No Comments: Unworkable*, impersonal**, undemocratic***, dull****…

*don’t want to imagine the amount of reading you’ll have to do – of the good, the bad and the ugly. I imagine Sullivan has his staff, do you?
**I prefer to know who writes the posts as I develop some kind of empathy with people who I agree with. Now we have “another reader”, who??? Any interaction between readers will also be impossible.
***it will be only about you, you, you. The control over what you post or not (of what you think “worthy” of CC) will be kind of tyrannical and disturbing (Chavez-like, pues) but it’s your blog, so you can do whatever.
****good bye to the wacky crazy posts and funny exchanges between readers (but this is what you want)

Man, y’all are going to town on this reworked comments system!

All I ask is that you give it an honest, open-minded try for a couple of weeks, then evaluate how the reading experience changes. If it works well, we’re going to retain most of what was great about the old system, while getting rid of most of what sucked about it. And if it doesn’t, we just go back!…

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