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Primary Commission VP Resigns

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Another Blow Against the Primaries

Maria Carolina Uzcátegui resigned to her position as Vice President of the Primaries Commission (CNP). Ok, it’s likely this is the first time you hear her name, maybe the headline is worse than the fact itself. Uzcátegui said she was resigning because she doesn’t believe the CNP has the technical capacity to pull off the primaries without the CNE. We’ll see. She also said that she felt that the process was leaning towards personalistic projects and not necessarily in a direction that would strengthen democracy. This second reason kind of smells like dead dog.

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Horrific graph of the day

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The 33 Go to Trial

Did you hear the one about the latest from the left-wing evangelical dictatorship?

Well, 33 gay men were struck with different charges after a raid on a spa. The craziest charge is something called ultraje al pudor, a felony that applies to obscene pieces of content displayed in public. Whatever these folks were doing was done in private. As chavismo flirts (nah, gets in bed!) with evangelical groups, it’s no surprise that we’ll be seeing more violations of human rights against the LGBTQ+ community.

This happened in Carabobo, Lacavaland.

Venezuela on the web

“Like many of the 183,000 migrants who have taken the same overland route already this year, Francisco purchased a boat ticket to cross the Gulf of Urabá, and then paid a hefty sum to a local guide in Colombia to lead him to the Panamanian border. Prices vary depending on the length and safety of overland routes through the Darién. Insight Crime reported prices ranging from $70 to $150 in November of last year. Francisco, crossing in June 2023, paid an even higher fee, which seems to be the new normal. The Clan del Golfo, Colombia’s largest criminal syndicate, requires migrants to travel with such guides, taxes the profits, and enforces rules against robbing and assaulting migrants to avoid shrinking the pool of customers.”

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