Recently, Henry Ramos Allup has become the posterboy for “the fake opposition,” surprising everyone who forgot who he really is — and always has been.

Daily Briefing

Repeat Elections

Your Daily Briefing for for Saturday, October 21, 2017. Translated by Javier Liendo.

The Fake Keys Show

Two days before regional elections, I spent 8 hours waiting for president Maduro to hand out keys for the new houses of Misión Vivienda. He did (and it was all for show).

De Reserva a Presidente: My Day as a CNE Table Member

It wasn’t a part of the plan, but last Sunday I had to be “presidente de mesa” at my voting center. It would eventually prove to be a day full of improvisation, order and plot twists.

What Fraud Looks Like

Eleven pictures are worth one word: Fraud. Here's a side-by-side comparison of every sketchy Bolivar machine tally that MUD has processed so far —more are on the way— and the tampered results that CNE published on its site. Have a great day.

“It’s Ocariz or my CLAP”

Last Sunday, the PSUV displayed how far it was willing to go to win an election – and fear remains its main tool.

Only for the Reds

You might think that since the PSUV steamrolled the opposition in last Sunday’s elections, its thirst for power is now sated. But the reds will win, even when they lose.

PSUV Steals Bolívar State Governor’s Race

MUD presents crystal clear evidence that tallying fraud was used to steal the governorship of Bolívar State.

Previous Briefings


Your daily briefing for Friday, October 20, 2017. Translated by Javier Liendo.

Against Velásquez, Against Bolívar

Your daily briefing for Thursday, October 19, 2017. Translated by Javier Liendo.

Faking Their Victory

Your daily briefing for Wednesday, October 18, 2017. Translated by Javier Liendo.

The Uncredited Defeats

Your daily briefing for Tuesday, October 17, 2017. Translated by Javier Liendo.

The Worst-case Scenario

Your daily briefing for Monday, October 16, 2017. Translated by Javier Liendo.

I’m Going to Vote

Your daily briefing for Sunday, October 15, 2017. Translated by Javier Liendo.

Previous Posts

What (The Hell) Happened in Miranda

How did the opposition lose a state that had been in the bag for almost ten years? Here are three theories and one conclusion.

Blaming the Victim

In an attempt to explain to a non-Venezuelan audience what happened on Suday’s elections, Quico claims results were authentic. Here's a whole bunch of reasons why he's wrong. And there are many more to come.

Explaining the Non-Fraud Fraud

Venezuelan elections are neither free nor fair, but they're what some would call competitive. That's a story even many Venezuelans can't wrap their minds around. I tried to explain it, in 800 words, to a foreign audience.

It’s Almagro vs. Ecarri, and it’s not pretty

The OAS’ Secretary General just threw some shade at everyone regarding last Sunday’s elections, including MUD. Of course, for some in the opposition its business as usual.

A Staggering Defeat

This isn’t going to be like July 30th, when evidence of fraud began to pile on almost from the moment the polls closed. This is going to be like April 2013, when the opposition signalled fraud but could never prove it.

Down the Sketchy Election Fraud Road, Again

Fraud seems like the only reasonable explanation for tonight's unfathomable election results. It's also the easiest way to paint yourself into a corner.

Wait a minute

Hasty post. Retracted.

Confusion and determination at three Caracas voting centers

We toured three voting centers rumored to be hit with last minute location changes and found mass confusion alongside with a blood-minded determination not to allow your vote to be suppressed.

Keeping Up With The Kampaign

Regional elections are pretty much here, so here’s a review of each side’s campaign — and a peek into the weird side.

The (electoral) Joker Cards: Null Vote & Abstention

With regional elections around the corner and CNE in full-out sabotage mode nobody knows for certain how many will be able to vote. And this could make a pretty dramatic difference. It sounds scary, because it is.

31,109 Bolívares for a Dolar, Today

The dollar doubles to 31,000 in less than two months – textbook late Voodoo Populism.

Julio Borges, Unplugged.

In an extensive interview, National Assembly Speaker Julio Borges explains his strategy to chip away at the government's sources of international support and credit.

Re-arranging the Pieces

A massive, last-minute relocation of polling stations was just announced by CNE ahead of Sunday's elections, in a move that is dim and sneaky and should surprise no one.

