Pueblo People: Reverse CaracasChron

We're adding a second podcast to our catalogue. Pueblo People covers U.S. politics in Venezuelan Spanish, add it to your list

Just as we did with the Venezuela Diaspora Project, Caracas Chronicles is going to be the new hub for Pueblo People: a podcast about U.S. politics in Spanish—exactly the opposite of what we do here at CC (smiley face)—hosted by Oswaldo Graziani (of Chigüire Bipolar fame) and nuestro Raúl Stolk.

Pueblo People used to be attached to Cinco8, our sister site in Spanish. The 2020 presidential elections became a central topic for Venezuelans and the podcast originally was conceived as a limited series that would end on November 3rd. On that day, they did a 6-hour live coverage of the event and realized they were hooked and the podcast had to go on.

So, why bring Pueblo People to Caracas Chronicles? Because we believe this is a good space to connect our bilingual diaspora, more so than Cinco8, and also because it may come in handy to our gringozuelans who want to train their ears hardcore caraqueño accent—with content that they might find interesting.

They are currently uploading three episodes per week, but we’ll be posting once a week to avoid cluttering. Here’s the latest episode:


Earlier in the week they also spoke about the new profit-sharing law in Australia that compels large platforms such as Facebook and Google to negotiate payment agreements with media organizations, and they did a little Ted Cruz profile—which obviously ended in a roast.

It’s also on Spotify and wherever you get your podcasts:

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