Two hearts that beat as one

One man’s campaign is another man’s institutional public relations and information service.

The “Venezuelan Heart” PR campaign, which was launched by the Chavernment last May has been withdrawn for now.

Information Minister Andres Izarra said that the decision was taken to avoid:

…possible confusion between this campaign and the electoral campaign of Hugo Chavez for reelection (titled “Heart of my Fatherland)“.

You don’t say… Wasn’t that the whole idea behind this in the first place?

This gesture of Chavismo contradicts its prior rejection of a pact proposed by opposition candidate Henrique Capriles to respect campaign rules, after the use of cadenas and other State advertising for electoral purposes. This sudden decision looks to be a possible unilateral compromise to please both the CNE and the opposition.

Who knows what forced them to change their minds? Could it be this image?

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  1. As I wrote in the other post “I think they planed this as all what they do, break the law, there will be no fines for us… at least one month full advertisement in all channels, paid by the state.”
    They do the laws, they put the fines (or not), so this was done “fríamente calculado” and they profited already from doing so.
    Another, to laugh, was that “Capriles appeared more often in VTV than Chávez”, yes they put the image for seconds in between, I saw that couple of days ago and asked me, why do they that?. Well, they counted it as “appeared one time”… Sure CNE is a objective and neutral instance, yeah…

  2. What’s going on here? Is this another chavista plot to curtail Capriles campaign or are the guys at the CNE trying to cover their arses playing for both sides?
    And what about this:
    Ledezma has already implied that the so called agreement is nothing but a farce because cadenas and another forms of the abuse of power are not even mentioned there. It looks like a make-believe agreement that most local government and state institutions will openly ignore… Of course, were Capriles to criticize it, chavistas will say that Capriles does not want to play fair.

    • Basically, they took the proposal from the Capriles camp, took out all things related to the equilibrium of the campaign, replace it with vague language of “peace” and “respect” and focus it on the acceptance of results. Pretty Machiavellian stuff…

      • The main causes of the disequilibrium in the campaign which are the abuse of cadenas and the use of state money and other resources for the Chavez campaign were left out. Now that they did something (dropping the corazón de mi patria campaign), without actually compromising, they are going to pressure the opposition to do something too (probably say that they are going to accept the results ). Pretty Machiavellian I agree. And I think the Capriles camp was kind of naïve by going to the CNE in the first place.


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