Illegal Mining Outlawed


MINCI’s propaganda pitch on the virtues of expropriating the Gold mining sector pushes the boundries of revolutionary non-sequitur. Consistently recasting mining practices that are – and always have been – illegal as “capitalist”, MINCI’s case comes down to saying the new law is good because it outlaws illegal mining.

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  1. How can you outlaw something that was already illegal? Isn’t the fact that it was illegal suggestive … that it had already been outlawed?

    Real Academia Española on line 1…

    • Easy…

      Step 1- One, recast any and every illegal mining practice as “capitalistic”
      Step 2- Outlaw capitalistic mining!

      • Ah, the worst extremists want to seem always reasonable at the outset.

        They are only against “illegal” immigration, “assault” weapons, “profiteering” in sales, “savage” capitalism, “unregulated” markets and “the bad elements” in a minority…

        They only omit that their definitions keep on slipping and creeping. Thus most immigration becomes illegal, assault weapons includes air pistols too, all sales are profiteering, capitalism is always savage, markets are unregulated as long as they are markets, and there are no good elements in that minority to save.

  2. BTW. notice that in their little map there is no mention of the Upper Caura river. I remember a great article by Simon Romero a few months ago on the environmental problems in that regio.

  3. I suppose Chavez “makes Fidel feel young again” but, I know
    I don’t want to be old with Chavez – I want to feel young and
    alive-we must move on, people!!
    I would prefer to send Chavez to prison, but would accept
    his banishment to Cuba “to entertain Fidel” -no, I sincerely
    want to urge Venezuelans to help free Cuba, also.
    As to mining-all mining not controlled by chavistas -illegal
    as with all other businesses?

    • Fat load of good it will do. Mr (brother with Swiss bank account with at least 21 million dollars) Aissami outlawed getting on a bus with a gun, but that didn’t stop my missus with two children with her (and all the other passengers of course) from getting robbed at gunpoint at 7 am on a camionetta at gunpoint yesterday morning.

        • Thanks, they’re all good. I should probably point out that they weren’t my kids, but in-laws (niece and cousin) on their way to the plan vacacional. Luckily no one was shot or hurt, unlike one of the passengers when one my workmate’s husband was on a bus getting robbed only a few weeks back (bullet in the leg).

          What’s strange is how this is just all part of everyday life nowadays, even when the crime is happening to those you’re closest to. Nooone is that shocked and life just goes on.

          Nethertheless I reckon rapid and for lack of a better word… ‘professional’ robberies and the illegal mining and whatever else happens to be outlawed will of course likely continue to boom for quite some time to come. Still we’re out of a phone til we buy the next in the coming quincena which will probably suffer the same fate.

          Funniest thing out of the whole ideal, a few hours after the robbery trying to call the number some kid like 3-4 years old is answering the phone. Hell of a thing to do just to get the young one a new play toy. 🙂

          • Overheard conversation in Las Mercedes on my last trip to Caracas.

            Girl 1: Sorry, I’m late, I got held up the other day and I had to replace my phone.
            Girl 2: Was it bad?
            Girl 1: No, no, just a normal hold-up. Mira, so, did that guy you like call you back?
            …and on the gossip went…

            If there isn’t violence, or a carjacking, or something “extra” to make it noteworthy, a hold-up doesn’t even register in casual conversation…

          • Again, so sorry. Also, there isd NOTHING funny about any of this. I’m from Nicaragua, and, while I haven’t lived there continuously since 1974, I have been back, and this type of behavior is, unfortunately, typical for so many of those who live there.

          • Venezuela, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Honduras are the most failed states of America. And then there are parts of Mexico, but Mexico, in spite of all the numbers, has a murder rate that is just a fraction of Venezuela’s. People won’t care a shit. My only still nini (or silent Chavista) aunt’s son (rabid oppo) almost got killed and now walks badly because of the shot. She still minimizes that. She says it’s terrible but it was only better in times of Pérez Jiménez…and that she doesn’t know what to think of media, all lie.
            i think the only thing that counts for her is her pension. That she can measure very well and in the nineties, with oil price at $12-18, she wasn’t getting her pension on time.

          • Which gets to the point of why I left Venezuela , not for me, but for the safety of my children.I have a right to put myself in danger if I so wish, but not the safety of other innocent others, like my children.

