence of outright vote-rigging and one of them was the 2013 election. Capriles was badly advised on the issue. He assumed (or was told) initially that the vote-rigging had been done by simple electronic manipulation – as in the 2004 recall referendum. Consequently he failed to make the correct audit request and the subsequent arguments made him look weak. The fraud could have been definitively revealed by an audit (cuadro to urn) of just 31 voting centres, which showed statistically impossible voting patterns.

    The CNE would have turned down the audit request, of course, but they would not have had the excuse that the audit request was impractical.

    • There’s no possible way to audit the system and to gainsay what the CÑE claims:

      In the case of any numeric inconsistence the one that’ll be taken as the right number is the electronic data, because the voting system in Venezuela is considered to be fully electronic, so the actas and ballots are simply a waste of paper.

      That’s the reason an audit to prove the fraud will be impossible, the system is bulletproof to ensure chavismo always “wins” no matter how many people vote or for who.

  9. The problem is that opposition has been crying fraud since the early 2000’s so it’s like the sheep that cried wolf at this point. Now opposition will push for sanctions and wars because they don’t like results.Low turnout+rain+guarimba/violent history of opposition =humiliating defeat.

    • The chavista trolls took long to arrive.

      Good luck trying to convince the world that chavismo magically managed to get more than 2 million votes out of thin air.

      • Meh… they have been here for at least two months. Ever since the ANC election… err… selection. They just are here to gloat.

        95% of them are working out of some sweatshop in Belarus. They spend most of their time on sites like Yahoo and sites like NY Times and WaPo and HuffPo.

    • Ben Gurion … mate … all fucking chavistas should fucking hang … and I really mean every single cunt MFing one. The ONLY chavista Buena es uno chavista muerto, mmg q eres!

  10. It’s sketchy when you’re ahead by 2-3 points and lose by 1.

    When you’re ahead by 30 and lose by 8, it’s relatively straightforward.

    • Straightforward? No it isn’t, Quico. The fact that something happens which doesn’t meet your expectations does not constitute evidence of fraud. It merely raises some questions – which will not be answered in this instance because we can’t force a credible audit.
      As many of your commenters have been saying in one form or another for the last several months – you don’t go into a poker game where the dealer has the right to change his cards and can arbitrarily change the rules whenever he wishes.

      • kribaez, they made a fraud two months ago, what makes you think they wouldn’t repeat the same trick again this time?


        “… the dealer has the right to change his cards and can arbitrarily change the rules whenever he wishes.”

        That’s called a fraud.

        “They made a fraud but it isn’t a fraud”

        • I think that what kribaez says is that you don’t even go to a poker game if you know the cards are rigged. Fraud or not, this whole charade to go to regional elections was the MUD’s fault. Even if they went through the elections without MUD, this would still maintiain the international pressure on the Government. Now it’s made look like the crying wolf again. Sorry, but that’s the truth, the personal ambitions and comeflorismo put the final nail on Venezuela’s option to go out of this nightmare. I just hope that this will finish like the PRI Mexicano and not like the Communist Party of Cuba.

  11. Please explain something to me:

    Is it true that all opposition candidates, even those that lost their primaries, were put on the ballots here?

    If so, doesn’t this make these elections a fraud before they even took place, diluting opposition numbers for any single candidate and guaranteeing a PSUV win, with no fiddling of the numbers required?

    Or were PSUV primary losers also included on the ballot?

    And what are the totals of opposition votes in each state compared to totals for PSUV?

    • “Is it true that all opposition candidates, even those that lost their primaries, were put on the ballots here?”

      Yes, they did that, every single candidate was stuck in the screen of the voting machines, of course that wasn’t the case for the pusv candidates, all of their parties had the same candidate’s mug plastered all over.

      Also, the machines had an odd delay in the program that made really difficult for it to recognize the touch and to point the right candidate.

  12. No surprises yesterday.

    Huge fraud as expected and MUD’s answer…. I mean, 2 hours to say “We want a full audit, we do not believe in the results and “LO INTENTAMOS”. As always the MUD came out as amateur, deer in headligths, unprepared, batequebrados, you name them!. Not a single ACTA to show for after TWO hours. But… again… same as always… no surprises…

    • I say MUD did what it could. It played a democratic game. Chavismo played the raw force game. “I have guns, you don’t and what are you going to do about it?” is the mantra.

      This is a military problem and only a military will resolve it, most likely some faction within the Venezuelan military.

      • I just don’t see that being very likely. There is no will to fight any more. So much of the military are now absorbed into the corruption, there is nothing left to do.

        VZ is a full blown Narco state.

