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Across the Plains and Into the Jungle

Despite being banned from running for office, Venezuelan opposition leader María Corina Machado’s campaign supporting the candidacy of former diplomat Edmundo González Urrutia has taken on epic proportion

The Epic of María Corina

Almost like the opening lines of Venezuelan national epic Doña Bárbara, Machado arrived on Wednesday to the rural state of Apure in a “curiara” wooden boat after Chavista sympathizers blocked the passage on the bridge that connects Guárico with the state. On Thursday, Machado -once again finding State-sponsored obstacles- crossed the Orinoco river in a curiara and arrived to Amazonas, Venezuela’s most remote state.

María Corina crosses from Apure to Amazonas.

The halo of cell phones’ flashlights, in a rural Venezuela that faces multiple daily blackouts for several hours, has been one of the most powerful visual milestones of a campaign that -despite the censorship of traditional media- is extremely communicational. This was in Apure on Wednesday night:

In Amazonas, Machado was received by “comanditos” and -as if cosplaying Xena, the warrior princess- received indigenous pieces from local communities such as the Guahibos of Puente Parhueña.
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