10 years ago the government took off three 0’s from the bolivar, saying it was a cosmetic fix and would strengthen the economy. Now, they will try to do it again.

Daily Briefing

The Dictator’s Costly Freedom

Your daily briefing for Thursday, March 22, 2018. Translated by Javier Liendo.

Venezuelan Hospitals’ Condition Worsens: The 2018 National Hospital Poll

For the fifth year in a row, NGO Médicos por la Salud and the National Assembly dare to do what the government has refused to: expose the chaotic reality in the Venezuelan Hospital Network and how the health crisis has gotten worse than ever.

Venezuelans in Need of Blood Transfusions Must Scavenge the Black Market

It doesn’t end with finding blood donors, reagent scarcity got so bad that there’s a black market for blood transfusions operating in Venezuelan hospitals. You’ll live, sure… If you can pay up to ten minimum wages per transfusion.

Tales of Heat and Death: Blackout Season Re-Inaugurated in Western States

Blackout season is back to stay. To some Venezuelans, the collapse of the national electric grid means heat and even more stress in their homes. For others, like patients in hospitals, it’s a death sentence.

Venezuela’s Hyperinflation Is Breaking Deli Scales

There are just too many digits and the scales can’t keep up. So, Venezuelans simplify, dividing the number in their minds and using those numbers in their language.

Fake News About Vandalism to Cover Up Maiquetía Airport’s True Disrepair

Social media went wild because of rumors about Cruz Diez’ tile floor at Maiquetía Airport, his “Cromointerferencia de color aditivo”. Once a symbol of modern Venezuela, it has suffered years of deterioration and official negligence.

New Bolichico Subspecies Alert: Petro is the New Derwick

Like every mediocre enchufado before him, the new accomplice to the regime is brainless, unoriginal and unscrupulous. His only talent is his bolichico-ridden phonebook and that’s nice for them, they can share a cell down the road.

Political Prisoner Gilber Caro Resists From Jail

We know what every political prisoner is being subjected to. Unfortunately, Gilber Caro, substitute deputy to the National Assembly, is no exception to the dictatorship’s rulebook of psychological torture, isolation, coercion and an overall unfair process.

Young People Are Now House-Hopping, Because Going to Bars Is Too...

The new generation of “rumberos” has no money to drink in bars and the odds of being shot are way too high at night. So, they adapted and now, they bring the party (and the ice box) home.

Previous Briefings

Nicolás Jekyll, Nicolás Hyde

Your daily briefing for Wednesday, March 21, 2018. Translated by Javier Liendo.

An Excuse for the Petro

Your daily briefing for Tuesday, March 20, 2018. Translated by Javier Liendo.

Another exemplary punishment

Your daily briefing for Wednesday, March 14, 2018. Translated by Javier Liendo.

Previous Posts

Like Every Other Chavista Ministry, the Ministry of Happiness Sucks at...

The most recent World Happiness Report determines Latin Americans are fairly happier than other regions. However, shouldn’t Venezuelans be the happiest people on the planet due to the fact that we have an entire ministry devoted to it?

A Guide to Colombia’s Complex Election

Colombia just elected its Congress and started its presidential campaign. With Venezuelan eyes on Gustavo Petro leading the polls, a guide to making sense of the results.

Colombia Held Normal and Peaceful Elections: A Hopeful Tale for your...

Colombian candidates used to run on platforms like their right to live peacefully. Now they campaigned debating on climate change and other normal topics of modern democracies. Yes, we are a little jealous.

Beggars Outside Venezuelan Supermarkets Dare to be Choosers

What happens when you are bad at saying no and there’s too many people struggling that need you to say yes. In the land of the hungry, he who can afford groceries is king.

Five Years of Post-Chavismo and His Siembra Seems Grim

Every Venezuelan remembers his burial. Now, five years later, Chavismo has proven it can survive without its founder despite everyone’s predictions.

What Dollarization Supporters Deliberately Neglect to Mention

Dollarization is sexy, but the argument for why we need it is weak.

Meet the Go-To Person in Bucaramanga for Venezuelan Immigrants in Need

Alba Cecilia Pereira has been living in Colombia since 2004. She founded Entre2Tierras, to help Venezuelan immigrants get jobs, housing, medicine and food when they get there.

Measles Epidemic: Another Stain in an Already Terrible Public Health Track...

