Kellogg’s Flees Venezuela Too

American cereal-maker Kellogg’s announced that it would leave Venezuela, leaving hundreds without jobs and a void in our breakfasts.

Photo: abc News

Venezuela woke up today with reports on social media about Kellogg’s closing down its entire national operation. At first, the news was difficult to corroborate, but it was finally confirmed by the American company in a statement.

In Maracay, where Kellogg’s factory is located, workers found a piece of paper at the closed gates. Hundreds were left unemployed and a commission led by Labor Minister Nestor Ovalles arrived to make an inspection and decide the company’s future.

Kellogg’s says that “the current economic and social deterioration in Venezuela” is the reason behind the shutdown. Already deconsolidated from its overall results in December of 2016, this Venezuelan branch hopes to resume work “as soon as conditions allow it.”

You can’t say the company didn’t make efforts to adapt: Two years ago, under the excuse of recycling, it launched a colorless version of their cereal boxes, to save production costs. A sacrifice, as we were behind Mexico as their most important market in the region.

In the end, it wasn’t enough. Now Kellogg’s joins other international companies that have left Venezuela in recent times. Not the desired ending after 57 years of history in our homes, let’s hope this isn’t the final chapter after all.  


Just as we were editing this piece, President Maduro announced his government would initiate legal actions against Kellogg’s “because the closing of their doors is unconstitutional.” He added that he would hand the company over to the workers:

After 15 years of failed expropriations en masse, we can honestly say this will be a waste of resources that won’t translate into more food for Venezuelans.