The Cadena that Wasn’t


For once, today, Venezuela faced a situation where a Cadena Nacional would have been entirely appropriate, even welcome. Facing a genuine national disaster, people naturally turn to their leader for explanation, for guidance, for leadership, for solace.

Handling events like last night’s is why Cadenas are supposed to exist in the first place, ¡coño!

And what did we get?

A brief telephone call to VTV.

The rodent has this one right: it’s as though Cadenas are now reserved exclusively for campaigning. 

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  1. As the saying goes, “No se puede tapar el sol (=una series de explosiones de gas) con un dedo (ni siquiera el dedo hinchado de Chavez).”

  2. By the way, how the damage looks it was a very, very, big explosion, it is not like in a few minutes a gas cloud build up and exploded. How long between gas escape and explosion?. Was an alarm called?

  3. Can you imagine a PDVSA worker going into Exxon, or PetroCanada, or any real oil company for a job interview……they will be laughed out the door. This company which was world-class 15 years ago has been destroyed and along with it a lot of the future of Venezuela.
    Eva Gollinger was right this morning when she talked about sabotage, the Chavistas have sabotaged the country and stolen evrything thing there is to steal while selling the rest to the Cubans and Chinese.

  4. Every industry and everything controlled by the State has been put at the service of the Revolution, has been made “rojo rojito” or been ordered to help build socialism. To wit, PDVSA and broadcasting, including “cadenas”. Rather, have been abused to breaking point.

    Volumes have been written about a command economy being impossible because of resource allocation and information sharing problems, and some have speculated that better information technology might solve it. But it’s assumed that the motivations and actions of every actor are still rational and directed towards producing something or giving some kind of service. So, the national broadcasting has absolutely no use, except furthering the Revolution, or rather Hugo’s narcissism.

    But, this is madness! I believe that any attempt at Socialist Revolution is a societal dead end, costing money and even lives and the loss of the country, mainly because every objective of every organization in the Revolution is overtaken and corrupted by the masturbatory, capricious and irrational idea of “furthering the Revolution”, and then further corrupted when the truly corrupt use the Revolution meme to their advantage. Worse, in countries like Venezuela that don’t esteem engineering and scientific achievement like Russia did and does.

    • “So, the national broadcasting has absolutely no use, except furthering the Revolution, or rather Hugo’s narcissism.” should go at the end of the comment.

  5. I´m from Venezuela, it is not no time for say “Chavez is a bad person” or anything you want to say, is time for help us, Chavistas and escualidos, everybody working together. Just Saying, I´m not Chavista I´m not escualido.

    • Just a “Ni Ni”. AND, Chavez IS a bad person–Who did you think ordered the placement of francotiradores on rooftops in the ZONA DE SEGURIDAD in front of Miraflores on April 11, and who ordered the DIM to distribute handguns/ammo to anyone, including street vendors (the men took them, the women didn’t) on the morning of the 1 million march, and subsequent massacre of unarmed innocents!!! And these are just a few of many criminal acts!!!

    • Can we say he is an incompetent idiot and an a-hole with antediluvian ideas? That Venezuela looks like a battlefield because of his policies? That an alternative to this mess that is not a dictatorship should be given an opportunity?

    • Mr. H.C.: Isn’t it time that immature labels designed to divide, such as ‘Chavistas’ and ‘escualidos’, be dropped from some people’s everyday language? If you’re a ni-ni, shouldn’t you be using greater intelligence to see through the divide-and-conquer strategy of Maximus Jerkoff, who you may have once admired?

      • Sorry, sometimes we need that kind of language for say something. How I said “s time to help us” Tell me how you can help Venezuela.

        • As I said, it’s time more mature language prevail, such as “venezuelans”. Try it. Also, try to be clear and specific when you’re asking for help. Sorry HC, this exchange is way too immature for me. End of discussion.

    • Just curious: How do you justify ask for help from someone while calling them “escualido” in the same moment? Are you actually in the habit of insulting the people you need help from? How’s that working out for you?


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