After the regionales outcome, the CNE will hold presidential elections within the next two years, and Henry Ramos Allup the grizzled old perma-Secretary General of Acción Democrática  will be on the ballot. The question is: what will you do? What will the MUD (sans AD) do?

It’s safe to assume two things right now: Dictator Nicolás Maduro will run for the PSUV and Ramos Allup for AD.

Regarding Maduro, even if he seems limited on charisma and political touch, the PSUV-Castro alliance has spent too much time branding this troglodyte to take a risk with a change of course.

Ramos Allup will be on the ballot. All of his shady historical and current political moves point to his ultimate goal, the presidency. More importantly, the recent submission and betrayal of the regionales buys him a ticket to the show.

The colossal issue for the MUD? Ramos Allup has the leverage to either run as Alfaro 2.0 (dividing the anti-government vote), or to be the one candidate running against Maduro.

The second problem? Even if they decide to run parallel to Ramos Allup, what candidate would be allowed to run by the CNE and have the political composure for the challenge ahead?

Abstentionism? Reasonable, after 19 years of untrustworthy elections, but it has to go in conjunction with other strategies. At this time, no one has a realistic proposal, nor a tangible change of direction.

If the MUD doesn’t expel Ramos Allup, he is the presidential candidate.

Now, there’s an extra layer to Henry Ramos intentions. He is a rancid adeco with the malice of Frank Underwood. He ordered AD to run in the regionales because he knew the CNE would give them some states. He was campaigning when the rest of the country was protesting (for months!). He’s more than willing to offer a pardoned emergency exit and safe haven to the PSUV nest of snakes. He doesn’t want his legacy to be Alfaro’s, so he’ll only run if he can actually be president.

Summarizing, we are in a world of trouble. If the MUD doesn’t expel Ramos Allup, he is the presidential candidate; if he’s out, they’ll need to come up with a sort of abstentionism + street protest + New CNE + all-in strike, because the election outcomes are:

  1. Maduro for the PSUV, HRA for AD, X for the MUD: CNE declares Maduro the winner, the votes are divided and the fraud is even easier.
  2. Maduro for the PSUV, HRA for AD, the MUD doesn’t participates: CNE declares Maduro the winner, perhaps without fraud.
  3. Maduro for the PSUV, HRA for MUD: hyperinflation hits, MUD-led protests are stronger, the PSUV needs an exit window with the promise of pardon and sharing power, CNE negotiates and names HRA president. In exchange, the PSUV keeps the states, the Asamblea Nacional Constituyente and the Tribunal Supremo de Justicia.

Sadly, number 3 is by far the best outcome.

The MUD will need to make a very important decision in the next few hours, and for once they’ll need to be ready with a Plan B.

Due to malice and lack of alternatives, we may be forced to answer a gruesome question: would you rather stay under Maduro, or have a 21st Century Lusinchi as president sharing power with the PSUV?  

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    • WOW.. I imagine you’re not eating from the garbage, and your kids aren’t partying in caracas with the risk of being killed every night. What a despicable comment ????????

      • Why don’t you lash out to HRA with the same self righteousness?

        I mean at this point is pretty clear that this bloke is full of himself and only cares about him and him alone. Practically every contender in the MUD are banned from running for office, doesn’t seem strange to you?

        People who seems to be entertaining these 3 nefarious choices for their own gain, will crash with the reality, that the international community will have no problem in isolating Venezuelan government, given its evident ties with drug cartels and international terrorist groups. If that means breaking the bank for Venezuelans and disallow the sale of Venezuelan oil in the international market then so be it.

        The saudis, canadians and even Mexico will be more than happy to oblige and increase production to fill the void… It won’t be that difficult, given that the production of Venezuelan oil is been decreasing ever since the company’s mission was changed from wealth generation to wealth re-distribution.

        Anyway, it’s pretty clear that these adecos de mierda are full of themselves, they are willing to sell even their own mother just to gain a fucking seat.

        • Well said, jctt.

