On Venezuelan social media, Vox and Trump’s conservative policies are catching on. But testimonies and surveys on the actual street say otherwise.

Daily Briefing

Autonomy with Pepper Spray

University autonomy is defended through pepper spray; Reuters publishes an outstanding report on the FAES activities; the Russian government sides with the Bolivian interim administration.

Never Say the Night Is Slow

The Highway Angels have been offering first aid in 220 kms of Caracas highways for over six years now. We spent the night with this paramedic crew, and witnessed their passion and dedication up close.

The Dawn of Venezuelan Horror Films

Excerpt: For the first time ever, movie theaters in the country, used to playing real-life dramas, crime stories and inane comedies, are showing horror films produced in Venezuela. And the reason lies in our collective anxieties.

Of Course Bolivia Is Not Venezuela

Evo Morales, a close ally of Chávez and Maduro, resigned on November 10th, after the OAS issued a report invalidating the election he claimed he had won. That doesn’t mean we should draw false equivalences.

Brazil, the Other Border

The sixth country in South America taking in Venezuelans is a lot more organized for this emergency. But most of these immigrants are in passing, and 171 thousand dilute among 210 million inhabitants.

The ILO Isn’t Satisfied with the “Blue-collar President”

In one of the most in-depth investigations in its hundred years of history, the International Labour Organization wrote a report on the systematic abuse that Venezuelan workers endure from “the blue-collar government”.

Venezuelans Wither Away in American Migration Centers

Little attention is being paid to those requesting asylum in the U.S. or overstaying their visas. They’re held for months and their loved ones barely get any news about their wellbeing.

Previous Posts

Trump’s Impeachment: Status and How It Could Affect Us

U.S. foreign policy could change if President Trump is removed from office, but how likely is it that he’ll be impeached? How could American foreign policy on Venezuela change?

Mega-Gangs: A Closer Look

Venezuela’s modern criminality can’t be explained without analyzing these criminal armies, which are better armed than police forces and have complete control over their territories.

My Red Education

Over ten years ago, while I was in high school, chavismo tried to turn me into a soldier. I ended up as an exiled writer, but many of my classmates did heed the call.

Rain & Tamarindo Juice

In Maracaibo, if you get any water, it’s most likely brown and you’d be lucky: most people have to buy their water or wait for rain.

Surviving The Adobecalypse

After the Adobe scare, the Venezuelan digital community keeps working under extremely hostile conditions, in unpredictable ground.

The Slow Death of Zulian Cuisine

The shortage of ingredients, hyperinflation and forced migration has put this unique Venezuelan cuisine in danger.

Jail and Comedy In El Paso, Texas

We already know that the Venezuelan comedian just spent two months in jail. What we don’t know is the story of what happened in there. Here it is.

How to Destroy Healthcare: The Case of Margarita Island

If you’re waging war against your own people and just want to hold on to power while the poor die or leave, follow these easy steps the Maduro regime applied in one of Venezuela’s favorite vacation spots.

Trouble in the Lima Group

In 2017, 12 countries of the Americas forged an alliance to help restore democracy in Venezuela. Now, the more influential members of the club face challenges that could alter their stance towards our country.

A New NGO Wants to Challenge Our Crisis

RedRETO wants to tackle some of Venezuelans’ most urgent problems, by joining forces with other entities on the ground and abroad. You can help them—and 254 other people—on their first project.

John Carlin’s Dream

The British journalist who wrote the book that inspired the movie Invictus was rejected at the airport by the Venezuelan regime. What if he had been allowed his entry and we’d talk about sports and reconciliation?

Perijá, the Other Frontier of Discrimination

A new tragedy adds to the historic drama and vulnerability of the Yukpa and Barí indigenous communities, in the mountains of Zulia.

Voices from Inside Sebin

A documentary made by NGO 14 Lawyers exposes the repressive dynamics of the regime’s political police, its gruesome practices, harassment of human rights lawyers and even pride for being so cruel

The ‘Great Solution for Caracas’ Became a Huge Problem

The Caracas Metro is in a state of technical shutdown: it can’t satisfy the most basic needs of its users. How ruined is what once was our capital’s pride?

The Heir to La Sabana’s Glory

Ronald Acuña Jr. comes from a village that already birthed seven Major League players. Now, the unusually versatile National League’s Rookie of the Year in 2018 is about to conquer a huge feat

The Revolution Annihilated Oil Workers

Layoffs due to political persecution, mass resignation and retirement, terrible working conditions. The human dimension of this industry helps us understand why oil production has plummeted.

Dollarized Goodbyes

The days of wakes in funeral homes and burials in cemeteries are long gone. Cremation has become the solution for caraqueños who can't pay the steep prices of funeral services.

The Fernando Albán Foundation

One year after SEBIN agents killed opposition councilman Fernando Albán, his widow works to honor his memory.

Trump’s Hit on Venezuelan Baseball

The Venezuelan Professional Baseball League (LVBP) will start a month later than usual, in a field that’s mined by politics: if it gets funds from the Maduro regime, it will be exposed to OFAC sanctions.

Watching Out for Disinformation

As disinformation has become a global problem, a couple of new initiatives want to help Venezuelans to better recognize and dismiss what some still call “fake news.”

The Day the Frogs Stop Singing

A fungus is annihilating batrachians all over the globe, including those that make Venezuelan evenings sweeter with their song. In our country the drama only gets worse because it’s almost impossible to research and protect.

The Full Body Venezuelan Blackface

Now that we denounce the many faces of racism in North America, as Venezuelans we must recognize the burden of our discrimination is still alive.

The National Assembly Protects Assets

We do not know the exact figures, but oil production seems to have receded to its levels 70 years ago. However, no change of course is seen.

The Slow and Silent Death of Venezuelan Female Migrants and Refugees

Venezuelan women are dying while migrating. It’s happening silently, thoroughly, and now we finally have data on it.

The Making of a Public Enemy: Venezuelans in Peru

At least 860,000 Venezuelans are living in Peru, which amounts to 2.7 % of the population. But a few crimes linked to Venezuelans sparked a xenophobic outbreak.

Pachini: A Trans Man Who Became an Obsession to Venezuelans

It’s believed that trans people are a current phenomenon. However, in 1941 there was a case that both fascinated and scandalized provincial Caracas and proved the opposite.

UN Approves Independent Fact-Finding Mission for Venezuela

After Bachelet’s report, many wondered what the UN would do about human rights abuses in Venezuela. The Human Rights Council has just given us a straight answer.

The ‘Access Denied’ Economy

The Maduro regime let the official dollar be and allowed prices to go up, in exchange for reduced shortages. Caracas is now repeating a pattern that we’d seen in Maracaibo already: shelves are full again, but few can afford the products.

Menstruation Influences Poverty

In Venezuela, women’s natural condition becomes a silent healthcare problem and an attack on their dignity and human rights.

Designated Bad Guys: The New Portrayal of Venezuela in Fiction

Back in the day, Venezuela was nonexistent in popular fiction. Now we have more of a presence, but save for some notorious examples, it’s all antagonistic: We're the new bad guys.