Venezuelan NGOs discovered a new migratory phenomenon: unaccompanied minors traveling through the mines in Guayana.

Daily Briefing

Chavismo’s Tailor-Made Mujica

While the regime keeps pushing for something that is nothing but a media campaign and not a negotiation, Trump appoints a new National Security Advisor.

Exodus of the HIV+

Eduardo Franco, secretary of Red Venezolana de Gente Positiva, RVG+, says that ten thousand HIV+ Venezuelans have emigrated. It’s either that or dying.

The (New) End of Dialogue

The day after Guaidó confirmed he’s leaving Barbados, the regime announced a parallel negotiation with the opposition. The thing is, that’s neither a negotiation nor an opposition. What is it, then?

Anatomy of a Coyote

Alejo Zambrano went to Cucuta running away from what he did in Venezuela. He now helps others run away from what Venezuela did to them. He claims to look after migrants, while being part of an industry that feeds on disgrace.

Yulimar Rojas’ Historical Jump

Few athletes in the world have achieved at such a young age what this tall Caraqueña has. And her athletic condition means she’ll make it even farther.

Chronicles of Us: Let’s Take Our Girl to Brazil

When she was six years old, Dioselyn was diagnosed with osteosarcoma on her right foot. There was no chemotherapy in all of Guayana, so her only hope was to cross the Southern border to try to save her life.

The Hypothesis of the Decline of Crime

Beyond the violence on the borders or the increase of femicides, there’s a feeling that crime rate has gone down in the main Venezuelan cities. Three experts review how much truth there is to it, and what lies behind it.

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We Need a Sovereign Wealth Fund

The National Assembly has both an opportunity and a need to bring back transparency and efficiency, starting with managing the nation’s assets they are protecting abroad.

How Oil Killed Lake Maracaibo

The largest lake in South America has suffered the consequences of both the rise and fall of the Venezuelan oil industry: explosive production and dangerous decay.

How Brutal Are Venezuelan Police Forces?

The Monitor for Lethal Force in Latin America published its first report, covering Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, Mexico and Venezuela. When it comes to executions, we’ve earned more medals than in the PanAm Games in Lima.

‘When Rebuilding, Remember the Environment’

Venezuelans joined in on the anguish for the Amazon rainforest fires in Brazil, while their own surroundings are in awful shape. Alejandro Luy sums up the environmental situation in Venezuela.

The Meaning of FARC’s Sort of Comeback

A group of Colombian guerrilla commanders just announced they are at war again. The Duque administration says they’re in Venezuela. What should we expect from this?

Return to Sepharad

In 1492, the Catholic Kings expelled the Jews from Spain. Now, thousands of Venezuelans seek a Sephardic origin to emigrate to. A new milestone of Jewish history in Venezuela

More Misery, More Femicides in Venezuela

Monitor de Víctimas reported that, so far this year, there’s been 50% more femicides in Venezuela than in 2018. The reason: the humanitarian crisis.

Death Before Humanitarian Aid

Only six hospitals, out of 277 that the Health Ministry and the Venezuelan Social Services Institutes manage, have received the aid from the Red Cross so far.

“Our Conflict Comes From Not Having a Civilized, Modern Life.”

Political scientist Guillermo Aveledo Coll sees a society more open to negotiation and an opportunity in Barbados, than the groups fighting to rule over it

The Last Race for Rumichaca

As of today, August 26th, Venezuelans who want to enter Ecuador must have a humanitarian visa. Thousands of Venezuelans were traveling from Cúcuta to Ipiales before the measure was in place.

Crossing the Continent on One Foot—and Tons of Will

In 2013, Yeslie Aranda lost his left leg in a car accident. Today, while achieving his dream of crossing South America on foot, he has a spiritual strength that crushes obstacles.

Can’t Even Buy an Egg

Many products are back on Maracaibo stores and shelves... but they’re so expensive that nobody buys them.

The Double Ordeal of Being a Woman in a Venezuelan Prison

Cruel treatment against political prisoners are only a small part of the policy of horror in prisons against women and the LGBTQ community.

Chronicles of Us: After the Chavista Dream

Jossmary González and her husband were fierce chavistas. He even discriminated non-chavistas from a power position. But when her health failed, no one came to help.

The Victims of our Diaspora

The International Migration Organization just announced that Venezuelans are now the first nationality among over 500 migrants who have disappeared in the Americas in 2019.

The Chinese Monopoly on Venezuelan Health

After years of multi-million dollar contracts, what’s left of our healthcare system is supplied almost entirely by a single company based in Beijing: Meheco.

Confronting the Chavistas in Berkeley

There’s still a lot to do when it comes to counter the pro-Maduro propaganda in the United States. This is what some of our well-informed friends are doing in that California stronghold of the American Left.

Gold Medals for the Economic Crisis

Venezuela's controverted performance at the 2019 Pan American Games reignites the debate about the state of sports in our country.

The First Band of the Venezuelan Diaspora

The rest of the world discovered Los Amigos Invisibles thanks to David Byrne, and they’ve never stopped touring with their unique mix of acid jazz and Caracas flavor.

What the ANC Is and What It Isn’t

It’s been two years and the ANC hasn’t written a new Constitution. It’s there for other reasons and it’s Diosdado Cabello’s turf. We can expect a lot more activity on that front in the coming days.

Full Combat in a ‘Peace Zone’

Years ago, chavismo ceded territory to gangs with the presumed goal of convincing them to leave their guns. The result, as this recent story shows, is criminal kingdoms

Chronicles of Us: Scorched Earth

This story is one of many showing how the chavista regime used a combination of anarchy and legality to take over productive lands, just to leave them in ruins.

A Homeland for Our Migrant Babies

With a measure informed by solidarity and pragmatism, Colombia granted citizenship to more than 24,000 babies born of Venezuelan parents, who were at risk of being stateless.

Getting China on Board With the Transition

Beijing won’t mediate between Maduro and Guaidó, because it’s not interested in Venezuela. But it can help with recovering our democracy, if its current inaction impacts its interests.

The Sanctions of August 5th, 2019

Chavismo surrenders to the Cuban blockade narrative, the opposition tries to sell it as a way to pressure the regime and the population is scared. What’s this new Executive Order, really?

The Unaffordable TV Habits of Nicolás Maduro

The man sitting at Miraflores Palace is so distant from ordinary Venezuelans that he recommends a series on Netflix, a service most Venezuelans can’t enjoy, because they can’t afford it.

Presenting Cinco8

Today we unveil Cinco8, a brand new Caracas Chronicles sister site in Spanish aimed at Venezuelans both inside and outside the lines you see on the map.

How Armando.Info Unveiled the CLAP’s Web of Corruption

As two businessmen behind the CLAP food program are on the spotlight, Caracas Chronicles spoke with Armando.Info, the outlet exposing them—at a huge cost

Carlos Cruz-Diez’s Global Relevance

He was way more than a kinetic artist: he delved into the study of the theory and perception of color. Losing him affects not only Venezuelan culture, it’s a global loss.

Imagine the Unimaginable: China As a Mediator

Despite its realist calculations in geopolitics, the Asian superpower upheld civilian protection and humanitarian assistance. That could serve to break a deadlock that only favors the Maduro regime