Venezuelans tend to have short-term historical memory, so reminders are necessary from time to time. Case in point: before his 2016’s answer to Maduro’s speech as National Assembly Speaker made him an unlikely hero, National Assembly deputy and Acción Democrática’s eternal President, Henry Ramos Allup, was one of the most despised politicians in Venezuela.

For many, he symbolized the decadence of the cuarta república that lead us to our current conundrum, his history as operator of the adeca machinery that killed the CAP II reforms, his role in the disastrous opposition withdrawal of 2005, his self-appointed reign over AD leadership, his bolichico in-laws, his arrogance and lack of remorse, his refusal to take responsibility in creating chavismo, and how his power over the opposition gave credence to the worst stereotypes about escuálidos. All of that was forgotten when he said that “things around here have changed” last year. And everyone believed him.

Well, he just reminded us of his toxic influence in our festering political wounds.

Beyond the flamboyant speeches, his tenure as National Assembly’s Speaker was marked by the gradual stripping of powers by the Supreme Tribunal, without national or international repercussions for chavismo and these out of touch pieces about his clueless wife.

His reaction is to blame the voters, the same voters he had to convince in the first place, and to insult our greatest ally abroad for stating the obvious.

During the 2017 protest movement, he showed little support or compassion for the hundreds of persons killed, injured and jailed, and in a ridiculous fit of arrogance, announced that AD was participating in the regional elections the same day that the CNE’s software provider certified the occurrence a massive fraud in the Constituent Assembly Elections.

When all of this blew up in MUD’s face and the decision to run in an election without a coherent message or the means to prove a fraud while facing a ruthless dictatorship resulted in a shattering loss, his reaction is to blame the voters, the same voters he had to convince in the first place, and to insult our greatest ally abroad for stating the obvious.

This is all part of his deluded obsession of becoming president one day, which has already caused so much harm to the country. Thus, I tell you it’s okay to despise the guy again, as everyone did before 2016, and it’s our duty to demand a new opposition leadership whose only purpose is to take the country back from the criminals who hold it hostage.

Because we certainly don’t need the leadership of a narcissist who only wants democracy if he can have it for himself.

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  1. Damn Cesar, nice piece. Only quibble I have is with the “greatest ally abroard” comment as I tend to go with someone who can actually do something about the problem.

    And for the translators, past tense of blow is blew, not blowed…….not complaining, just trying to help out.

    • I assume you mean POTUS. DPRK is coming first and could be sooner than we all think. War is on the horizon at time and place of our choosing meaning surprise preemptive attack. A quick victory reassures presidential second term where BRV and Iran come next. Too early to say who what when and how or whether we go there at all (BRV).

      To the naysayers, Trump is not going to follow in Ford’s or Carter’s footsteps. He’s going to start wars just like almost every US president since WWII and we have a real firecracker of a president.

      Cuba is not a priority like BRV. There’s nothing in Cuba except 9M souls half of them willing to move to America. No thanks.

      Narcotics will be the regimes undoing if they’re still around.

  2. You need a coalition of many sectors of the population to fix Venezuela crisis. Our reliance on the MUD has been a lazy naive mistake. The MUD is just a political coalition that is the inadequate and insufficient force to exterminate the Cuban-Marxist regime. We can see now how their short term political ambition and naturaly personal survival clash with the long term goal of regime change.
    Venezuela needs to legitimize a new leadership in the exile who goal is to end the criminal regime and is not afraid to seek US military intervention which is IMO the only solution left.
    There are currently several groups that are organizing with this goal but we need unity and legitimacy.
    An openly subversive group such the PSUV, determined to remain indefinitely in power is totally incompatible with a Democratic Republic and needs to be removed by force, there is no other option, unfortunately.

    • …so I don’t hate Allup or the MUD, they did already the little things they could do, some mistakes some success. I’m thankful but also disappointed. Lets channel that hate to the real enemy, the criminal regime who are the authors of this tragedy.

  3. This group has it very clear what Venezuela is facing here.
    For those that doesn’t speak Spanish is about a Venezuelan Lawyer explaining in legal terms why the PSUV (Regime’s Party) is a subversive Cuban-Marxist group which is incompatible with a Democratic Republic such Venezuela and are hell bend on installing a Communist Totalitarian regime not just in Vzla but the rest of LatAm as long term project, in other words Cold War never ended in Latin America.

