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Deal Day

The government and the opposition signed deal in Barbados on Tuesday. The new agreement has to do with electoral guarantees but it’s likely that some sanctions are being softened and perhaps some political prisoners will be released. We’ll see.

The Agreement Is Here

The Maduro government and the Venezuela opposition signed a partial agreement in Barbados covering electoral and political rights. It contemplates elections in the second half of 2024, access to the media for all candidates, freedom of movement for candidates, international observation missions (EU, African Union, Carter Center, UN and UNIORE), national and international media campaign coverage and updating of the Electoral Registry (including abroad). We expect that this will be followed by partial sanctions relief and perhaps the release of political prisoners.

The sanction relief agreement with the US: while we not see the details of such an agreement on paper, it is expected that the US will broaden the progressive (and informal) sanction relief that has been going on for a while now. In fact, the day after the signing, Trinidad assured that OFAC modified the license for Shell to exploit and export Venezuelan gas near the island.

The other important point that was in the air was the UN managed trust, and as you can see below it is moving forward as well, someone leaked to The New Humanitarian.

Jorge Rodríguez and Gerardo Blyde sign the new partial agreement.

Venezuela on the web

The New Humanitarian: UN greenlights massive new humanitarian fund for Venezuelans

UN Secretary-General António Guterres has given the green light for the UN to start administering the new humanitarian fund to address emergency needs in Venezuela, according to three informed sources.

“Sources said the full $3 billion – which has been held in foreign banks due to sanctions imposed by the United States and other Western countries – will not be available any time soon, and now estimate that about $600 million could be progressively unfrozen.”

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Do You Know Where to Vote on Sunday?

If you don’t, and your access to the primaries’ official searching site is blocked by Conatel, you can go to @robertopatinog‘s Instagram and talk with AI on his direct messages. Just message him, follow the simple instructions, put your ID number and Roberto’s AI version will show you your voting center for this Sunday.

María Corina Didn’t Chainsaw The Agreement

María Corina Machado reiterated that she did not participate in negotiations. However, she said that what is relevant is “strict compliance” with the Agreement and asked accompanying countries to be “guarantors that these assumed commitments are realized.” She also asked for the release of political prisoners.

3-0: Mano, ahora sí tengo fe.

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