Venezuela just went through disastrous regional elections where the government won 18 out of 23 governor’s offices, but since chavistas aren’t known for their restraint, they stole the election in Bolívar state and voided Juan Pablo Guanipa’s victory in Zulia, imposing Legislative Council chair Magdely Valbuena (a chavista figurehead) as interim governor, while new elections are held.

Unsurprisingly, the Rosales clan just came out of the woodwork. Former governor and UNT founder, Manuel Rosales, had been barred from running for office since 2014, until very recently, so he did the sensible thing… for him: he’s running for Zulia’s governorship.

It’s all part of a game Manuelito has been playing for a while now, in which the main player is not even himself.

Francisco Arias Cárdenas may not have the governor title, but he was appointed “protector” of Zulia and head of Corpozulia which, just like Elías Jaua’s Corpomiranda, is meant to be a parallel administration. Regardless of who gets actually elected as new governor, Arias Cárdenas will manage public funds and make the decisions. Rosales is out of the cage, but still on a leash, which makes you wonder about what really goes on in his head.

It’s all part of a game Manuelito has been playing for a while now, on which the main player is not even himself.

When AD’s elected governors swore their oath of office before the National Constituent Assembly, UNT’s party leader and lawmaker, Enrique Márquez, bashed them for being “absolutely incoherent,” while his comrade Stalin González said they had to explain why they made the decision without consulting other MUD members.

A ruse; if Rosales had been able to run and win the election, there’s no doubt he would’ve been the first to get the prize directly from Delcy Rodríguez’s hands, as he certainly will if elected now. His wife, Eveling Trejo, has been Maracaibo’s mayor for the past seven years, in a clear example of how politics (and politicians) roll in chavista Venezuela: don’t get on Caracas’ bad side and you’ll be released from prison, you can send your people as negotiators in a highly destructive dialogue and, if you’re a really good boy, you’ll run for office again, albeit the one PSUV chooses for you.

This is what Rosales is. A lapdog, a fake dissident leader with hypocrisy as his banner and complete disregard for the duties and principles he should uphold. This man once wanted to be president; aside from the entirety of chavismo, I can’t imagine someone who’s worse for that job, or for any other public office.

But the regime finds him useful, so we’ll probably see him in the Casa Amarilla, shaking Delcy’s hand and betraying every single one of his constituents… again.

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  1. Let’s not forget that UNT, Rosales’ party, were the ones that torpedoed the quorum the day the AN was ready to name a new CNE in December of 2016.

    Then there’s Timoteo Zambrano, he of the trips to DC to try to convince the US to hold off on sanctions affecting the government. Another UNT POS.

    That whole party is just one traitorous collection of SOB’s.

    If I had to choose between them and the PSUV I’d have a real hard time deciding which is worse.

    Although with the PSUV you at least know what you are getting.

    • Exactly

      I’m not sure a lot of these professional politicians understand that their lust for public adulation under the fetid armpit of Chavismo will forever prevent them from being forgotten for what they are.

      Though, political history is full of frauds and hucksters who keep getting elected. The public has a short (and faulty) memory.

      • Do not blame the victim

        The problem is not our faulty memory, the problem is this candidates are what keeps getting imposed by the hegemony and we can do very little except keep on protesting and complaining to no avail.

    • Rosales, and others of the same species, need chavismo alive because they are a byproduct of it; without it they couldn’t be. As such, the end of chavismo cannot happen with them in the opposition (on the other hand, chavismo could’ve not make it so far without people like them in the opposition!)

      But not fool yourself, most of the country is the same. Everybody (politicians) is afraid of the end (if ever happens), because they are not sure if in another world they will keep the relevancy chavismo has given to them.

      Had HCR won in 2013, what would’ve happened with Rosales or HRA? (and had LL not been inhabilitado, would’ve HCR been candidate? The answer: look at Salas Romer, Irene Sáez, Enrique Mendoza, Claudio Fermín, Alvárez Paz, Eduardo Fernández, all of them were way more relevant than anyone back in 2000.

      And what has made the Rosales’ so relevant since then?

      • “look at Salas Romer, Irene Sáez, Enrique Mendoza, Claudio Fermín, Alvárez Paz, Eduardo Fernández, all of them were way more relevant than anyone back in 2000.”

        Irene Saez was the vixen empress Venezuela needed but didn`t deserve.

        You also forgot about Renny Ottolina , who`s political career ended in a sudden and tragic “accident”, not implying that the adecos did it or anything, just saying, “cui bono”…

        • Someone fiddled with the gas gauge on his airplane. Most at the time thought Henry Lopez Sisco had a hand in that but no proof ever came to light.

          A relative of mine was supposed to be on the flight, but failed to wake up on time and missed the plane.

    • His wife already did, i think more than once. Zulianos hate them both and they cannot move around town without an entourage of bodyguards. She really got a small riot going a few months ago when leaving an iconic church.

      Fun Fact: Evelyn Rosales is well known for going around drunk on her suv and trowing cash out the windows to people “Evelyn dando plata al pueblo pa la curda” “Evelyn giving her people money for booze”

  2. I have ptsd remembering Rosales campaign from 2004. And that same year Er Conde Der Guacharo ran for office too, i still have trouble convincing myself that it happened, just as with many other surreal and nonsensical memories i have of my live in this weird country.

    “venezuela es de pinga , aqui to´ el mundo echa vaina y nadie le para bolas ♪ eeehh eeehh aahh y nadie le para bolas”

  3. Rosales is and adeco; UNT is an adeco party.
    Most of the Venezuelans were adecos as well as they are now chavistas, no matter for whom they vote.
    Most of the Venezuelans are socialists.
    That’s the root problem.


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