    • REALLY, REALLy EXCELLENT! This video should be seen by all Spanish speakers, and translated for non-Spanish speakers. Explained is the Castro-Communist subversive essence of the Regime, its working the Venezuelan democratic electoral system to achieve its goals, its probable now transitioning via the ANC into the Cuban “direct/popular” consejos comunales form of controlling the population, and the impossibility of removing it electorally via an inauditable electoral system (among other things, exponential growth in the REP electoral registered voter rolls to virtually 100% of qualified 18/+ citizens, a law passed to not allow giving out addresses of those registered, another law passed that, in the case of ballot box vs. machine discrepancy, the machine result rules, etc.).

  4. Thank you for this piece, this shitty bureaucrat and his ways, are a bad example for the new generations of politicians. Nothing divides the opposition more than the sole presence of this person, Maduro needs him and his buddy Rosales, to keeps in an eternal beginning.

  5. I defer completely to César Crespo’s knowledge about Ramos Allup. I would only add that phony-but-tolerated-Opposition is a common feature of transitions to communism. The revolution needs to point to them as evidence of their toleration. Doctrinally, the Communist Party requires only a “leading role”, and this is set out in “revolutionary” constitutions. This happened in Czechoslovakia and Poland, as well as Hungary, and in Nicaragua, too. Even today, the Communist Party in China tolerates eight opposition parties. It’s just that they are not allowed to anything.

    • And those fake opposition parties are the joker card that the dictatorships wiggle like their maximum proof that they are “participative democracies”.

      • Im sorry but what is fake about HRA?
        I have said before he is a wanker, yes, but he is a man who was elected Vice President of Socialist International in 2012.
        What part of that do people here not understand?
        HRA is traveling in the direction of his political beliefs. Which strangely are parallel with the PSUV.
        The naivety displayed by people with regard to the cesspit of Veno politics is absurd.
        I will repeat as people just do not seem to get it….You can not defeat Socialism with Socialism.
        This country seems to be transitioning from unconscious to comatose, and pretty soon the power to the life support will be turned off!

        • He’s fake in the sense that he claims to represent the opposition to the chavista dictatorship, yet he works to keep them in the power.

          The opposition must have a single goal: Remove the dictatorship from power, everything else is secondary.

          The current opposition leadership only serves chavismo as the so-called proof that they are not a dictatorship before the world.

        • and I have to quote you to emphasise “you cannot defeat Socialism with Socialism.” Very well said.. here, now you have an idea for a good story.

        • You are discovering that every political Party in Venezuela goes from the Center to the left? They have always been part of the IS…What do you think, that was AD of the 1945 and its coup…SO we have a very “socialist mentality”

    • When the PRI had absolute power in Mexico, one of their strategies was to create, and fund, opposition parties that were opposition in name only and split up the real opposition, create confusion within the opposition, and presented the optics of a politically open system. An example I recall is a version of the Partido Verde that existed at that time.

      That’s one thing authoritarian regimes do.

      Another technique of authoritarian regimes is to promote and foment reports or rumours that real opposition leaders are in fact colluding with them, or are sell-outs in various ways, shapes or forms. I’ve heard these rumours and reports about every national opposition leader. Many are in the range from the completely speculative, to the totally ridiculous.

      So that’s another strategy to bear in mind. It works effectively with the former strategy: undermine real opposition leaders, create fake ones. Leave your enemies confused, paranoid and paralyzed.

      I was never a fan of HRA, partly because I just find him difficult to understand (which is my problem), but it is one thing to be a self involved narcissist, a dinousaur, or otherwise a bad leader – even an appalling and weak leader- who makes bad decisions, and another to be actively colluding with an authoritarian regime. The facts are important. I haven’t seen those facts laid out in the case for collusion against HRA.

  6. HRA’s quick decision to participate in elections that were called by the illegal assembly was disgusting.
    He pissed on the graves of every kid that was murdered by the regime for exercising their right to peaceful protest.
    Venezuela doesn’t need him or most of the politicians that the people are plagued with. The MUD politicians are more concerned about maintaining their own power base and fear being sidelined.
    Venezuela desperately needs patriots to come forward, lead the struggle for freedom no matter what course that struggle takes and to remove this criminal regime.
    The most likely avenue to freedom is going to be armed struggle.
    This regime will hold the people hostage until the men of Venezuela decide that they can no longer allow their families to suffer and die. Sitting on your ass and waiting for someone else to do your duty is going to result in a very long wait.
    Civil war costs lives. You are in a civil war but only one side is fighting.
    Venezuela is destroyed. There is no food or medicine and the infrastructure is crumbling.
    Man up. Protect your families. Take back your country. Give your children a future.
    International aid will come much quicker if the men of Venezuela decide to fight their own fight rather than wait and expect someone else to die for a cause that they refuse to die for.
    Courage isn’t about not being scared. Courage is about overcoming your fears and doing what must be done.
    The exchange rate went over 40,000 to the Dollar this morning. How much longer will you wait?

