Sebastián Delgado: Coding By-Laws

Chubeto dives into the DAOs with Sebastián Delgado and they discuss Fei Protocol, a stablecoin project that he co-founded. If this sentence didn't make a lot of sense, jump into the conversation and learn

What the heck is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)? Sebastián Delgado is the co-founder of Fei Protocol. In this chat with Chubeto they dive into DAOs as forms of organizations and how are they different from LLCs and c corps. They also talk about his history as a founder and much more. Enjoy:

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  • Editing and Sound: David Sira
  • Video Editor: Alirio Rodríguez
  • Design: Alejandra Rojas
  • Promoter (and “inspiration”): Francisco Marquez Lara
  • Host and instigator: Jesus Alberto Bolivar, also known in the caracaschronosphere as Chubeto.