        • If you are going to be a dictatorship, like the Chinese or the Vietnamese, then you best be efficient in governing. That is the weakness of Chavismo, they are terrible at running the country.

          Sure, they have bought the military with almost 600 generals and so forth, but this even paying this -protection money- is difficult. Moreover, some generals must be feeling a little jipped with their magnificent salaries when they see the killing their master are making.

          Finally, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Don’t under estimate the consequence of bad move by the Chavistas.

          • “then you best be efficient in governing.”

            That’s why the only way that China managed to stave off the hunger and famine from all its population was to basically sell their population as slaves, terribly efficient.

            “That is the weakness of Chavismo, they are terrible at running the country.”

            They’re not stupid, nor they’re making mistakes, they’re doing it deliberately and with all the destructive intent, because those are the orders of their masters the cubans.

            This is an invasion, the cubans came to Venezuela to destroy it and plunder whatever is left, and almost two decades later, people is still trying to blame everything on “chavista stupidity”

      • “I say MUD did what it could. It played a democratic game.”

        The question is, why? Everyone knew a fraud would be committed, just as everyone knew the ANC was a fraud. They abstained from participating in the ANC and the world now recognizes it as a fraud.

        Why not do the same here? Okay, I know, I’m pissing in the wind. This country is the most fucked up thing that passes for a country that I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen some fucked up countries.

        Tried of beating my head against the wall. Venezuela gets what it deserves.

        • “The question is, why?”

          Because MUD couldn’t let the chance of getting governorships (And thus more money) to pass.

          Also because that’s their part of the deal to defuse the street protests.

        • Hi MRubio,

          The elections for governors was legal within the turbid legal framework that Venezuela is in. However, the ANC is recognized as illegal all over the world including by Chavistas.

          Participating in the elections is important. It is an opportunity to embarrass the government. You just cannot let it pass. Everyone knows they cheated, and don’t underestimate that Maduro y su combo have a accurate and recent measure of the hatred simmering for them.

          • Embarrass the government? You say that as thought those in power have a conscience. They don’t. I’d not surprised if this regime cut imports to zero in order to meet their debt obligations (in order to stay in power just a bit longer) even though it would be a death sentence for thousands of Venezuelans.

            I still don’t see how moral victories against what EVERYONE in the world knows is a dictatorship are meaningful.

            We’re fucked, and we (Venezuelans) did the fucking.

  13. A whiff of fraud you say, more like a stench of outright election rigging. Don’t think there’s much to prove, the proof is there in the sham constituyente.

  14. “But I wouldn’t be so quick to assume that the international police will jump on this one and call fraud”

    They won’t, basically because they don’t see MUD as a viable option to replace PSUV anymore.

    Politicians in my country, for example, felt betrayed by MUD multiple times, be it when trying to expel Venezuela from international orgs just to see MUD stand shoulder to shoulder with Chavistas against them; be it when calling Venezuela a dictatorship just to see MUD taking part in, err, elections!

    And I agree that there was no fraud, if you consider that the fundamental rule of the game is that it has no rule.

    Vnzla is a democracy again, according to you and MUD, and the rest of the world has no option other than to accept that. Thanks for not being a bad loser, Raul.

  15. Chavismo has only itself to blame that nobody recognizes this fraud

    They lost big time in the last AN elections. Chavismo says, “Lesson learned”

    As a result, Chavismo decided to pack the TSJ, unConstitutionally
    They cancelled regional elections, unConstitutionally.
    They refused (Chavista controlled CNE)to allow the recall to go forward, unConstitutionally.
    Ban non-PSUV candidates from running in future elections. (are we seeing a pattern develop?)
    Call for the ANC. (patterns, patterns everywhere…)
    The ANC is “voted for”… does it matter how many voted for it?

    And with that, ladies and gentleman, the Constitution is null and void. After the ANC, a formality really. Nobody thought the outcome would be otherwise.

    But, here we are. The morning after the fraud that everyone knew was inevitable. The only recourse now is… what?

    Another election?

    Times up…

  16. The reason no one cares about the fraud overseas, is because every sane person already assumed the elections would be rigged. To paraphrase many wiser men before me, Insanity -or in this case M(U)Dness- is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    Just one more blow to the opposition’s morale.

  17. Fraud or not, there is nothing outside observers can do at this point. There is no method for remediation that can be done externally. Gringos are not going to come marching in and seat another set of candidates.

    The change has to come from within.

    Open revolution is the only path forward, but, VZ does not have the will to proceed.
    So, make do with the CLAP bags. Oil prices are not going to be saving Maduro and the Chavistas. Nor will the debt evaporate. Its here to stay.