PAHO alerts on the resurgence of measles in the Americas, Venezuela leads the way with over 800 cases and becomes a public health threat for the whole region.

Is Our Fate the Same as Cuba’s?

The irony is embarrassing: in a family of professional political commentators and rabid whiskey-chugging, fortune-telling pundits, it was my Prados-del-Este hypochondriac grandmama who was the most foreboding.

SUPCACVEN Can’t Scam a Scammer

People who have been trading cryptocurrencies for a while, let’s say the pros sometimes referred to as “crypto bros”, are staying as far as they can from the petro. One of them explains the many reasons why.

Doctors in Venezuela Reluctantly Acknowledge Their Holiday, Instead of Celebrating

Today is National Doctor’s day. Bravery, courage and dedication. That’s all we can celebrate. Healing is both a choice and a calling you can’t escape and Venezuelan doctors don’t want to.

The Nicaraguan Strategy

It’s a little creepy how the Venezuelan government follows instructions from the authoritarian rulebook, copied and replicated in Latin America many times. The thing is, this time, the strategy isn’t Cuban, but Nicaraguan.

The left in the Americas and the Problem with Losing the...

We take a political, metaphorical road trip across the American continent to try to understand why the left is so quiet and the right is so vocal in their respective points of view about chavismo’s actions and policies.

Hey, Chavismo! Calling Yourself a Feminist Won’t Cut It, You Need...

Today, on International Women’s Day, Venezuelan women are more powerless than ever. Chavismo claims to be a feminist revolution but they are nothing more than women users and abusers.

Contradicting Viewpoints on the Transition: Liberalism Must Come First

Venezuelan economists Ricardo Hausmann and Quico Toro shared their views this week on how an eventual transition should go. One of them is wrong and it ain’t Hausmann, obviously, but our Executive Editor.

Women’s Rights in Venezuela: a Hypocritical Mirage Called “Feminist Revolution”

On International Women’s Day, we examine chavismo calling themselves feminists. It’s like when they call themselves humanitarians: an outright lie.

Civil Society Pledges To Bring Dictatorship to Its Knees

Business owners, students, teachers, private citizens and even dissident chavistas came together at UCV’s Aula Magna to work together towards finding a way out of this mess.

Letting Go of my Venezuelan Transition Ideal

For a long time, we’ve been working toward regime collapse. But maybe the regime won’t collapse. Maybe transition is a messy, drawn-out, compromise-laden process.

Whatever Happened to UNASUR?

The Venezuelan crisis has caused serious damage to UNASUR, putting its long-term viability as a regional organization at risk.

Metro de Caracas Reflects the Venezuelan Crisis Like a Mirror

Once an emblem of civility and modernity, the Metro de Caracas now struggles under poor maintenance conditions and the regime’s propagandist approach to management.

Everybody Wants a Piece of CITGO

PDVSA bondholders, US energy firms, the Russians, Crystallex, and now a Swiss commodities trader… everybody wants dibs on CITGO, the most valuable Venezuelan asset abroad.

February 27: an Unwanted Celebration of Democratic Disruption

To celebrate the beginning of chavismo amidst the collapse it has brought upon us seems cruel, but why would that stop them?

What to Do About Venezuela’s Rigged Presidential Election?

Our debate on “abstention” vs. “voting” is broken. We’ve lost sight of the basics: elections give us a chance to organize mass participation in a movement to undermine the regime.

Conatel Hits Back Over Televen’s Constituyente Coverage

The second largest private TV channel in Venezuela just got fined for its news coverage by CONATEL. What does this ruling mean for non-hegemony local media as the 22-A election looms?

45% of Teachers Have Left the Classroom

Underpaid Venezuelan teachers leave schools, both private and public. o: who’s going to shape Venezuela’s future?

No Use Crying Over Spilled Malk: It’s Not Milk

Just another item on chavismo's cruel procedure list: the irresponsible distribution of products that satiate hunger, but are far from being nutritious.

He Held No Grudges: The Death that Stopped Millennial Twitter in...

As young people heard of USB’s student leader Mauro Cayama’s passing, Twitter became an X-Ray of the Venezuelan millennial soul.

Inter-American System Stands Up for Kids with Kidney Disease

After several kids died from contracting infections in the hospital last year, the IACHR granted precautionary measures to kidney transplant patients in the JM de los Ríos Hospital.