Democratizing the Protest

Elections are happening on Sunday, whether we like it or not. For some, voting is not a choice, it’s their only means of protest.

The Ever Present Niño

Someone needs to tell Basic Industries Minister Juan Arias that the reasons for our recession have nothing to do with El Niño and everything to do with communism.

Come Report in Venezuela (And Be Jailed For It)

Even if Venezuela isn’t as much in the headlines as it used to be, the hegemony still isn’t cozy with foreign reporters poking their noses around the country.

The Dreamers: Meeting Mérida’s Rocket Scientists

It’s no joke, a small group of scientists is developing aerospace technology at Mérida’s Universidad de Los Andes. An odyssey? You have no idea...

Open Letter from Political Prisoners

Over a dozen political prisoners address Venezuelan citizens from the dungeons of El Helicoide prison less than a week before the gubernatorial election, urging them to vote and to man every polling station this Sunday.

How that intervention worked out for Chacao

Venezuela’s government has extended its takeover of Chacao’s Municipal Police four times now. Fear is rising, outcomes are fleeting.

World Premiere: In the Shadow of the Revolution

Former supporters of chavismo and longtime friends of Caracas Chronicles present their latest film project, which looks to dispel remaining myths about a benevolent leftist revolution through the eyes of the very people it claimed to champion.

The Ten Million Dollar Curveball

It’s easy to huff and puff against the baseball season kicking off next week, but why take our frustrations out on one of the private businesses that still works and cranks out a world-class product?

Calculating Our Diaspora

Venezuelans are leaving the country in a rush. What is surprising, though, is how little data there is on Venezuelan emigration. Here’s an estimate of our new reality.

Snapshot of a Crisis

There’s a picture from Venezuela that has been all over the news this week. It shows how dire the situation is in our hospitals – and who the government really perceives as criminals. WARNING: Graphic content follows.

Introducing the Venezuela Energy Briefing

Figuring out Venezuela’s Energy Industry is not for the faint of heart. Today, we unveil a new report for those with a burning need to crack the PDVSA riddle.

Animal Rescue: El Llanito Edition

On World Animal Day, we meet the people behind SOS Animal, the El Llanito NGO looking out for the very most forgotten victims of Venezuela’s crisis.

Engines Off

In a city where millions rely on them, three out of every four buses in Caracas are out of order. Here we ponder Venezuela’s bus-less dystopia – coming soon to a city near you.

A Path to Recover Venezuela’s Well-being

So much is wrong with Venezuela's economy, that it’s hard to know where to even start. Unless you’re Ricardo Hausmann and Miguel Ángel Santos – those guys know where to start.

Merida’s (shady) Player

Next on our tour of wacky 15O candidates, meet Mérida's Luis Zeppenfeldt. A wolf in sheep's clothing? You be the judge...

Chavismo’s Ginger Hope

Meet Rafael Lacava, the shirtless, shameless firebrand chavismo hopes will be Carabobo’s next executive.

Explainer: The Cash Drought

Anyone in Venezuela can tell you there is a huge issue with getting your hands on enough cash, regardless of how much you have in the bank. Here’s why that happens – and how it feels.

#TheWeeklyArepa Editorial: Atonement

Each Friday, Raúl regales the members of our mailing list with a scrumptious little nugget of wisdom in our Weekly Arepa. Here’s this week’s.

Jailed for protesting, then released… but not freed

Very few people have experienced the recent round of protests like Alejandro has, from inside a cell. Although he’s free now, his captivity is still in his eyes and voice when he tells his story.

You Have the Right to Know

Today is International Day for the Universal Access to Information: a noble UN goal that doubles as a sinister joke to Venezuelans living in the dark under a dictatorship that wants them not to know.

Tienes derecho a saber

El Día mundial de Acceso a la Información se conseguirá en Venezuela con una de las peores deudas de su historia: los ciudadanos se mueven a oscuras ante una dictadura opaca.

Empty Universities

With a massive exodus of both students and professors, and universities struggling with their budgets, Venezuelan academia seems doomed to disappear altogether.

Meeting Bolichico Rodríguez

If you’re a Venezuelan living abroad, you’ve fantasized about the day you meet a "bolichico" in a social setting. Here’s a useful primer to plan for your own encounter.