          Also Allup is up to his neck inmersed in chavista corruption. His brother in law is just the tip of the iceberg. There is absolutely no choice being presented if Maduro and Allup run. Is voting for the same thing, same politics, same ideology, same status quo. A sham.

      • 100% Right I’d rather have chavismo destroy the country and kill millions in the short term if that means that Venezuelan society learns the lesson, instead of a make-do facade of democratic solution to the crisis that will prolong the agony and death of the rentist mentality that brought us here.

    • “This country needs to learn with pain.”

      In 1998 i was 9 yrs old, i have never voted for chavez or psuv, i am not adeca, i did not live the 4ta republic, i am not and have never been partisan to any political party

      BUT apparently i need to die of hunger and “learn the lesson”…. a lesson of what? since when the population decides on anything in Venezuela? did i postulate Allup? or am i to blame because i don`t keep a tank under my bed and i haven`t taken miraflores? Is it that i run the BCV and dicate economic policy? should i spend my days praying for Trump to bomb my house?

      Some people are ill in the head.

      • Sadly yes, that’s the price we all have to pay because a majority of people (including in the middle class) are responsible of this disaster for their actions or their omissions.

        The lessons is simple: you want to live better? you want to travel? you want a better house? work for it, fight for it. The country is broken because people think that we live in a rich land and that’s a lie, we always had lived in a very poor country full of corruption and opportunism but the people that support the populism system doesn’t want to change.

  1. What pisses me off is that the protests gave us a chance at the inverse of #3 (keep Maduro on until 2018/2019, but with a proper TSJ and no Constituyente, so he wouldn’t have as much power), which for me would have been acceptable, but we fucked it up (thanks to HRA, probably in big part). As it is, your #3 doesn’t look that much better than options 1 or 2.

    A new Lusinchi will just repeat the cycle all over again, we need a clean break.

  2. Only one real option at this point: Presidentials: Maduro/HRA/(MUD irrelevant, go or not): Maduro wins easily, 54% at least (it’s already in the cards, isn’t it?); HRA’s bank account gets a little fatter.

      • I meant to add: that power for power-sake makes him for more destructive than somebody seeking power for money. The latter can be bought but the former has no price.

        • Maria, could well-be, but it is hard, not even being paid in the AN due to Govt. blocking, to keep up with Boli-Chico brothers-in-law, financing their sister-his wife in Queen-For-A-Day style, while turning a 2/3 AN super-majority into a lame-duck Congress incapable of passing even one piece of effective legislation, or even naming a new non-corrupt CNE/TSJ (named by Borges, but too late).

  3. This is becoming like Alice in Wonderland. If after sll that has transpired. the PSUV legitimately won a majority of the vote a few weeks,ago, it should at minimum be the favored party in the future presidential election or favored to at least be a major player in any sharing arrangement. Why is that do hard to understand but I do concede it would be hard to accept.

    • The PSUV did NOT LEGITIMATELY win a majority of the popular vote in a massively fraudulent election, but they set the stage for a Maduro popular vote win in the next Presidentials….

      • sorry, there are others who disagree with you and I believe that the editorial line of CC, eschewing speculation and relying only on facts, is that PSUV legitimately won a majority of the vote. I have read multople stories in the international press asserting voting fraud but I have also learned here not to rely on those sources since CC has the real expertise. Dont get me wrong, my gut finds a PSUV majority vote unlikely but I am in no position to argue with the experts. But there is no sense in speculating about the outcome of future elections until the Oct election is explained.

        • I do not understand your position. If CC has the real expertise and has already explained the results of the election, why do you need another explanation? What aspect of the election confuses you?

