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A Snake in the G3

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Venezuela on the web

Americas Migration Brief: Are Venezuelans actually returning to the “patria”

The bottom line:

Venezuela remains in crisis, and until something changes, Venezuelans will continue to leave the country in droves. Even then, years of mass emigration have changed the “DNA” of Venezuelan society, says Cristina Ciordia, a migration expert at Caracas-based human rights organization Cepaz: “Emigration was not a part of Venezuela’s collective imagination, but looking forward, people may consider leaving regardless of the political or economic situation since they now consider it a possibility.” In the grand scheme of things, few Venezuelans are currently returning, and among those that are, there is little reason to believe that they will stay put in the medium- or long-term. Most now have their sights set on countries in the Global North.

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Snake in the G3

Not one particular snake, but a culebra in the purest Venezuelan sense. AD is making a show out of a rumor that Capriles is asking for a couple more days to register in the primaries. Puzkas here points at the possible rift in the remaining G3. We’re still waiting on how this telenovela will play out.

Where have all the candidates gone?

Tony and Kevin used geolocation to map out the campaign routes of the primary candidates. Geek out with this.

What about the Esequibo 🙁

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