    • The defining fight to oust the criminal regime took place in 2002 once Chavismo intentions were made clear but was lost not just because of some Venezuelans naivete but also the lack of support from the international community, like the EU and all LatAm countries resulting in the reinstatement of Chavez Dictator back to power.
      The totalitarian regime has been installed and consolidated powers since then and we reached a point where is not longer in the hands of Venezuelans but mostly the power players in the international community.
      You can have all the courage you want but fighting a regime without arms is not patriotic but a suicidal defeat.
      However I agree that the situation is akin to a civil war as clearly explained in this Panam Post piece.

    • John, honestly, if every Venezuelan did a fraction of what you do to help the country, the problem would never have gotten this bad. Chavismo would have been stopped long ago.

      I’ll take some heat for the things I’m going to say but I don’t care. I trust my instincts. I’ve long said that the Venezuelan culture was tailor-made for socialism. Socialism breeds dependency and once socialism is allowed to become the predominate thought, it’s not a great leap to the next step which is where the country finds itself today.

      You encourage Venezuelans to “man-up, protect their families, give their children a future”, etc. Those are certainly all causes any man should find worthy of dying for, except they’re causes for those who value self-reliance, taking responsiblity for one’s family and one’s own actions, being independent, etc. I just don’t see it happening here in this country. It just doesn’t seem to be in their genes.

      I can’t vouch for life of the average Venezuelan in the big cities, but I’ve long-observed how life is conducted here in the rural areas. If 10% of the families in this pueblo have a father in the home, it’s a lot. And it’s not only that there’s no dad in the home, the typical male has a dozen kids with 12 or 13 different women and doesn’t bother to support any of them. I once bought a piece of property from a guy who told me he had 44 brothers and sisters! I had no reason to doubt him.

      How does anyone feel a sense of family, a sense of responsibility under such cultural norms? And while the men are overwhelmingly gulity of non-support of their offspring, the women are not without blame as it’s common to see a woman have 4, 5, or 6 children each with a different father! How deep a hole can you dig for yourself when you accept this sort of behavior as normal? Where I grew up, teenage pregnancy was a huge scandal. Here it’s not only normal, it’s expected. Children having children doesn’t even cause a ripple.

      Today, more than ever here, it’s every man for himself.

      The country reminds me of the scenes from the movie Titanic as she slowly slipped beneath the sea and the only guy who mustered the nerve to try to take control of the chaos, ended up turning the gun on himself.

      • John/MR, without getting into the murky genes-as-causation, or even the Petro- State peons simply being descendants of the coffee/cacao hacienda pre-OIL peons (Ministerio De Hacienda Govt. financial administrator simply substituted managing/taxing coffee/cacao haciendas for managing/taxing the oil gusher industry), a few U.S./European sociological/cultural symbols, and my translations into Venezuelan equivalents, might be illuminating: 1) Horatio Alger: diligently/honestly worked his way up the ladder from poverty to material/social success; Venezuelan version: worked in store for a short time, until caught stealing, was fired with doble prestaciones, repeated process, until finally landing a Govt./military job, where he could steal enough to leave the Country, buy a nice house/car/etc., and live retired comfortably the rest of his life in Miami/Europe; 2) The Tortoise And The Hare; the Hare fanfarreono his energy early, and ended up losing to the more methodical/consistent Tortoise; Venezuelan version: the Vivo Hare easily outran the Pendejo Tortoise, became a Boli-Burgues/Enchufado, is driving his Ferrari in Miami, while the Tortoise is pidiendo prestado to buy his monthly Clap bag; 3)The Little Squirrel saving up to survive the hard winter times to come; Venezuelan version: the squirrel blew all his savings on a brand new SUV, or, if not enough, on a fancy cell phone, was assaulted/robbed/badly wounded or killed, and, if survived, has his SUV garaged due to lack of money for needed repairs/tires/etc.; and 4)The Little Engine That Could: finally chugged and chugged until he made it over the mountain to success; Venezuelan version: the Little Engine’s boiler blew soon after starting, due to lack of proper maintenance, and, then, still coasting, derailed when it hit a patch where the rails had been stolen by vandals to be sold as scrap metal….

