Parallel campaign update

Before the campaign began in July, the Chavernment launched the “two-hearts’ strategy”: A elaborated PR campaign for the Executive branch (Venezuelan Heart), which contained elements that were similar to Hugo Chavez’s reelection campaign (Heart of my Fatherland). A month later, they officially dropped the former as a pretend concession to the CNE.

That didn’t stop them to keep doing two campaigns instead of one, but looks like a new theme has been found to replace the heart: Something called the “new fatherland”. This week, the Comunication and Information Ministry (MinCI) released a new series of spots, heavy on people obnoxiously finishing one another’s sentences:

These commercials (which can be seen here) are designed on paper to promote the Chavernment’s work, but looks like they’re promoting something else… or maybe someone. Who’s actually calling himself the “Heart of the Fatherland” and is identified as the “Fatherland’s candidate” by State media outlets?

You guessed it. Globovision also saw it clearly and has already calling the bluff on that one.

The comandante presidente is running three parallel campaigns down the home stretch. Because along those two there’s now clearly a dirty tricks campaign: Documents of dubious origin, suspicious MUD turncoats and the insistence on pushing the “inevitable victory” of Chavismo, through the release of questionable polls, including one from the Church of Schemelogy.

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