Just to add a tinge more sad news to the Venezuelan landscape, GlacierHub now reports that the country is losing its last glacier.

Daily Briefing

Ledezma’s Escape

Your daily briefing for Saturday, November 18, 2017. Translated by Javier Liendo.

No Cash, No Debit, No Luck

You really need to buy something. But the bank wont give you cash, and the electronic payment system collapsed. Small businesses lose money everyday. Welcome to the new normal in Venezuela.

On Mendoza, Hunger and the Potato

The word “heartless” doesn't begin to describe the way the Venezuelan government handles the hunger of its people. Lorenzo Mendoza is still doing his best to fight this.

What Suffering Means

Forget about bondholders and defaults: I spent the night shift in Mérida’s Hospital Pediatric wing, and this is the misery most doctors in the world only read about.

The Venezuelan FARC Franchise

The Venezuelan government just met, on Venezuelan soil, with a former terrorist organization that became a political party. Their goals are mysterious enough for everyone to worry.

Ten Million Percent Later

Add another zero to the raging fire of Venezuela’s macroeconomic cataclysm.

Maikel Exposed

It’s been rumored that the Supreme Tribunal’s chief Justice, Maikel Moreno, is a truly shady character. Reuters just did a profile on him and guess what? “Shady” doesn’t begin to cover it.

Previous Briefings

The Criminal Court

Your daily briefing for Friday November 17th, 2017.

Late Payment

Your daily briefing for Thursday, November 16, 2017. Translated by Javier Liendo.

Divide and Conquer

Your daily briefing for Wednesday, November 15, 2017. Translated by Javier Liendo.

Belkis Lost Her Life

Your daily briefing for Tuesday, November 14, 2017. Translated by Javier Liendo.

Negotiations Ahead

Your daily briefing for Monday, November 10, 2017.

Bad Day for the Dictatorship

Your daily briefing for Friday, November 10, 2017. Translated by Javier Liendo.

Previous Posts

Overture at the UN

The first meeting about Venezuela's crisis was held at the U.N. Security Council on Monday. And even if it’s happening more slowly than we’d like it to, the wheels of fate are turning against the Maduro regime.

When Hate Becomes State Policy

Just how messed up is the Law Against Hate? It’s totally Orwellian, and full of crimes that chavistas love to commit.

A Meeting About Nothing

The hotly trailed meeting with Bondholders at Palacio Blanco amounted to a boring speech by Tareck, barely different from the usual stream of propaganda pablum on Venezuelan State TV. God help us all.

Évole vs. Maduro: The Salvados Interview

Nicolás Maduro tried to look like a wise, democratic leader in the Salvados interview from yesterday. Whether he did or not is something we’ll let you decide.

Venezuela goes to the Security Council

The UN Security Council will discuss Venezuela today. Although informal, the meeting is a step in the right direction, with the right voices and, hopefully, the right conclusions.

Watching the 2017 Miss Venezuela

My editors forced me to sit down and watch the Miss Venezuela pageant this week. I expected glamour and charm from this Venerable National Institution. I found out that devaluation reaches further and wider than we thought.

The Juan Planchard Inside Each of Us

The bolichico par excellence, Juan Planchard feeds on suffering and vice. He's fictitious, but so close to truth that you're gonna rage… bad.

Schrödinger’s Default

This morning, Electricidad de Caracas’s 2018 bond went into default...or did it?

Quiet Little Sheep

Our very own Gustavo Hernández predicted the death of free speech recently, and the final blow was just dealt. Everyone is a target.

Our Little Chernobyls

You’d think San Cristóbal is Raqqa: Every other day, we’re told some power plant or refinery has become the target of terrorism in Venezuela. When tragedy becomes a joke, people pay with their lives.

Default is So Yesterday: Worry about Acceleration

Ahora sí. PDVSA is in default. It's bad, and could be disastrous — especially if we reach the next step: Acceleration.

(Almost) Difol Chronicles

The government's never going to tell us what really happened behind the scenes of this week's near-default drama...so we have to imagine how it went down Tropical Mierda-style, instead.

