An example of fiscal irresponsibility

Evelín Urdaneta (MUD-AD), the current Mayor of Pedro María Freites Municipality

The local government of Pedro María Freites Municipality (Eastern Anzoategui) is facing bankruptcy. Some public workers have been fired while others are protesting because they haven’t been paid recently.

The mayor has explained that PDVSA, the main contributor to the local treasury, has not paid any taxes at all in ten months. Its outstanding debt stands around BsF.98 million. She has tried to use every legal options at her disposal, to no avail.

Finance Minister Jorge Giordani has hinted at possible tax reforms. Maybe first he should make sure State Owned Enterprises pay their own taxes. It should be easy enough for him to track down minster/CEO Rafael Ramirez in person, as the two share the same schedule.

But better hurry, he’s going to Merida pretty soon.

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  1. The message is clear. Vote for the opposition and suffer the consequences. How irresponsible are those who vote for the opposition when they know the government will cut funding off!

  2. Agreed. Chavista leadreship is World CLass. Rewards and punishments are cristal clear.
    Your behaviour clearly modelled. (Afiuni vs, Rosita).

    Now its amoral, and follows the values of the Regime in power, that is divide and conquer! have veenzuelians fight against each other, and meanwhile contimue the pillaging anf pilfering of its treasury. (Los Piratas del Caribe!)


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