        • When I was a young teenager, I was fortunate to develop a relationship with a Federal judge and his wife. They were family friends whose children were grown. With the exception of my father, “Judge Jim ” was probably the most influential person in my life as I wended my way through my education and early life choices.
          The recent decision by the Venezuelan opposition to jump at the bone the regime tossed them, reminded me of a conversation I had with the Judge.
          He used the term “FUJIGM” I had never heard it before and he needed to explain it to me.
          “Fuck You Joe I Got Mine”
          He used it in the context of our growing debt and welfare programs in the US. People ignoring the long term damage that was being done to our country as long as they got their piece of the action or had their taxes reduced.
          Venezuela is FUJIGM to the extreme.
          The smallest crumb is enough to make someone support or at least refrain from opposing the regime.
          The MUD politicians have exhibited the same attitude as the people in the slums that receive a CLAP bag. Just as Maduro has been able to maintain support among people that although they may be starving, are getting more than someone else, The MUD politicians that have been able to maintain some semblance of political influence or stature, have said FUJIGM to the rest of the opposition.
          The National Guard soldiers that literally receive crumbs (and all they can steal), ignore the Constitution and the rule of law, as long as they get theirs.
          The government and PDVSA employees, will support the regime as long as they have their jobs.
          People didn’t critically examine or question Chavez as long as things were good, gas was cheap and everyone had theirs.
          Soon very few people will have “theirs”. Increased suffering, death and oppression will result as those that still have theirs, fight to keep it.
          To the masses of Venezuela the corrupt ruling minority says “FUJIGM”.

      • Either you are young or you have no idea How Venezuela Men where in the 30’s and 40’s, having 3 and 4 families…around Venezuela, that was NORMAL, but in a way a lot of those guys always prided for their kids in every town…

  7. Here is a famous movie quote that is on point

    “Listen, I’m a politician, which means I’m a cheat and a liar, and when I’m not kissing babies, I’m stealing their lollipops, but it also means that I keep my options open.”

    This would generally seem to apply to all politicians regardless of their party affiliation or country in which they operate.

    So why is Henry Ramos Allup any different? Maybe he is just better at it than others or maybe he has just been in the game longer! They are all liars and cheats looking for the next lollipop to steal!

  8. Frankly, I think we Venezuelans are stuck in an infantile political life. We lionize politicians when they do well by us and malign them when they don’t serve our purposes. I take no particular position on HRA as I have been out of Venezuela for almost forty years, and have not followed his career in detail. I just take exception with the love/hate dynamics we show towards politicians. If Allup was such a piece of shit to begin with, the rational position was to view him with a skeptical eye from the beginning. Right?

    • Respectfully disagree. John above nailed it. Venezuelans lionize politicians when they do well by you and lionize them when they sodomize you. Equally. And you don’t care. You can’t wait to do it again. Please hose me again! When is the next election?

      HRA is a 40 year career treasonous asshat with a strong political following of the El Pueblo who only cares about himself. And El Pueblo still listens and follows.

      What does it take to permanently retire a Venezuelan politician who lost MAJOR elections, with evidence of collusion, from political life? Take your pick? Rosales, Falcon, HRA, etc. You have so much good strong educated talent to fill the void, at least before they tire and move to Europe.

    • Many of us were automatically suspicious of him, given who he is and where he comes from. But in the middle of the crisis and with the idea that all opposition should be better together, forgiveness and unity was a logical idea, lets focus on the enemy in front of all of us. And then he charmed a lot of people because , well, he may have thought “hey, you want cheap rage filled verbiage and defiance from us? I can give you that! Worked for Chávez and I can out-swear him”.

      In the end it was all noise, because he is what he is. An Adeco apparatchik looking for #1. And his party is ruled by the same kind of people.

  9. There is a promising emerging coalition that IMO is more suited to end the Dictatorship than the MUD.
    The new alliance is called “Soy Venezuela” and apparently is headed by Maria Corina, Antonio Ledezma, Diego Arria, etc
    They seem to be more clear about what is the problem and what is the solution to reach the end goal of ending the regime ASAP.

  10. My issue with Henry Ramos Allup is that when he took over head of the AN, he acted like a lawyer more than a politician. Allup acted like a legal solution was the only acceptable approach. He never gave highly spirited speeches– he only appeared to talk about making Maduro follow the constitution. This was useless. Maduro breaks every law with impunity and will never stop. The opposition needs a leader not a lawyer. In any event, he has left the position.

