On March 10th, we celebrated Doctors’ Day in Venezuela. Since it’s so close to International Women’s Day, a Venezuelan doctor celebrates the women who came before her.

Daily Briefing

First Coronavirus Death in Venezuela

U.S. federal prosecutors announced a reward for Maduro and his co-conspirators, that even if it seems fair, distracts both countries from the tragedy that threatens them.

Nobody Cares About Stranded Venezuelans

While other countries in the region have arranged the return of thousands of citizens that were traveling when borders were closed down, our citizens have unanswered questions regarding their return to Venezuela or their homes in exile.

Weekly Wrap Up: Half a Million Cases of COVID-19

The world will see the transmission curve go up while Venezuela just reported its first official COVID-19 death.

Is There a Specific Treatment Against COVID-19 Yet?

Short answer: No, at least not one we’re absolutely sure it'll work, so let's review all the available options and their actual viability at this juncture against COVID-19.

Criminals Will Adapt

The quarantine in Venezuela will diminish the occurrence of some crimes, such as murder and robbery, but will increase extorsion and contraband. More checkpoints will equal more bribes.

Can We Fight COVID-19 the Same Way All Over the World?

Social distancing measures are based on projections and research applied to developed countries under the pandemic. Places like Venezuela require another approach.

No Food or Fuel, Just Homemade Masks: Quarantine in Cumaná

It’s hard to comply with mandatory isolation in Cumaná, the capital of Sucre State. Without food, fuel or cooking gas, people must improvise so they can eat amid a pandemic.

Previous Posts

A New Week, Same Old Nonsense

While scientists in several countries join forces to stop the pandemic, Maduro defends a conspiracy theory of the coronavirus as biological ethnic-cleansing warfare.

Mapping Quarantined Caracas

You may be able to force caraqueños to wear masks, but in a city where most people can’t afford to stay at home for days, it will be a paramount challenge to enforce a quarantine. Even for a dictatorship.

Even in a Pandemic, Pressures Against the Press Continue

Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino said that press workers would be allowed to work during the social quarantine, yet some reporters and outlets found out that pledge isn't being kept.

Women Are on the First Line of Defense Against COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone and everything. However, there are particular challenges for women in the current situation, at a global scale.

Stranded in Romania Because of COVID-19

The disruption of our lives due to the pandemic has many faces. In this story, a Venezuelan citizen living in the United States is suddenly isolated from her loved ones and must find a way back home.

Just Another Apocalypse in Maracaibo

Under quarantine because of COVID-19, Venezuela’s second city is now dealing with that “beginning of the end” feeling… again.

No Strategy Is Bulletproof Against COVID-19

During this global pandemic, we recount the facts about coronavirus, what’s being done around the world to fight it and what specific challenges Venezuela has at curtailing the disease.

Caught in a Perfect Storm

Disinformation, a complex humanitarian emergency, and a government with no credibility: this is the context when COVID-19 reaches Venezuela.

Bursting the Wellness Bubble

There’s a weird vibe in Caracas of economic improvement, with shortages slowly disappearing. But if you go past the surface of the incipient upgrades, you’ll see we’re far from real, stable development.

After the CNE Fire, Can We Have Elections in Venezuela?

The recent CNE fire begs questions not only about the fairness of upcoming elections in Venezuela, but about the possibility of holding elections at all. Just how damaged the whole system is and what can be done to truly fix it?

The Most Wanted Man Raps Against FAES

During rush hour on February 26th, the regime’s death squad killed four members of the gang led by El Coqui, on a highway full of commuters. Now the urban warlord declares war... with a song.

A Dangerous Step Towards More Internet Censorship

Conatel's proposal for an internet exchange point (IXP) could be helpful in principle, but given the hegemony's nefarious history of online practices, it can also be a double-edged sword.

“As An Oil Producing Country, We Have An Obligation to Address...

Alejandro Álvarez Iragorry, general coordinator of the NGO Clima 21, explains how climate change can be affecting Venezuela, and how little we know about it.

Five Strong Migrant Women

On International Women’s Day, let’s know the stories of these Venezuelans who are doing great at making our terruño proud

How the Blackout Changed Our Lives

It’s been a year since Venezuela entered a new unacceptable “normality” that gives you no other option but to adapt. These recounts are about trauma, lessons and decisions.

The End of a Revolution that Never Began

In the wake of an economic bubble amid the disaster, local & international media announce the death of the Bolivarian project. But this would imply that the "revolution" meant more than what it actually was: a propaganda device.

Zulia’s Electrical Apartheid

With electrical rationing as the new norm since March of 2019, the society in Zulia has become more unequal: there’s a big gap between those subjected to outages and those who can defend themselves.

Seven Uncomfortable Questions About the ‘Transition’

Part of the international community and political leaders are still feeding the hopes for a political change in Venezuela, but slogans can’t hide what we must dare to understand.

Salsa for My Frozen Heart

Living in Montreal, I don’t let go of the music that other immigrants like me created in New York City to fend off the cold during winter.

A Police Death Squad Reinforced with Criminals

In a recent investigation, Reuters exposed how FAES, the special forces unit that protects the regime with brute force, has officers with criminal records in its ranks.

The Forces Keeping Maduro in Power

Today we're taking a closer look at the armed actors supporting the regime: National Guard, Military Counterintelligence Directorate (DGCIM), Bolivarian Intelligence Service (SEBIN), National Bolivarian Police and armed colectivos.

The Terror Inflicted by La Zona in La Guajira

A once peaceful area on the northwest of Venezuela now lives under an armed group that imposes its rule of terror. Its story, and how it came to be, reflect the general decay of Zulia today.

Intimidating the Venezuelan Press

The violent attack against several press workers at the Simón Bolívar International Airport last week is the clearest example of the overwhelming official pressure to force out any unflattering media coverage

11,354 Days in the Dark

Morella spent 31 years, one month and a day locked against her will in Maracay. This is the story about her kidnapping and how she escaped.

Twin Oppositions

Chávez & Trump look alike in several aspects, from their authoritarian propensities to their red hats. But little comparisons have been made between their respective counterparts: the Venezuelan opposition and the Democratic party.

Beware Your Friend Trump

There are some warnings I never thought I’d have for Venezuelans, of all people. Yet here we are, talking about the dangers of seeing right-wing populists as “saviors” from left-wing populism.

The Mystery in Juan Guaidó’s Suitcase

January 23rd marked a full year since Juan Guaidó assumed the caretaker presidency. The way his influence has changed since then is evident, especially after his international tour. This unprecedented story could spin into many different scenarios.

The Kueka Stone & the Dispossession of the Pemón

Germany is returning a sacred stone to an indigenous nation from La Gran Sabana. Maduro’s regime presents it as a victory, but this could be a cover-up on the destruction caused by the gold rush.

The Challenge of Child Malnutrition for Venezuela’s Future

We know that several thousand children are malnourished. How do we avoid a self-fulfilling prophecy?

Nothing Beats a Conspiracy Theory to Demobilize Us

Chavismo has inherited the rich theoretical-conspirative tradition of the Latin American left, but they’re not alone in the propagandistic use of assigning all solutions to national problems to the power of one leader.