Ad War Update: The Last Chapter

Ninety six days after it launched, the official campaign is now over. Last night, the candidates made their final pitches to voters on the streets and on TV. The main contenders decided to use their full three minutes to make their cases, but used very different approaches.

The comandante presidente used a clip of the interview he gave days ago to former Vice-President/Defense Minister/Foreign Minister Jose Vicente Rangel. Then, a combination of some leftover glossy imagery and supposed footage of Thrusday’s rally in Caracas. Looks like some footage comes from earlier rallys, with the exception of Chavez soaking wet.

Henrique Capriles also trotted out images of his rallys around the country, including his closing act in Caracas last Sunday. He pitches the highlights of his governing platform and commits himself to improve the life of Venezuelans in the case he wins on October 7th.

No other candidate made a final statement to voters. In fact, there was no major presence of the also-rans in the campaign at all. This was de facto a two men race, period.

And this is it for “Ad War Update”. TODOS A VOTAR ESTE DOMINGO!