Today we're taking a closer look at the armed actors supporting the regime: National Guard, Military Counterintelligence Directorate (DGCIM), Bolivarian Intelligence Service (SEBIN), National Bolivarian Police and armed colectivos.

Daily Briefing

Lunch Break: Rosneft Pays the Price for Helping Maduro Out

Juan Guaidó celebrated the American sanctions to Rosneft and presented a draft law in the National Assembly which would allow to transparently manage the funds recovered thanks to the measure.

The Terror Inflicted by La Zona in La Guajira

A once peaceful area on the northwest of Venezuela now lives under an armed group that imposes its rule of terror. Its story, and how it came to be, reflect the general decay of Zulia today.

Intimidating the Venezuelan Press

The violent attack against several press workers at the Simón Bolívar International Airport last week is the clearest example of the overwhelming official pressure to force out any unflattering media coverage

11,354 Days in the Dark

Morella spent 31 years, one month and a day locked against her will in Maracay. This is the story about her kidnapping and how she escaped.

Twin Oppositions

Chávez & Trump look alike in several aspects, from their authoritarian propensities to their red hats. But little comparisons have been made between their respective counterparts: the Venezuelan opposition and the Democratic party.

Beware Your Friend Trump

There are some warnings I never thought I’d have for Venezuelans, of all people. Yet here we are, talking about the dangers of seeing right-wing populists as “saviors” from left-wing populism.

The Mystery in Juan Guaidó’s Suitcase

January 23rd marked a full year since Juan Guaidó assumed the caretaker presidency. The way his influence has changed since then is evident, especially after his international tour. This unprecedented story could spin into many different scenarios.

Previous Posts

The Kueka Stone & the Dispossession of the Pemón

Germany is returning a sacred stone to an indigenous nation from La Gran Sabana. Maduro’s regime presents it as a victory, but this could be a cover-up on the destruction caused by the gold rush.

The Challenge of Child Malnutrition for Venezuela’s Future

We know that several thousand children are malnourished. How do we avoid a self-fulfilling prophecy?

Nothing Beats a Conspiracy Theory to Demobilize Us

Chavismo has inherited the rich theoretical-conspirative tradition of the Latin American left, but they’re not alone in the propagandistic use of assigning all solutions to national problems to the power of one leader.

A Report on CANTV’s Conditions Is Followed by a Harsh Reprisal

A new undercover report on the state telecom company confirmed it's in dire conditions. Sadly, the fallout was censorship, repression and maybe a curious accident.

HRW: Maduro Welcomes Illegal Gold Exploitation & Horrific Abuses

HRW has just expressed its concern about “amputations and other horrific abuses” by local armed groups and Colombian guerrillas in the Orinoco Mining Arc.

The People Agree: Venezuela is the Most Corrupt Nation in the...

Transparency International just released its Corruption Perceptions Index 2019, and other than placing Venezuela almost at the very bottom, it offers perspective into why corruption hits us so—and what we can do to fix it.

The Price of Being Viral: The Case of Alex Romero

A Venezuelan baseball player hit a catcher with a bat and became world famous. We talked to him about how a brief, infamous moment stained a brilliant career.

Bipartisan and Trump-free

Juan Guaidó’s international tour ended in Miami with a rally among U.S. lawmakers from both parties

Caracas’ Public Museums: The Struggle for Survival

Although a visit to the Bellas Artes cultural circuit isn’t for the nostalgic, not everything is lost and there's a lot of its former glory still there.

What Can We Expect from Coronavirus?

The recent Coronavirus outbreak is being handled all over the world with different degrees of success, but what are the actual risks and likely dangers for Venezuela’s pummeled health system?

Dollars in Barrios Are Not a Privilege Anymore

With the growing unofficial dollarization of the Venezuelan economy, most transactions in the poorer areas are done through foreign currency. This has generated a sense of prosperity in the capital, but it’s also one of the reasons the gap in social inequality has grown.