  11. I´m sorry, I didn’t know we had to ask you for permission on who to hate or not to hate. I like Caracas Chronicles until it starts overstepping and speaking so strongly about such topics, mainly when they do so much harm and so little good. Now you are telling me HRA was the only person who called out to vote, plus that many on your site didn’t encourage going to elections?

    • Oh, come on.

      I criticize this site myself, but you gotta be joking.

      The title was simply poetic license, and the content of the entire article well supported the author’s position.

      I mean, are you actually insinuating…or misinterpreting…that he’s actually telling you who to hate in a way that BOTHERS you?

      You’re too sensitive.

  12. Great piece, Needs to be translated and published in whatever printed media still available out there as a reminder to everyone in the country,

  13. The probably cuban masters of all this fiction are laughing their ass off.
    HRA has his defects, but we can’t expect perfection from any politician. I could rant 10 pages about Angela Merkel, even if I have voted her coalition two times.
    I am missing Juan Cristobal Nagel on this blog. His last tweets add an important perspective. MUD politicians are powerless. Don’t overestimate the importance of what they are doing or saying. Against this evil Goverment more opposition politicians, protestors, intelectuals, people from the church, etc will fail. They are not the enemy.
    Excelent video the one of Adriana Vigilanza, but translate this to german and the public will take this as hilarious exageration. You need quite of information to really understand what she is saying.
    Hardcore communists from the GDR use to say: Our leaders were weaklings. Castro was a tough guy. Thats the enemy you and your politicians are facing.

  14. I’d like CC to address the possibility of stuffing the ballots in a election because this needs to be considered specially if the international community finally forces the govt to call for a presidential elections, because this is the trick that allows a government with 75% of rejection to win with 54%.

    All the elements point out to a massive ballots’ stuffing in the last election. My theory is that psuv-cne voted for the people that didn’t vote in 2015 but voted for Ch in 2012 (3 Million). That way they added more than 200K votes to psuv only in Miranda (where psuv won by 80k). If that is the case all the polls would’ve been right.

    Particularly psuv-cne did this in the centers where they control the neighborhood via fear and claps which is almost every slum.

    Voting for other person in the country is possible and has been demonstrated several times even when the “tinta indeleble se usaba”. The purpose to eliminate the tinta indeleble was for two reasons: first to allow the multi-voter guy to do ballot stuffing easier; and the second reason is to make it difficult for a person to claim that someone voted for him.

    I don’t buy the story that so many people were forced to vote (6M, which, had Caracas voted the number of votes should’ve been 7M), if that were possible psuv-cne had done the same when the constituyente.

    The sfirst reason cne-psuv stuff the ballots for millions is economy. It’s cheaper for them to vote for 2-3M people using 4-5k people than to drag those people with nothing to offer.

    The second reason cne-psuv stuffed the ballots is that some people even if dragged could’ve ended voting against psuv (remember all polls show that 75% of the country wants them out of power).

    So I propose that CC (as they dared to buy the whole story of the psuv-cne because the actas says so) to publish an article about the possibility of a massive ballot stuffing (even if you consider them a conspiracy theory). I can help giving you see some statistical data.

    • Please JJ, stop wasting your time. There can’t be fair general elections in Venezuela without a complete Regime change. Changing the Executive power without changing the armed and intelligence forces achieves absolutely nothing.
      The international community doesn’t need any more proves that shows the criminal nature of Maduro regime to justify aggressive sanctions or direct intervention, we have plenty. It all depends now on what the USA and the rest of the Democratic forces are willing to do about it.
      However, we have yet to form a big Venezuelan coalition other than the failed legalistic/pacifist AN to coordinate and execute this mission. Other than that these Castro-Marxist will entertain us with fake elections for years to come, who cares how they cheat.

      • AND, we can’t have a fair and honest opinion on electoral fraud in Venezuela by FT/CC, no matter how many crisp new $100 bills he loses….

  15. Good. Was about time.

    I am all in favor of boycotting and protesting but against AD. The opposition needs to disband the coalition and restructure it quick without the collaborative elements.

    This guy needs to step off or made to step off. Vzla needs to get rid off the remnants of the gen 58 just as bad as it needs to get rid of chavismo.

