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Professor Gisela Kozak interviewed Maria Corina Machado for Letras Libres. It’s a very interesting read where the leading candidate of the upcoming opposition primaries answers a bunch of questions that others had been answering for her:

“A serious investigation on my work, values and proposals would take apart that absurd idea that I’m hard right. I promote economic liberties, political liberties and human rights; I’m also in favor of a small but strong state, capable of managing education and health as well as justice and personal safety. I work hard so no individual is discriminated for gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or political preference. Free and equal before the law, with policies directed at enforcing those rights when necessary. I accept that abirtion can be necessary in cases of rape, malformation or when the mother’s safety is in peril, but I know it’s a heated debate that must be discussed with those in favor and against.“Acepto como necesario el aborto en caso de violación, malformaciones o peligro para la salud de la madre, pero sé que es un tema candente que hay que discutir con todos los sectores en favor y en contra.”

She really said liberal en lo económico y en lo social.

Also, she had a candid chat on Twitch with El After, check it out here:

Fight! Fight! (Not over politics, over the Rubiales kiss)

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