“That Man Killed My Mom”

20 women have been murdered in 26 days in Venezuela, and everything in this wave of femicides points at the impunity created by an indifferent, disappearing state.

Formalizing a Rogue Economy in a Rogue State

The ANC is looking to modify the VAT law to tax transactions in dollars. What does this mean?

Digging Under Rock Bottom

When Hugo Chávez spoke of finally diversifying the Venezuelan economy, nobody, least of all himself, could have guessed how it’d come true. This is what happens when you pummel domestic production.

Why Did Chavismo Snatch Gilber Caro (Again)?

National Assembly deputy Gilber Caro disappeared last December, and almost one month later we finally have news of him. This outrage is actually common for a deputy who endures hell time and time again, with his convictions intact.

How The Maduro Regime Uses Political Prisoners

Political prisoners in Venezuela share space with common criminals, both in prison and in the announcements of their release. Some human rights activists explain the odd dynamics the regime uses to manipulate its hostages.

Guaidó in the UK: ‘We’ll Ask for All the Help We...

After meeting Prime Minister Boris Johnson, caretaker President Juan Guaidó addressed a Venezuelan crowd in a London arepera, the second stop of his first high-profile tour of 2020.

Guaidó & Trump’s Gamble for Telesur

Telesur is a major piece of Nicolás Maduro's media machinery, but Juan Guaidó has a new daring plan to take it away from him, with the support of the Trump administration.

The Five-Year-Transformation of the National Assembly

2020 might be the stage for new parliamentary elections in which chavismo expects to revert the effects of MUD’s 2015 victory. In the meanwhile, harassment and coercion have scraped off the opposition majority.

Women of the Venezuelan Chaos

The crisis in Venezuela extends to all sectors, yet Margarita Cadena’s documentary, “Women of the Venezuelan Chaos,” displays how women are distinctly touched—and how they fight back against the turmoil.

Dealing Drugs in Clandestine Airports of Perijá

In the mountains of northwestern Venezuela, Colombian guerrilla and paramilitary linked to local authorities have installed an economy of landing lanes that offer a way to make a living for hundreds of people.

A Trip Back in Time: Holidays in the Andes

We just started a new year, but in the Venezuelan Andes it’s a trip seventy years into the past, with daily power outages, long lines for fuel and the Colombian peso as local currency.

A New Battle for the National Assembly

The new twist in the neverending political crisis in Venezuela is the regime’s attempt, so far unsuccessful, to control the National Assembly, apparently by order of the Kremlin.

The Takeover of the National Assembly

Using police and military personnel, chavismo kept most of the journalists and opposition lawmakers out of the Legislative Palace, in order to appoint a loyal board led by a corrupt deputy. But Juan Guaidó was reelected as speaker in an official session.

2019 Migration Year in Review

Venezuelan migration is today the largest displacement crisis the Americas has ever seen, and globally the second largest after Syria’s. The predictions for 2019 became true: there are now at least 4.7 million Venezuelan migrants and refugees in the world

2019 Gave Us a New Kind of Country

It was a year where political change looked closer than ever in two decades of chavismo. However, hope dissolved again. But this defeat was...

Sanctioned Baseball Goes On

The OFAC sanctions produced another case of overcompliance when American baseball cut its ties with the Venezuelan league. This is the story of how I learned to stop worrying about MLB and love the game.

Best of GEHA 2019

2019 felt more like an endurance test: we went through a lot during these 12 months. This time around, the compilation will be more focused on the events and larger themes that shaped the country this year instead of a larger chronological review.

Older Venezuelans Also Deserve to Rebuild Their Lives Abroad

They should be enjoying retirement. Instead, some of them are leaving their country on foot. Senior Venezuelans, as well as pregnant women and infants, are the most vulnerable victims of the Venezuelan migration.

A Safe Haven for Venezuelan Walkers in Colombia

In the Colombian city of Bucaramanga, the Fundación Entre Dos Tierras managed to organize a humanitarian assistance device for migrants. Adriana Parra, deputy director of the foundation, tells us how it works.