          • Maria, what confuses me is that I have two conflicting sets of facts. On the one hand, PSUV legitimately won a majority of the vote. On the other hand I read stories here and elsewhere that the economy has failed, that inflation has reduced your currency to a logistical joke, widespread hunger, brutual mass beatings in response to protests…..need I go on. Either the PSUV legitimately won the election and the second set of facts is wildly overstated or the vote was fraudulent because logic dictates that an oppressed peopke dont freely vote for the oppressor. Now there is a third possibily, the PSUV won fairly and the peopje are politically and economicaly oppressed as is described here and elsewhere in the press.. This result begs the serious question, why should the democratic countries of the world apply political and financual pressure to oust a political party supported by a majority despite all the political and economic oppression. Now maybe there is something wrong about my logic and I welcome your input and I mean that sincerely because I have never been to Venezuela, nor do I speak Spanish or hang out with Venezuelan ex pats.

          • It’s naive to call an election legitimate when the very authority that oversees it is complicit in doing everything to tilt the results one way.
            Facts that cannot be disputed are:

            Denying candidate substitutions, legally allowed by law but prohibited by that authority.

            Moving voting centers to high crime areas, where opposition voters think twice about going to, 48 hours before the election in the absence of any logical reason for doing so.

            Intimidating public sector employees to vote for the government by threatening to fire them, in an economy where jobs are scarce.

            Closing voting centers with voters waiting to vote.

            Re opening voting centers after hours and busing people in to vote after hours.

            Using state run media to run campaign ads for the government ( again, illegal)

            Threatening voters to withhold their CLAP rations if they do not vote for govt. candidates

            The list goes on, but the above are the most egregious examples, crowned by the manual input of votes in Bolivar State to change the results.

            Since the authority to investigate and punish these actions is publicly and notoriously partial to the regime it is easy to see how no action to remedy will be forthcoming.

            So, if a very narrow interpretation of fraud is reduced to whether or not ballot boxes were stuffed is your yardstick, then yes, you could argue that the PSUV won where they said they won(except in Bolivar where they DID stuff the ballot boxes).

            However, if one tenth of the rest occurred in any half assed democracy the entire election would be re-done and the responsible ones would rot in jail for a very long time. Unfortunately Venezuela isn’t even a quarter assed democracy, so don’t expect normal behavior in this case.

  4. The first thing that ran through my mind when I looked at the picture at the start of this article was “Take the shot”.
    Sadly, I don’t care which one of these assholes gets taken out.
    It is possible that HRA is more despised than Maduro.
    Maduro is an ignorant accident that is the face of a corrupt institution. Some people have theorized that he was Chavez’ lover and that is why Chavez willed the Presidency to him Delcy, Cabello, Padrino etc. are the true puppet masters behind the Maduro regime. They all have vested interests in maintaining their wealth and power and avoiding jail or death.
    HRA is a slimy politician that seeks to better himself and his political standing. He will betray anyone to attain his personal ambitions.
    Venezuela so desperately needs patriots, not politicians.
    Soy Venezuela gives me hope for an avenue to restore democracy without the political ambitions of the MUD leadership.
    The Presidential elections are going to prove once again that rigged elections will not restore democracy.
    It is a fallacy to refer to voting in Venezuela as democracy when the outcome has been and will be predetermined in the future.

      • ““Maduro is an ignorant accident that is the face of a corrupt institution”

        Madroga is not an accident, he’s the BEST choice that his cuban masters could have picked to manage their colony.

    • What is Soy Venezuela?

      Anyone on the ground in Venezuela know what the Soy Venezuela agenda is? Are there meetings, events? What’s their plan for getting out of this?

      Asking because I’m genuinely curious. We need a movement like that, but what I’ve seen from them is just a sign-up form. Anyone can collect people’s info for their political aspirations, but what’s the actual agenda?