A Bubble in Fatigues

The government is doing its best to ensure the military have fine health care. So how long will it be before the crisis reaches them too?

The Venezuelan Riddle in Spain

Spain is currently going through some of the most turbulent years of its democracy. With many Venezuelan expats concerned about Podemos, is there a real reason to worry?

Suffering through Inflation

Words like "inflation" and "hyperinflation" are thrown about causally. These are the faces and voices of hunger behind those words.

The Kids Aren’t Alright

We know people are hungry in Venezuela, but to see it in the face of our most vulnerable is a gut wrenching experience I won't easily forget.

A Bondholder’s Nightmare

The days of crying wolf are over and the Venezuelan default is pretty much here. With such clear signs, why did it find everyone with their pants down?

How the Grinch Raided Christmas

It has become tradition: each year he growls and drums his fingers thinking of how he’ll keep Christmas from coming to Venezuela. What does the Grinch have in store this time?

The Revolving Door of Normalized Oppression

It’s easy to lose sight of just how vicious the dictatorship can be when it decides that you're next. You are left completely without recourse. Try it on for size.

Caraqueños in Kennels

The difficult situation with public transportation in Caracas has forced people to adapt – and nurture the excesses of anarchy.

IMF: Showing Venezuela a Yellow Card on Transparency

Venezuelans are supposed to have a Constitutional right to information, and if our own institutions won’t make good on it, maybe our friends on 19th Street can help.

The Media Lifeline

Accepting an interview with a highly-rated Spanish TV show was a gamble for Nicolás Maduro. But even before it airs, looks like it already backfired.

A debt restructuring that’s really a default that’s really a giant...

Announcing an unlikely debt restructuring, Maduro sent Venezuela hurtling down the default rabbit-hole tonight. But what if the announcement's an elaborate bluff, or an elaborate money-laundering exercise? And what if it's both?

How they Cheated

We know for a fact that the regional elections in Bolívar were stolen. Now, thanks to the WSJ, we have the whole narrative.

Rosales is Back. Sadly

Since elected governor Juan Pablo Guanipa did what he said he would do, new elections for governor of Zulia are going to happen. And guess who's very happy about it...

Tal Cual’s Leap

Today’s edition will be the last printed issue of newspaper Tal Cual. You would expect this to be the end for them, but if Tal Cual has proven to be anything, it's resilient.

The Heart of the Issue: Accountability Inside MUD

Lifetime tenure for opposition leaders has brought MUD to the edge of annihilation. Is that what it’s going to take to get a debate on accountability going?

Suicide Musical Chairs

The Maduro administration just appointed new people for the handling of our economy. And the appointments are full blown suicidal.

Straight Up Witches

I used to think witches were cool. But Venezuelan politics ruined even that: the witches we deal with are genuinely terrifying.

The pain of Mr. R

I’ve known him since I was little, always cheery, always warm, and now he’s hiding a suffering greater than any of us can know.

No ayudan: Sobre la crisis alimentaria y los medios irresponsables

Cáritas Venezuela está fajada trabajando para documentar la crisis alimentaria, y el periodismo irresponsable no ayuda cuando cubre la noticia y usa titulares falsos y alarmistas.

Venezuelan Mothers Die; Chavismo Blames History

As the crisis wears on, the risk of dying during childbirth is skyrocketing for Venezuelan women. A pro-government report just brought the facts to Maduro – along with an extra helping of excuses.

President Ramos Allup

Presidential elections are now approaching. With everything that happened this week with AD and Ramos Allup, what would be the lesser of many evils?

Don’t Help: On the Food Crisis and the Irresponsible Media

Caritas Venezuela is doing serious work – and irresponsible journalists set it all back with false and alarmist headlines.

The Dip As A Crime Scene

Was the collapse in PDVSA 2017 prices yesterday morning a result of investor jitters or market manipulation?

A-Day is Here [Updated]

By the end of the day, PDVSA has to pay $985,000,000 to holders of its 2020 bond. Is it time to panic yet? [Update: As of 7:47 a.m., Reuters says its sources say PDVSA is paying.]