  18. I have a problem with the fraud hypothesis: Why would the govt go through with it?

    They have shown time and time again that they have tools to neuter oppo gobernadores, and the constituyente gives them a bigger one. Right now they could use a democratic face wash, and a symbolic but ultimately meaningless election gives them such an opportunity (even better if it deepens rifts between oppo moderates and radicals, and/or between the partisan faction within the MUD). Instead, the theory goes, they go through with a large scale fraud, running the risk of reigniting the street protests agenda… all that for a few gobernaciones? Something doesn’t fit to me.

    • I’m not entirely convinced there was fraud (of the vote totals being changed variety) at this point. But I can think of several reasons to do it:

      1. Maduro remains very worried about defections and rebellions within his coalition, especially the military. A result that affirms the government’s popularity and legitimacy makes it significantly harder for disgruntled groups to break with the government.

      2. Maduro knows he has to schedule a presidential election sometime and is worried about that election. By committing a large scale fraud in a previous election – especially on of the “you can’t prove it but you know it happened” variety – he makes it much harder for the opposition to mobilize their voters in that future presidential election. Those advocating abstention will have a much stronger case.

      • The dog ate my reply

        1: Not fully convinced. Wouldn’t the key players know the victory was fake? Still, you might be on to something on the “keep the coalition from breaking” angle; there may still be some key players that need to be rewarded with gobernaciones to start their little rackets from.

        2: I guess this makes more sense, but it is too much of a risky play for me. Then again, they do like high-risk tactics, and they seem to have worked out so far.

        • I agree its a very risky move, especially if there is a chance of the fraud being conclusively demonstrated in a way that would really spur further US/EU sanctions. But, as you say, they like high-risk tactics. Every big strategic choice since the elections of 6D has been in the direction of no compromise, total brinksmanship, etc.

        • “The dog ate my reply

          1: Not fully convinced. Wouldn’t the key players know the victory was fake? Still, you might be on to something on the “keep the coalition from breaking” angle; there may still be some key players that need to be rewarded with gobernaciones to start their little rackets from.”

          chavismo has survived on the fallacy that they are an invincible majority in Venezuela and thus that automatically makes all of their choices the right ones, that’s why chavistas were constantly willing to forgive anything from their so-called leaders, even when they spat and stepped on them.

          They can’t accept that they can lose any election at ANYTHING at all, much less they can accept that they are less than those who oppose them, that would mean the end of the fallacy which is the cornerstone of chavismo.

          “2: I guess this makes more sense, but it is too much of a risky play for me. Then again, they do like high-risk tactics, and they seem to have worked out so far.”

          They’re looking to sit the precedent of more brazenly fraudulent elections, it’s not a secret they’ve cheated at every election since 2004, the fraud can’t be proven because the cheat is in the numbers managed by the machines, which are the only thing that matter since “Venezuela’s electoral system is automated and electronic” according to the law of elections.

  19. La trampa está en la abstención no en las actas. Inyectaron votos. Se esperaban 50% de votantes. Hubo más de 60%. 10% son dos mill de votos. Suficientes para voltear la elección.

    No hubo tinta indeleble, tampoco observadores. El cne asomó su disposición a todo con las reubicaciones.

    Un voto no es igual a un votante. Una maquinaría dispuesta a todo sin ningún control fue capaz de meter los votos donde sabían que podían.

    El gob maneja bases de datos. Votantes en el exterior. Votantes muertos. Todos votantes inscritos. Muchos de esos votaron ayer. Base de datos de la Diex y otras usadas ayer. Las cédulas.y carnet de la patria eran los documentos usados para ir a votar.

    Por eso la “participación récord” y las actas acordes. El crimen perfecto. La mud fue ingenua. Otra vez.

    Las encuestas daban participación de 50%. Pero esas encuestas se hacen a gente que está viva y en el país. Uno de cada dos de esos aun vivos y aun en el país decían que iban a votar. Eso significa que la mitad de los que “están” iban a votar. Pero los que “no están” no pueden votar aun cuando estén inscritos (expatriados y muertos). Entonces la abstención debió superar la.mitad. Participación menor a 50% pues. Pero la sorpresa está en que la participación se disparó por encima de 60%. Y es allí donde esta el fraude. Más de dos millones de votos inyectados todos rojos rojitos.

    • Si dices que “Están dispuestos a todo”, ¿Por qué es tan difícil aceptar que ellos simplemente cambiaron los números y ya? ¿Tú no sabes acaso que todo el coñazo de papel que sale de una elección no sirve para nada en Venezuela porque así lo dice la misma ley de procesos electorales?

