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Apparently the new generation of readers is afraid of the comment section. We still have some PTSD left as well, but we’ll meet you there. El Feed will be updated throughout the day.

Pueblo People Live: Tonight 8:00 p.m.

María Corina introduces her Econ Team

Sary Levy, Rafael de la Cruz, Gustavo García, Carlos Blanco, Henkel García and Hugo Bravo

Breaking it down (thanks @ralonsog_):

  • Sary Levy (@saryle): President of the National Academy of Economic Sciences
  • Rafael de la Cruz: Senior economist at the World Bank and BID
  • Gustavo García: International consultant, economista at the IMF
  • Carlos Blanco (@carlosblancog): Former minister (1989-1992), International consultant (EU, BID, CAF, PNUD)
  • Henkel García (@HenkelGarcia): Financial analyst and friend of the Blog.
  • Hugo Bravo (@hbravoj): Business strategits, professor at UNIMET

Another Purged Chavista Dies in Custody

Juan Almeida AKA N33 AKA Juan Almeida Misogynist died yesterday while on house arrest. He was one of El Aissami’s crypto bros and gained some prominence when his name became a national meme thanks to the clip below. The first one to die was Leoner Azuaje, who according to the government took his own life—although the body had signs of torture. According to Tarek William Saab, Almeida had liver cirrhosis.

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