Cruel treatment against political prisoners are only a small part of the policy of horror in prisons against women and the LGBTQ community.

Daily Briefing

Cuban Sovereignty

While we know more about the delivery of Venezuelan interests to Castro's espionage and a Russian oil company, several NGO ask the UN to create a commission on human rights in Venezuela.

Chronicles of Us: After the Chavista Dream

Jossmary González and her husband were fierce chavistas. He even discriminated non-chavistas from a power position. But when her health failed, no one came to help.

The Victims of our Diaspora

The International Migration Organization just announced that Venezuelans are now the first nationality among over 500 migrants who have disappeared in the Americas in 2019.

The Chinese Monopoly on Venezuelan Health

After years of multi-million dollar contracts, what’s left of our healthcare system is supplied almost entirely by a single company based in Beijing: Meheco.

Confronting the Chavistas in Berkeley

There’s still a lot to do when it comes to counter the pro-Maduro propaganda in the United States. This is what some of our well-informed friends are doing in that California stronghold of the American Left.

Gold Medals for the Economic Crisis

Venezuela's controverted performance at the 2019 Pan American Games reignites the debate about the state of sports in our country.

The First Band of the Venezuelan Diaspora

The rest of the world discovered Los Amigos Invisibles thanks to David Byrne, and they’ve never stopped touring with their unique mix of acid jazz and Caracas flavor.

Previous Posts

What the ANC Is and What It Isn’t

It’s been two years and the ANC hasn’t written a new Constitution. It’s there for other reasons and it’s Diosdado Cabello’s turf. We can expect a lot more activity on that front in the coming days.

Full Combat in a ‘Peace Zone’

Years ago, chavismo ceded territory to gangs with the presumed goal of convincing them to leave their guns. The result, as this recent story shows, is criminal kingdoms

Chronicles of Us: Scorched Earth

This story is one of many showing how the chavista regime used a combination of anarchy and legality to take over productive lands, just to leave them in ruins.

A Homeland for Our Migrant Babies

With a measure informed by solidarity and pragmatism, Colombia granted citizenship to more than 24,000 babies born of Venezuelan parents, who were at risk of being stateless.

Getting China on Board With the Transition

Beijing won’t mediate between Maduro and Guaidó, because it’s not interested in Venezuela. But it can help with recovering our democracy, if its current inaction impacts its interests.

The Sanctions of August 5th, 2019

Chavismo surrenders to the Cuban blockade narrative, the opposition tries to sell it as a way to pressure the regime and the population is scared. What’s this new Executive Order, really?

The Unaffordable TV Habits of Nicolás Maduro

The man sitting at Miraflores Palace is so distant from ordinary Venezuelans that he recommends a series on Netflix, a service most Venezuelans can’t enjoy, because they can’t afford it.

Presenting Cinco8

Today we unveil Cinco8, a brand new Caracas Chronicles sister site in Spanish aimed at Venezuelans both inside and outside the lines you see on the map.

How Armando.Info Unveiled the CLAP’s Web of Corruption

As two businessmen behind the CLAP food program are on the spotlight, Caracas Chronicles spoke with Armando.Info, the outlet exposing them—at a huge cost

Carlos Cruz-Diez’s Global Relevance

He was way more than a kinetic artist: he delved into the study of the theory and perception of color. Losing him affects not only Venezuelan culture, it’s a global loss.

Imagine the Unimaginable: China As a Mediator

Despite its realist calculations in geopolitics, the Asian superpower upheld civilian protection and humanitarian assistance. That could serve to break a deadlock that only favors the Maduro regime

The Blackout Generation

Children in Maracaibo don’t know what it’s like to live without chavismo, and they’re also forgetting what their lives were like with power, water, movie theatres or regular school.

Temporary Protection to Venezuelans in the U.S.: One Step Forward

The U.S. House of Representatives approved a bill for TPS for Venezuelans—but it’s still uncertain how close the bill is to becoming a law.

Chronicles of Us: The Survivor

Yubreilis was one of the few who came back to her Sucre village, after the boat she sailed on to a new life in Trinidad wrecked at Boca del Dragón strait. This is her story.

Long Live the King of Color

Caracas-born Carlos Cruz-Diez, one of the most important visual artists of the 20th century, is dead. He turned science into art, and art into a game we all could take part of.

Dealing With Leftists Abroad: How Not to See Reality

Venezuelans abroad have to endure, among the usual hardships of forced migration, being called by the Left all kinds of things just for rejecting the regime that destroyed their country.

The Land Where Maduro’s Death Squad Is More Lethal

The state of Lara, the fifth in the number of demonstrations during 2019, is also the one where FAES has killed more people. People live in terror there.

CLAP Sanctions: Vindication for Armando.Info

The latest sanctions against businessman Alex Saab and the network involved in the CLAP food program are in part thanks to the work of investigative journalism site Armando.Info, in a costly struggle for the truth.

The City That Won’t Die

This is a celebration of the spirit of a place where people insist on going out at night, amid many real dangers. This is a celebration of Caracas.

Chronicles of Us, Part 6: The Doll

This story, which happened during the national blackout of March, focuses on the drama for a single family and the extent of the complex humanitarian emergency, in all its horror.

National Power Grid Collapse: 4, Venezuelans: 0

Venezuelans struggled on July 22nd with the fourth nationwide blackout this year. As many fear the aftershock of the event will be felt throughout the week, the Maduro regime blames an "electromagnetic attack" by the U.S.

Celebrity Deathmatch, Venezuelan Style

Four young engineers decided to put 350 of the most popular people of modern Venezuela to fight the only way Venezuelans like their fights these days: on Twitter.

Social Media Helps to Take a Jewel Out of The Dark

An effective campaign contributed the beloved Caracas Children’s Museum to reopen its doors right on time for Children’s Day after 350 meters of cable were stolen from its facilities

Stranded Between Peru and Chile

Hundreds of Venezuelan migrants, many of them children, are camping near the Peruvian-Chilean border, in a true limbo of paperwork, suffering and chaos.

The Peace and Enlightenment of Maduro’s Guru

If things weren’t absurd enough, now Nicolás Maduro meets with an Indian guru the same way he meets with the UN’s Human Rights High Commissioner. And the spirit-man himself? He’s exactly what you’d expect.

Latin America’s ‘Positive’ Response to Venezuelan Migrants

Cuban-American scholar Javier Corrales points out that the neighboring nations have been relatively up for the challenge regarding the Venezuelan diaspora, but for how long will that last?

Cooking With No Gas, No Power

In Barquisimeto, the sophisticated traditional cuisine has been replaced by survival with alternative ingredients and artisanal cookers.

Humboldt Visited Venezuela and Changed the History of Science Forever

On July 16th, 1799, Alexander von Humboldt arrived to Venezuela, with his fellow scientist, Aimé Bonpland, to start a voyage full of memorable findings.

Caracas Drinks the Dollar Kool-Aid

The spontaneous dollarization, accelerated by blackouts and remittances, is threatening to restrict the legal currency to those who are forced to use it, and to distort the economy even more than it already is.

Living in Their Cars: Gasoline rationing in Mérida

After getting used to spending days and nights queuing up for fuel, Mérida citizens must now adapt to the classic socialist move of setting restrictions in every service station.