  5. Tu razonamiento es demagógico y se basa en cálculos demagógicos e inhumanos. Estás asumiendo las mismas premisas que la dictadura: que la gente puede ser manipulada y reprimida y su voluntad es irrelevante.
    La gente no quiere a Maduro ni a Ramos Allup. La gente se sentiría muy feliz en este momento si ambos simplemente se murieran. Si fuera por la voluntad de la mayoría, ni el PSUV ni la MUD existirían, y la única razón por la cual esas instituciones existen es porque, hasta ahora, la gente no ha podido defenderse, contraatacar, empoderarse.
    ¿Por qué digo esto?
    Porque el escenario tres que tú planteas como el mejor es en realidad el peor desde todo punto de vista, y la única razón por la cual incluso te atreves decir semejante barbaridad en público es….porque confías de manera ciega en la capacidad de la dictadura para reprimir y manipular a la gente, pues si la gente pudiera expresarse libremente arrasaría con todo y lincharía por igual a los ramos allup y a los maduro.

  6. Yes, to what poster i said above.

    I ask, based on the outcome of the 15 October fiasco, what will farting around and waiting to participate in the next farce “election” solve?


    • Nothing. Given that the oppo is unwilling or unable to motivate folks to defend the vote, the result will be the same whether there is an election or not.

      If by some miracle the oppo wins, then the govt will simply either nullify the elections for a re-do alleging whatever the heck they want and not allowing the candidates to run again, or we should simply not vote and begin a civil war.

      Capriles was correct in stating that the way forward, as things stand now, is not electoral.

      Anyone who believes it is also believes in pajaritos preñados and that the Easter Bunny does in fact lay chocolate eggs.

  7. I’d cast my seventy or eighty votes for Leopoldo Lopez, but of course he can’t run because … um … that would be unconstitutional … um … because his name isn’t in the constitution specifically … and … um … because it’s a democracy … and … um … because Cuba said “No, de ninguna manera! Es que eso se vuelve muy complicado, vale!”

    Just another FAQ (frequently asked question): anyone guess if there would be support for a total abstention from municipal elections, with a one-day protest march against the CNE / ANC fraud?

  8. Gringo, according to those in the know about this kind of stuff, a total abstention from municipal elections would only allow chavismo to sweep to power and claim all of those posts, versus the opposition participating, overwhelmingly wining a majority of those posts, and then having chavismo sweep to power and claim the great majority of those posts. I suspect you can see the difference here.

    • You forgot about “los espacios”, gotta preserve their precious “spaces”. What good those have done? Well, I will leave that for someone more insightful than myself to answer.

  9. Numbers matters.

    There are 19.8M registered voters and 1.6M are registered to vote in Distrito Capital. As such the rest of the country has 18.2M registered to vote as in the 15-Oct regionales.

    Many of those registered voters have left the country. In the last two years the number of people leaving the country have been increased dramatically including people fleeing even by bus to Colombia, Brazil or Ecuador. Furthermore, in the 16J pleibiscito 700k registered voters showed up voting outside the country. So the number of registered voters that are not currently inside the country (opositores or chavistas) plus the people that have passed away (those people are not often removed from the database of registered voters) is way less than the number of registered voters.

    Therefore, the number of voters able to vote in the regionales should’ve been less than 18.M probably around 16M.

    Now, considering all the polls (from at least 2016 and from the same pollsters that showed Maduro wining in 2013) have shown that at least 75% of people want Maduro-psuv out of power.

    A simple math gives that 75% of 16M is 12M people that want Maduro-psuv out of power (psuv-haters) and the remaiing, 4M people that may like Maduro-psuv (or are neutral, ni-nis or psuv-lovers).

    So if psuv-Maduro managed to drag 100% of psuv-lovers (very unlikely, isn’t?, it would mean that psuv should’ve got a maximum of 4M votes. In order to reach 6M votes psuv got, psuv needed to force, against their will, 2M psuv-haters to vote for psuv. Even if psuv used check points (puntos rojos) or databases (listas, clap, consejos comunales) then there was not guarantee that 2M people that hate them would select “psuv” in front of the voting machine.

    Furthermore, considering that the president of the National Assembly (which is the most legitimate power inside the country) has said that at least 1.6M votes do not have a fingerprint associated with them (at least 1.6M votes with no voters) then to explain what happened in the regionales are two options:

    First option: the CNE version, the same CNE that announced that injuly 31th more than 8M voters voted psuv, based on the actas that showed 6M votes for psuv and means that 6M people voted for psuv.