      Ni siquiera tienen que poner a alguien más a votar en el lugar de más nadie, simplemente les llegan unos números a las salas situacionales en Ccs los cuales mandan a cuba y ahí meten y sacan votos como quien cambia un texto en un archivo de Word.

      Todos sabemos que nunca iban a soltar los estados que son la ruta de la droga, y que iban a cobrarle a Capriles y a Falsón el no ser suficientemente arrodillados y rastreros quitándoles las gobernaciones, Guarruya iba para fuera porque simplemente se atrevió a protestar el megafraude de la AN cuando por una paja loca que se inventaron los miserables rodrígueses les salió del forro de los testículos quitarles tres diputados para que no hubiera mayoría calificada.

      Es absurdo sorprenderse ante esto como si fuera el año 2004 de nuevo.

  20. “no hay que perder espacios”
    “doblemonos para no partirnos”

    Adecos dun did it again!

    All of us who know a bit of how Venecopolitk works know that in private MUD members are calling victory and are licking their fingers for all the new deals they will make with those 5 new seats.

  21. Didn`t Capriles call fraud when he lost?…

    It won`t matter now what other countries think for that matter. If MUD had refused to participate, had fueled the protests that were already happened and boycotted the process until there was democracy then another rooster would be singing.

    MUD already make sure of just that with the “no perder espacios” attitude. They choose to go to a rigged election even after the Constituyente. The process went on, it happened, that is all. Now a llorar pal` valle

    I don`t even think fraud was a major aspect, people are incredibly pissed and hateful about the MUD. they lost all base support. They are hated almost equally as Maduro and i know several beatos who didn`t vote at all this time. This campaign simply was the last straw.

    The rumor of 5 candidates was already in the mouth of everyone i know for at least a month, this too no one by surprise. And in the presidentials we can expect something similar.

    “all hail emperor Incitatus!winner of the 2018 presidential elections!”

    • “Didn`t Capriles call fraud when he lost?…”

      “Se los digo aquí rapidito, AQUÍ NO HUBO FRAUDE, váyanse a su casa a bailar salsa y a descargar la arrechera con una cacerola.”

      No, he never said anything about a fraud.

  22. Could the staff of CC please do us all a favor and stop talking about who “won” or who “lost” last night? It makes you guys look like tools.

    There were no winners or losers, only persons selected by Miraflores.

    • Good point. Seems Zulia’s Francisco Arias Cardenas was “not selected” but instead hung out to dry by the govt, if so good riddance!

      • Actually, you bring up another matter for “Chavismology” (akin to Kremlinology but tropical).

        Arias Cardenas, Aristobulo, Vielma Mora…, are these guys on the outs? Why? They seemed loyal stooges. What will they do now? Will any go full Ortega on them? Will they go to some comfy embassy?

        • Arias Cardenas already did his “ambassador tour” at the United Nations etc, so that seems unlikely. Although it would be unthinkable for a former chavista official, I would love to see him begging for food like so many citizens of the country of which he, multiple times, played a pivotal role in destroying.

  23. Hyperinflation, no food, no medicine, no safety and the goverment wins an overwhelming majority? Raúl, give me a break. If there is no fraud, Maduro is a genious and should be given a Chair in Harvard School of government.

    No me creo ese cuento.

    • “Hyperinflation, no food, no medicine, no safety..”And the people living in shanty towns all over the country are still happy with that otherwise they would be out in masses protesting. Let’s face it, until they have enough nothing will change.

  24. Andres Pastrana’s twitter: “La única garantía que tiene el que participa en una elección sin garantías es que va a perder “

  25. Wow, my head is exploding of all this irrelevant non sense.
    The Maduro regime is in contempt for violating pretty much all the constitution up and down left and right, let alone block outright a referendum more than a year ago and yet people are still distracted by the legal technicalities of his latest antics. WOW !!
    Hard to believe many people are even more stupid than Maduro and his cronies.
    Por pendejos solo espero que se lo sigan metiendo.

  26. If here was no fraud, as Mr. Stolk argues, then how does one explain the results. Will it be more an issue of parsing out what ‘fraud’ means in Venezuela – Caray, this is turning out to be like the never ending telenovelas of my youth in Venezuela.