  4. I think the argument is more like, the new las is good because now the government is in charge of everything. Yeah, like that’s worked out so well in everything else they’re suddenly in charge of…

    They’ve essentially got a reverse Midas touch when it comes to government takeovers. I wonder if they can even turn gold into mierda.

    Norske Div, brilliant!

  5. What do you call it when an elected leader-brings spies in from another country (Cuba)
    to spy on his own people? Call “it” Hugo Chavez reality.

  6. from Babalu -same thing-Cuba and Venezuela Chavez ‘aped” Castro, again

    “As we have mentioned and documented here many times in the past, the Castro family crime syndicate has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to unsanctioned corruption. All criminal acts and corruption in Cuba must directly benefit the Castro crime family, and anyone caught trying to bypass the mafia bosses is dealt with swiftly and with extreme prejudice.”

    • Statement by Ros-Lehtinen:

      “Let us hope that this week’s act is a sign that the Arab Spring will soon be followed by a Cuban Fall…of the repressive Castro regime.

      “This video serves as a vivid reminder that the people of Cuba are united in their quest for freedom and democracy. Even from within the heart of Havana, these brave women were met with public support and solidarity.

      “The will of the Cuban people to stand together and peacefully confront the dictatorship that persecutes them, beats them, and denies them basic human rights, is growing. The courage to defy the regime’s security agents is clearly visible. Responsible nations must support their struggle for liberty.”

      NOTE: The video may be viewed here:

  7. Newsflash from the Hill .com
    The rebels said they believe Gadhafi and some of his sons are hiding in what Reuters described as “a cluster of apartment buildings,” which they have surrounded.

    Monsieur Toro, is it true -or just a rumor- there was/is a plane with Venezuelan ID waiting in neighboring Tunisia for Quadaffy- sent by Chavez?

    • Broder Charles ,,,, no, no…it’s not just a ‘rumor’,,,,but maybe Mr. Bull can’t tell you the truth right now (you know, ‘servicios secretos cubanos’ -‘cia’, ‘kgb’, etc.)…….. anyway……I am not afraid…and here is the proof! >>>>
      (and in disguise see? it’s silver not gold…Hugo se las sabe todas…hahaha…)

          • “­A Venezuelan government plane has landed on the Tunisian island of Djerba to evacuate Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s family, the Xinhua news agency quoted Tunisian radio, Mosaique FM, as reporting on Friday. According to the radio station, which cited a rebel source in Libya’s city of Benghazi, Gaddafi’s family is to leave Tunisia for the Venezuelan capital, Caracas. It is not yet clear how they will reach Tunisia.”

          • Dated: Aug 19th.

            Sigh…I’m so used to having left-wing trolls I don’t even know what to do with you…

          • Re:Cuba and support of Cuba by Chavez:

            “Responsible nations must support their struggle for liberty.”
            Mr. Toro -you have been “writing about the compounding state of insanity that is Venezuela under Chávez since 1999.”
            What does it take to ask the opposition to come out and say in public
            I condemn the actions of Chavez
            and support the liberation of Cuba??
            And, ask people in Venezuela to protest the acts of Chavez suporting
            the dictatorship in Cuba.?

  8. Wrong Mr. Bull, wrong,,, we are risking our lifes trying to help the cause and what..?
    Oye, no seas tan maluco chico!
    Anyway, olvidemoslo,,, but it’s true what broder Charles says,,,,(and from the beginning I knew those russian communist bastards se traian algo), bueh,,,no more habladera de paja,,,here’s (surprise!) Joselo (bastard!) loading the Antonov:
    (hat tip to agente especial 67 Alvaro Ybarra!)

  9. Tauro: En tu mesa te tocará la tinta morada indeleble más hedionda de toda Venezuela, por lo que pasarás todo el domingo y el lunes oliéndote el dedo meñique. Date un baño con agua reposada al sereno con bicarbonato, Jean Naté, pétalos de cundeamor y Glade Floral. Mezcla todo eso en un balde de pasar coleto y date un baño de asiento mientras rezas: “Oh Tibisay, Oh Tibisay, más barato que tu, sólo Dorsay”. No sabemos si el olor va a ceder, pero pasarás un domingo diferente. Tu frase: “¿Quieres oler algo horrible?”.

    Have a nice weekend, Mr. Bull !!


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