    Second option: the one that is dictated by logic and simple math: psuv injected at least 1.6 M votes to revert the results.

    Before talking about of future elections, it is mandatory to open the debate about the possibility that the second option occurred, as a lot of evidence is pointing out, and millions of votes can be added by psuv-cne.

    The only possibility remaining for the opposition will be getting over 10M votes (at least half of registered voters) so that way the government can only add less than a half. But for that reason the cne-psuv-government invented the last minute relocation of voters (reubicaciones) so that way the number of real voters are less and less so that way the psuv has more spare capacity to inject more votes.

    This debate must be open because number matters, but the real people matter more.

    • JJ, nobody in the right mind is “debating” the self evident massive election fraud that took place, perhaps you are the only one.
      I’d like to see you coming with these hard evidences before the TSJ demonstrating the election fraud.
      Only to be sentenced to jail for 30 years on the spot. lol
      I was gonna insult you with “Que bolsa”, but lets keep it civil !

      • Toro, the problem is not TSJ, ANC, CNE, colectivos, fanb or other branches of the same franchise. The problem is that real people are living an ongoing nightmare which only gets worse by the time and the people that are trying to do something about it seem to be lost.

        The presidential election is the only foreseeable path to remove the ruling “franchise”. In order to win it, it’s necessary to return at least to the level of fraud that the system allowed until 2015. But the problem in 2017 is that the level of fraud is way higher than the one the electoral system had allowed before.

        Now, it’s not only the abusive campaign, the misuse of public funds, the use of puntos rojos, listas or blackmailing, dragging or forcing people to vote, or some ballot stuffing of some thousands with cédulas of people that passed away, or obstructing the votes from people abroad.

        Currently, there are two levels of fraud that are insurmountable altogether. The first is the capacity to produce “abstención” via “reubicaciones” which, for sure, will be perfected if needed in a future election.

        The second level is the massive ballot stuffing. People from the slums that did not vote or did not want to vote, are the spare capacity used by the system to inject million votes.

        This level of fraud is not surmountable no matter if 80% of people are willing to vote against the government. And that’s the reason I’ve been here advocating to open a debate about the real magnitude of the fraud. The answer here in CC has been that the fraud only occurred in state Bolívar with a few hundred votes. And that’s it. Incredible.

        BTW, I have left some questions in the air that could be answered by someone who thinks that the massive ballot stuffing (2-3 M votes) didn’t occur in the regionales.

        In the meantime as an individual who wants to see the end of this nightmare, I will be advocating for a revision of the fraudulent electoral system because for most people the outcome of the regionales happened because the country voted to keep the ongoing nightmare they are living for a food bag or clap, and the media, including CC, has been ironing this idea in the people’s minds, and this I find it unacceptable.

        P.S. The people who accepted to “vote” massively for psuv in exchange for a food bag are the four gobernadores. They are the people who clap for a clap.

        • If you want this to end you better start understanding what we are facing here.
          This is a rough Castro-Communist REGIME backed by the armed forces and intelligence services that won’t let go power as a matter of primal survival. No elections fair or not will remove them from power.
          What you are proposing is so irrational and naive to the point of be considered trolling or worst, pro-regime disinformation campaign !!!

          • Toro, you and JJ are both right, he that the massive electoral fraud is being underwritten by well-meaning but mistaken sources such as CC, and you that under the Regime there is no electoral solution in Venezuela (the 2015 AN 2/3 win only happened because it was forced on PL by the then-still-democratic middle military commanders, who have since been purged of their commands).

  10. William Crispin,

    I am still mulling your answer. I really understand how the election/dictatorship/people are dying here because of hunger-lack of medicine-but will vote anyway situation can be so confusing for a foreigner. To be honest, I am confused myself.