Is the Petro Truly Backed by Oil Reserves?

Since certified reserves aren’t such, the petro will be, at best, another way to make opaque transactions by an already shady administration.

Visiting the Teleferico: An Act of Defiance, Not Treason

A blackout left people trapped in the Teleférico de Caracas. Instead of blaming an incompetent government, people called victims “traitors” for trying to live a normal life.

The WSJ Editorial Board Throws a Jab at The Petro

If the petro hadn’t gotten enough of a beating this week, the WSJ whacks it again. Hard.

A Tale of Two Maracaibos: Venezuelans Flee in Unprecedented Numbers

The numbers keep mounting: Venezuela’s migrant crisis is on a massive scale, and growing. With three million already gone, how many more people can we afford to lose?

The $10 Million Shakedown: Rafael Ramírez Sued Over Speed Money

The corruption plot about Rafael Ramírez’ PDVSA tenure thickens. It’s hard to keep up with former-chavista-golden-boy-turned-traitor’s shenanigans.

OAS calls upon Venezuela to reconsider the April 22nd presidential elections

With 19 votes in favor, 8 abstentions and only 5 voted against, the OAS approved a resolution that expresses the region’s growing concern regarding the April 22 elections as well as the humanitarian and human rights crises.

No Planes, No Trains, No Automobiles: Maracaibo on the Verge of...

It’s hard to find tickets to travel domestically in Venezuela, probably because a breakfast for two is more expensive than the plane ride.

Ideological Blindness of UN Expert is a Triumph for Venezuelan State...

Alfred De Zayas denies humanitarian crisis after meetings with 16 ministries and top government officials. He obviously didn’t visit any hospitals or take the subway.

Following Maduro’s Sign Language Video, Deaf Venezuelans Speak Out

After Nicolás Maduro’s video on Sunday, there was a time for memes and now it’s time for being serious. CONSORVEN is serious in its fight for inclusion, accessibility and guaranteeing the rights of the deaf community and people with disabilities.

PDVSA Workers Are Passing Out on the Job

Once the goose that laid the golden eggs, PDVSA is paying wages so miserable that its workers are malnourished and can’t do their jobs.

The petro hasn’t raised a dime

The Maduro government claims the petro was successfully launched. The records on the blockchain say otherwise.

ENCOVI 2017: A Staggering Hunger Crisis, in Cold, Hard Numbers

Two out of three Venezuelans are still losing weight. Almost nobody can afford enough food to eat. Virtually everyone depends on subsidized food distribution. ENCOVI 2017 brings harrowing precision to the scale of Venezuela's crisis.

Elderly Venezuelans struggle to survive on $1.50 a month

After decades of hard work, senior citizens have to stand in lines for hours to collect their pension and perform miracles to buy food and medicine. Most of the time, it’s not enough and some admit they’ve even begged on the street.

One on One With Juan Pablo Guanipa

Zulia’s Governor-Denied sat down with Caracas Chronicles to sketch out how Venezuela got to this point, and what to do faced with a rigged presidential election.

Shot in the Head: The Protests Ended, but One Family’s Pain...

Daniel Infante was a curious bystander at a Merida protest in April last year. The other two people shot that day died. Daniel survived. Barely.

Salto Project: Leaping Towards a Life After Venezuela

I know what it’s like to feel like staying in Venezuela is a death sentence. I had to leave. That's why I set up, Salto Project, to helps others do the same.

Golf War: Chavismo Expropriates Caraballeda Course

With the partial takeover of a private golf course in Vargas State last week, the government’s long-forgotten war on golf is back on.

Letter for a Governor So Crazy He Could End Up Doing...

An open letter to Carabobo’s polemic, wannabe influencer/governor. If he got this far doing crazy stuff, how far could he go if he used his powers for good?

The April 22nd Election is Designed to Consolidate a Dictatorship

Dividing the opposition, cornering dissident chavistas, creating a thin veneer of legitimacy: just a few of the many reasons dictatorships sometimes hold elections to consolidate themselves.

The Trail of Failures In Zapatero’s Wake

José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero’s horrible performance as a mediator will have surprised no one in Spain. Made Prime Minister by an accident of history, he badly divided the country and made mindless leftwing posturing his calling card.