Ad War Update: The Last Chapter


Ninety six days after it launched, the official campaign is now over. Last night, the candidates made their final pitches to voters on the streets and on TV. The main contenders decided to use their full three minutes to make their cases, but used very different approaches.

The comandante presidente used a clip of the interview he gave days ago to former Vice-President/Defense Minister/Foreign Minister Jose Vicente Rangel. Then, a combination of some leftover glossy imagery and supposed footage of Thrusday’s rally in Caracas. Looks like some footage comes from earlier rallys, with the exception of Chavez soaking wet.

Henrique Capriles also trotted out images of his rallys around the country, including his closing act in Caracas last Sunday. He pitches the highlights of his governing platform and commits himself to improve the life of Venezuelans in the case he wins on October 7th.

No other candidate made a final statement to voters. In fact, there was no major presence of the also-rans in the campaign at all. This was de facto a two men race, period.

And this is it for “Ad War Update”. TODOS A VOTAR ESTE DOMINGO!

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  1. Over 1 milliion people filling up 7 avenues is not like before or taken from other campaigns, whereas y’all created the illusion Capriles is winning. I was watching it live on UStream and it was real…

    More than we can say for the chatter boxes of the right and the chronically clueless!

    Rojo Rojito


    • Chávez has gathered that much people (and, quite possibly, more) in previous elections. Back then, he didn’t have the need to summon a gargantuan fleet of buses packed with public employees and supporters from other states.

    • And the refusal to acknowledge reality by most who comment on this blog continues. Unfortunately for those on this blog who prefer dreams to reality those dreams are going to be coming to an end in just 2 days. Just 2 more days until the start of Six More Years.

    • Cort, you can waech what ever you like on UStream but it does not show you what those of us here saw. On my way from Valencia to Caracas yesterday between 9am and 12noon I passed or was passed by at least 300 busses from all over the central and western side of the country……..valencia, trujillo, araure, acarigua, Merida Maracaibo, chivaco, barquisimeto and on and on and on. Busses from the government universities (UNEFFAA) Busses from the electric company, busses from government ministries and busses and vans donated to local groups for public transport all filled with people in red shirts and chavez signs. They brought in thousands ( remember I saw 300 just along side me during those 3 hours and from only this side of the country) of bus loads of people so that they could fill up the streets to impress people like YOU! Now how do you think civil servants feel when they have been bussed( no comfortable seats or airconditioning) for 4 straight days from one rally to the next all across the country with no accomodations and nothing substancial to eat ??? Do you really think that they are all having the time of their lives supporting the revolution or do you think that maybe at least half of them are so fed up with having to do this for the past 14 years that they might just go along with it because if they do not they loose their jobs and that on Sunday they will vote( it is secret you know) for the opposition. Jeeze you just do not get it. People all over are F…..g fed up with this! I think that after sunday you will have only two places to go and visit your communist paradise, Cuba( and you better hurry before the old leaders die off and North Korea. Do not bother to come here because we are going to turn this around and you will be disappointed!

  2. Love? Tolerance? And peace!!?? WTF? Looks like somebody spiked their Kool-aid with some LSD or e. Whatever they smoked, chavistas like Esteban and Fosforito sould start taking that on a daily basis…
    And for Pete’s sake, the comandante-presidente looks like the friggin’ blob! A couple of extra pounds and the guy might as well sumo wrestle Juan Barreto!

  3. The most amazing part on Chavez’s video is at 1:50: “El 7-O vamos a mostrar el amor… amor que perdona y tolera”

    I didn’t get goose pumps from the Capriles ad. Not very emotional for the last remark.

  4. What a horrible ad from Chavez. “Do you love your kids? Do you love your grandchildren? Do you want peace? Then you have to vote for Chavez… ” I guess people who vote for Capriles don’t love their kids, their grandchildren, and peace.

    Fear fear fear, that is the essence of the chavista campaign. We are in the hands of a madman.

  5. I’m going to risk being burned alive, but I have to ask. Am I the only one a little uncomfortable with the fact that HCR didn’t name a VP before being elected (hopefully)? For a guy that is running on the idea of being just a member of a team, why didn’t he share a name with us? Maybe it’s just me, but I would have loved to see a group of people joining the discussion

    • hey, the vice president accounts for nothing here since he can be changed as often as a president likes….How many has Chavez had in 14 years…8 0r 10 0r who knows ,we have lost count and it has no relevance on the state of the country. It makes absolutely no difference to us here

  6. I know his strategy was probably right as he’s had an amazingly successful campaign. It’s just that a part of me that wanted to see a clear distance between the caudillo model by communicating a full “llave” to the country. But going back to your point, I know Chávez has made a joke out of the VP position that he himself created (but then again, he’s done the same with everything he’s touched) and probably we might not even need a VP in the first place but I would have loved to see more people adding depth to the proposals, probably convincing the still unconvinced that HCR has plenty to move this country forward.

  7. From an electoral ad point of view, I’d say Chávez’ was brilliant in its manipulation. It starts as a deep voice-over announces the telenovela, repeated in writing: “Escucha tu corazón”. Tinkling music begins as the camera focuses on Chávez full on, right in front of you. He beins to speak, looking with a bull’s eye into the absolute center of the lens, as he says tu y tus…
    I couldn’t help but feel that Sean Penn has done his job, coaching this bastard. Or should I say, two bastards working together, at the expense of the nation.

    Capriles’ final ad was not as powerful, moreover when it was obvious that he has not yet mastered the teleprompter. I suspect, no, I know that people warmed to him over the campaign, not for his manipulated voice, but for qualities that we all aspire to. Well, that’s except ding-dongs like Cort Greene, Eva Longoria or whatever her name is, even the lesser ding-dong, Arturo, who’s getting itchy.


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