    • Well Maria, while I’m a foreigner, I also live here, and have followed Venezuelan politics since Chavez was elected. In a nutshell, what Mr. Crispin is suggesting is that, based on all available data provided on this site, something doesn’t square or ” no cuadra” as we say here with recent events. I agree with him, 100%.

      If one believes that food and medicines are in short supply, if one believes that a majority of the population has actually lost weight due to said shortages, and if one believes polling data that an overwhelming majority of the population is suffering and wants to see this regime kicked to the curb, then how is it that such a regime could fairly win 17 or 18 governorships out of 25? It doesn’t make sense, and cannot be explained by abstentionism. To put it another way, it’s simply incomprehensible.

      Alternately, if all those things are not true, and it is in fact reality that the regime garnered 54% of the vote for its candidates and won at least 17 governorships fair and square, then why should anyone anywhere else in the world go to the trouble of applying economic sanctions which will only degrade the quality of life for the average Venezuelan citizen? Shouldn’t the rest of the world just mind its own business?

      Mr. Crispin has asked the questions repeatedly, but no response from those in-the-know has been forthcoming. I applaud him for continuing to ask though I suspect he’ll eventually be called out for his mischief by the site’s international police forces.

      • Thank you, MRubio. I was hoping that you, as a foreigner living in Venezuela, could answer Mr. Crispin’s question better than I could and you did: It is a mystery!

          • I meant the conflicting reports about a population that is dying for lack of food and medicines but does nothing about it, except, supposedly, compulsively, vote to change the status quo.

          • There is only one who knows the answer to this mystery –The Shadow (“Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?-The Shadow knows- Muahahahaa!”)..

      • We’ve said “Put a fork in her…Venezuela’s done” many, many times. But it’s mind-boggling that it’s never done:

        There are people here who don’t believe there was massive fraud in the last election, yet again? Not to mention the indisputable government stacking the deck?

        I just can’t fucking believe it.

  11. The choice is clear:

    Either the continuation of the dictatorship, or a brief period of a quadraplejic government ala Chamorro’s Nicaragua.

    • No, it will be the same as Chamorro’s Nicaragua, a quadraplejic and totally powerless goverment that will still be driven by chavista criminals.

  12. Every one of the writers here do not know a fucking thing sbout Venezuela or they are rabid escualidos. The chavista governors were elected by a people that has learned and knows HRA and the others. They will never govern again. NO VOLVERAN

    • “They will neverbbBLPFFRRL…”

      The bachaquero sewage is farting again.

      “Elba, that I am amazed that people like you still exist”

      He’s simply another cha-garbage troll, who enjoys starving venezuelans to death through bachaqueo.

      “And there you have it! For the foreigners confused about why Venezuela is in such deplorable state…”

      In fact, that chavistos like this Elbola exist and screech their idiocy makes very clear why the dictatorship must be ousted by any means available as soon as possible.

    • These little red scabs have such a nerve to be so ungrateful and talk ill about the people who just saved their cophrophagic regime of traitors and sell-outs.

  13. I would like to point out that of course the recent elections were fraudulent and ilegitamate. The true opposition is in prison. 450 of the nations most gifted and talented politicians rotting without even having had mock trials

  14. With all the respect to the many people that argued for the regional elections, and they had good reasons and I even agreed with a lot of them, after what we have seen it is clear this dictatorship will not end with elections that can only provide us with either a moral victory when we “win” but are squashed or this spectacle of complicity.

    Time to focus on civil disobedience, strikes, “the street”, etc.

    • The street was fully engaged. Good chance that’s now been lost for good unless something dramatic happens or a worthy leader appears.

      Again, I think this one’s over for the foreseeable future.

  15. Would be nice if the opposition could focus on organizing rather than punching the HRA bag every day.
    It is very disappointing and immature to see this type of polarization and character assassination, now apparently HRA and AD are as bad as Maduro, sight !
    The opposition needs to focus on the current situation and forget about any future elections while the regime is in power (period!).
    MUD has stopped being the answer, because the problem can not be solved with elections (period!).
    Instead we have to work with the AN and the international community to organize ourselves better than the Castro-Maduro regime is.
    Please stop this gossipy infighting, it is not helping.

