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AD Is Messing With the Primaries

After days of public criticism to the primaries’ logistics from Acción Democrática’s candidate Carlos Prosperi, Venezuela’s formerly dominant party asked the National Commission of Primaries to postpone the event

AD Wants to Postpone the Primaries

48 hours before the opposition primaries, Acción Democrática asked the National Commission of Primaries to postpone the primaries. For weeks, the party’s candidate -Carlos Prosperi- has been publicly criticizing the logistics of the process. Now, the party is saying that Vente Venezuela -María Corina Machado’s party- has a “disproportionate” amount of polling supervisors. Is AD, considering Prosperi’s painfully low numbers, setting the stage for fraud allegations if Machado wins?

But, in fact, AD nominated 10,000 fewer people than Vente to be polling station members in the primaries. Furthermore, Prosperi’s team decided to cover only 70% of the centers while Vente covered all of them. The disproportion AD denounces has a clear origin.

AD met with the Commission today. Then Prosperi slammed its members, called Súmate an “appendix” of Machado’s campaign and then said he’ll remain in the raceHice toro este llanto por nara.

Do You Know Where to Vote on Sunday?

If you don’t, and your access to the primaries’ official searching site is blocked by Conatel, you can go to @robertopatinog‘s Instagram and talk with AI on his direct messages. Just message him, follow the simple instructions, put your ID number and Roberto’s AI version will show you your voting center for this Sunday.

Desinformation Fest

As the primaries approach, hoaxes about the entire board of the National Commission of Primaries quitting are being spread by digital media (even when the boards members have debunked the allegations) while a series of coordinated videos showing alleged polling station witnesses -usually in groups of three, with one denouncing member up front- repeating almost the same script in wildly different points in Venezuela: “From *insert location* we want to denounce that at this time, less than 48 hours before the primaries, we haven’t received information about the electoral material”… which is handed on Sunday morning.

Ojo con el saboteo!

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