  27. Some observations: FT withdraws his Election comments coincident with RS’s specious claim of no fraud (EVERYBODY living in Venezuela con algo mas de un dedo de frente, Chavista o no, sabe que hubo un fraude masivo)–suspicious, since Raul is putting 2 more Big Macs on the line, this time to lose, while FT probably still owes his 2 Big Macs to Raul from his losing ANC bet–is FT simply going to agree with Raul in exchange for not paying off his 2 Big Mac losing bet, or, is Raul paying FT in “arepas” for CC featuring occasionally his IN Blog? The Venezuelan electoral fraud IS in the Cuban software written for the first Smartmatic machines used in the RR 2004 fraud, aided by the fraudulent REP with virtually 100% voluntary 18/+ Venezuelan voter registration (as usual, the so-called Oppo electoral analysts–e.g., Oropeza with his “carometro”, Magdaleno with his precise statistical abstention/etc.statistical comparisons, can’t see the forest for the trees–how can anyone not question the record claimed 61% REP voter participation (supposedly, the greater % participoation, the greater the MUD victory) of roughly 12 MILLION (60% x 20mm REP) physically being processed in this election?? TL announces “irreversible” results unusually early at 10 pm, or so, many with many state results just 50-60% tabulated, when most Venezuelan states are far from homogeneous in their voting patterns (city vs. rural, e. g.), and would need at least 80-90% results in to be sure of “irreversibility”; and, she orders Govt. authorities to immediately proceed to the new Governors swearings-in. Bolivar states loss to the Oppo must have been so great as to take until now to reverse (if, as Ula just said), and it isn’t probable it will be given up to the Oppo as being a main non-narco feed cow of the Military (CAMIMPEG, gold/diamonds/oil). Where the Oppo “won”: Tachira (no pudieron tapar el sol con un dedo, besides, Vielma was Chavista, not Madurista); Margarita (a wasteland, same sol comment as for Tachira); Merida (student revolt center); Anzoategui (see, “we’re democratic after all–Isturiz lost, but we’re kicking him upstairs anyway); and Zulia (an Adeco sop to crooked sell-out HRA, and Arias was a questionable non-Maduro Chavista, anyway).

  28. Hola [email protected] [email protected] alguien conoce a JOSE GREGORIO GONZÁLEZ RODRÍGUEZ
    No. de Cédulas:


    Lo imposible lo hacen posible, compruebe usted mismo. Entre en la página del CNE ( y compruebe el fraude. Reenvielo para que toda Venezuela se entere. Vamos a unirnos y luchemos todos por la Venezuela que necesitamos recuperar. ABRAMOS LOS OJOS

    SI NO LO COMPARTES, DE NADA VALE SABERLO, COMPÁRTELO.????????????????????????????

  29. All this voter fraud…is very simple to understand…..the regime will always have more votes…isnt it so easy as to give multiple voter ID numbers …100…or more…to each person who votes for them… a sigle persom …can have 100 votes with one press of button …..there is no audit….you will never know………this is the most maddening thing……i love electronic voting….its the best

    • Too complex.

      The program simply gathers numbers and sends them to the situational rooms at Ccs and cuba, then there the numbers are tweaked as the invaders see fit.

  30. Simplemente se dieron cuenta de que tiene más sentido echarle la culpa a la abstención (aunque la participación fue supuestamente del 61%) que aceptar que fue una mala decisión participar y que hubo fraude

    Si aceptan que hubo fraude corren el riesgo de ir presos y además…ya están pensando en las municipales y en las presidenciales.

    Estas personas nunca van a reconocer que la salida electoral es imposible.

    • If there was ONE acta that didn’t match the CNE page tally, it’d be *all* over Twitter. I’m not asking you to demonstrate the whole fraud, I’m asking you to come up with *one* acta to demonstrate one instance of fraud. And you can’t.

      • Fueron los mismos políticos de la MUD quienes en su primera declaración de la noche advirtieron de un fraude.

        No están unidos ni siquiera en eso.

        ¿Por qué dijeron que ellos manejaban unos resultados distintos, entonces?

        ¿Estaban hablando por hablar?

        Algo pasó ahí.

        Es muy poco serio. No voy a decir que mintieron (aunque ciertamente es una posibilidad), pero en cualquier caso, ¿qué credibilidad pueden tener unos actores políticos que actúan de esa manera?

  31. Catch 22, or perhaps 33.
    1. If the opposition participates, it loses because of the illegal conditions and abuses.
    2. If the opposition does not participate, it loses and the chavismo does not even need to cheat.
    3. If the opposition participates and wins (as in 2015 National Assembly), the chavismo applies any “sobrevenida” rule and deactivates the victory. In this occasion, for example, removes any governor who does not subordinates to the ANC.
    There is o legal solution when you are dealing with thieves, smugglers, murders and so on.
    What’s the solution? Everybody knows.


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