    • So you can choose between Mario or Luigi, the only difference is a color swap.

      Both adecos and chavistas need to be wiped out. We need a revolution, but not a comunist one, a french one, with guillotines for all of them.

  16. I don’t see PSUV going out as a loser in any electoral escene with this CNE. Even with HRA winning the popular vote. If Cuba, Russia, etc are the advisors (and role models), they will always win.

    But again, thinking about economy and the survval of chavismo-madurismo. I can understand they can’t keep el tarantin up with the actual faces, and soon enough they will have to do an extreme make over to the government; AD in that administration would give them more possibilities to keep going.

    Tough. This is just too goddamn tough.

  17. The consequences of the broken opposition leadership:

    2013, after the 1%-margin-defeat in the presidential election, the opposition showed how unprepared it was to face the government. It was kind of united behind HCR but not vision, not strategy (neither short term nor long term).

    2014, “la Salida” vs “Miraflores diálogo”, a small group of the oppostion tried a street strategy. The divided opposition failed again. Divided and with not strategy at all.

    2014, “la constituyente” proposed by Maria Corina again was not backed by the rest of the opposition. Everybody jockeying for positions.

    2015-2016, the supermajority of the AN, the people clearly shown to the world that the government is theminority, and more than that it won the 2/3 of the AN. The ACES pues. HRA took control of the opposition and the 2/3 of the AN and pulled the strings of the largest “hand” the opposition has held since 1998 against the government. No RR, No regionales, No CNE, No TSJ and finally No AN. The ACES were folded. As the imaginary presidential race (and the governors, and the alcaldes, and even for president de la junta de condominio) was heating up in their heads of the millions of candidates (some of them probably voted psuv considering psuv got 6 M votes in the regionales, isn’t?) the leadership failed really big.

    2017, the massive protests during four months led by the new leader: “hungry”. The international community altogether backed the people efforts to oust the govt. Miraflores seemed closer and with that came the same problem again: the imaginary presidential election heated up again. The pretenders were, behind the scenes, in a battle to become the next one. Again the people lost. And now the “candidates” are displaying on screen their personal agendas while “hungry” waits to counterattack again and to put Aces to face a bluff (the government).

    What to do?

    A new set of rules for a new opposition leadership needs to be applied. No more “doble agendas”. The only goal is to have a presidential election. The one that the people will hold.

    To reach there, the road needs to be paved. Including a new leadership or better off a new council. The council needs to be chosen. The people need to chose them. But the government will try to intervene and to infiltrate the council. So the members must have a minimum requirement.

    And the council needs to have an indisputable power to lead the people. The power to take quick decisions. The power to play poker and stand the people’s aces and not the one that have folded every hand against the govt’s bluffs.

    The minimum requirement of the council’s members must be that their only interest are aligned with the rest of the people: to oust the government. Perseguidos, inhabilitados or encarcelados meet these requirements. People that are looking for an alcaldia, gobernación or to be positioned as the next presidential candidate (or any other seat) cannot be part of the council. These people looking for a “ponganme donde haiga” will help the cause and themselves if they join the psuv.

    That way the government will face a real united opposition, the only one that might remove them from power, the only one that will not ever fold aces again.

      • ““Humanitarian intervention with military asistance”

        wow, now that`s an oximoron if there ever was one”

        Good luck trying to channel any humanitarian aid to the right targets through the pran-controlled Venezuela.

        Geez, for being such a HRA hater, you seem to have assimilated wholly his absurd rethoric of “military is FUCHI!”

  18. Ni siquiera tuve que leer el artículo para adivinar que el “mejor escenario” es en realidad el peor de todos: Que el “cambio” sea simplemente cambiar un par de nombres pero seguir conservando absolutamente TODAS las mafias y vicios que siguen masacrando venezolanos por docenas al día porque supuestamente “se evitaría un baño de sangre”


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