    The problem with the fall of the dictatorship was not that MPJ was ousted, the problem was by whom, Adecos and copeianos really proved to be worthless and miserable in leading the nation in its wealthiests of times. So much fortune thrown to the dirt, nothing to show for it, just a uneducated slum country. Chavismo is just a succession of adequismo.

    I said it before and i repeat it again: We traded a functional dictatorship for a dysfunctional democracy, and that was the worst bargain since it leads us to a dysfunctional dictatorship. The ultimate worst outcome for a failed republic ever since Plato`s time. The rule of demagogues and the tirany of the populace`s most primitive standards.

    • “I am all in favor of boycotting and protesting but against AD.”

      Bingo, though I’d expand that to include the MUD.

      I’ll never forget the look on Vladimir’s face the day after the vote for the fraud ANC as HRA called for everyone to prepare for the upcoming elections. It was one of those, what-the-fuck-are-you-saying looks.

      Bueno, what’s done is done. What’s next? I wish I knew……actually I think I do know, I just don’t want to accept it.

      • What’s next has just happened, as I commented to one of your comments in a previous post–the 4 AD/HRA governors have just allowed themselves to be sworn in by the illegal ANC, with PJ Guanipa/Zulia still dangling–the MUD/OPPO are dead, Long Live The MUD/OPPO!

      • You hear a lot about bolichicos but all of these politicians from the MUD have their families living in luxury abroad, they have properties abroad, briefcase companies, dollars, etc

        I will absolutely approve to doing escrachés to them abroad, just the same as with chavistas, also would be great to know which opposition politicians are involved with odebrecht and have received preferencial dollars.

        I would love to see a few of those names in the sanctioned lists the US and UN are coming up with.

        The very few with actual conviction and with an actual will to do lead a REAL opposition should remain and gain legitimacy on their ACTIONS , enough chachara

  16. Leopoldo.













    The answer is simple. At least the best answer for now.

    He’s the only guy worth rallying around who has paid the price, and is still paying it. Not to mention being a MAJOR figure on the world stage.

    And if Venzuelans can get off their asses again and take to the streets…pushing for the full reinstatement of his rights to run again…THAT takes center stage these days. The focus on HIM, because the administration can’t come across cleanly on the issue. And other political prisoners too.

    But why not Leopoldo? Because I’m in the same Thinking Camp as MRubio:

    Venezuelans are too fucking stupid to elect a proud capitalist, one who studied in the states and speaks perfect English, no less.

    This moronic electorate STILL thinks leftist, socialist governments are going to make things better for them, as opposed to free market.

  17. It was clear the five elected opposition pricks would do anything to get sworn in, or were you expecting some other behavior? Guanipa will eventually do the same as the AD guys, give him a couple days. And if he doesn’t, I’ll bite my tongue.

    But in any case, it’s very obvious the MUD and Co is not fit to combat Chavismo and eventually achieve a government transition. Unfortunately there’s no one else to rely on. These are our leaders – incompetent and self-centered as they may be- and this is why more than half of Caracas remained at home on election day.

  18. Second time I post this comment but it didn’t show in CC. Más vale tarde que nunca.

    The president of the AN just said that at least 1.6 M votes don’t have a fingerprint. I’ve said in several comments these days that the fraud was the injection of 2-3 M votes for psuv.

    The evidence for that reasoning is clear: first, the polls show that at least 75% of the people want psuv out of power but “magically” they got 54% of the votes. Second, the polls showed that the “abstención” was projected at 50% (and there are several reasons to believe that the “abstención” was higher than that) but “magically” the “abstención” was 38%. Third, the 6M votes psuv got (which should be around 7M had Caracas voted) have not been shown even once in the different one-block-only gatherings Maduro has done in the last months.

    The people they dragged in 2012 (CH vs HCR) was around 2-3M in the infamous “operación remolque” carried by psuv late during election day. What they did was to “cruzar la base de datos de las misiones (8M people)” with the people that already voted, and the people that hadn’t yet voted were dragged to vote.

    In 2013, they dragged the same people they had to in 2012 but this time they did it first thing in the morning.

    My theory:

    In 2017, what they did was simpler, they just printed “carnés de la patria” or “cédulas” of all those 2-3M people that they dragged in 2012-2013 and voted for them. The”tinta indeleble ban” this time made the process of massive ballot stuffing easier for a government in despair to recover some legitimacy.

    P.S. I like to see an article about that here in CC. They embraced in every article here so far “assuring” tha the psuv votes were real without any other support than the actas of the CNE (the same CNE that three months ago said that 8M people voted for the ANC). So I’m still waiting.


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