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Venezuela on the web

Bloomberg: Venezuela to Issue Eni, Repsol LNG Export License, Minister Says

Venny’s back in business, baby.

But before you get too excited thinking about the survival of the pragmatist approach, remember that the last time chavismo had full access to the international markets (and loads of Benjamins coming in) this happened:

And it wasn’t the sanctions. We pulled this chart from the article above.

The Voz Veis pandemic special is a legendary piece of venequian content that was just made public on Youtube yesterday

The U.N. Trust is Moving Forward

The U.N. managed trust agreed upon in the social agreement between government and opposition had been delayed because the U.S. couldn’t provide assurances that it would protect the funds from creditors. Our PRR sources say the assurances are in the mail.

This is important because the ball will be, again, in Maduro’s court.

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The strange case of the self-combusting cars

The End of Title 42

Difference between Title 42 and Title 8

NYT: What is Title 8?

Under Title 42, there was no penalty for those caught crossing illegally and deported, so many people made multiple attempts to enter the country. Under Title 8, repeated illegal border crossings carry escalating criminal penalties.


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