“I know we won people. But the comandante presidente wants us to discuss this unreadable thing all over again.”

Last weekend, State media outlets dedicated almost all of their programing to cover a series of small gatherings all across Venezuela, as part of something called “Constituent Process of the Second Socialist Plan of the Nation, 2013-2019”.

Catchy title, wouldn’t you agree?

What’s this all about? Apparently Chavismo wants followers to reckon ideas for the next six years of Chavernment.

Wait a second… If Chavez won and therefore, 55% of the voters agreed with his “program of the fatherland”, all he has to do now is to simply apply it, right? What’s the point of debating it again? Venezuelans gave their response last month. Folks, just govern already!

And then, the answer could be right in front of us … the key word here is “constituent”.

What comes to mind by hearing it? The process of making or changing the Constitution.

So, Chávez wants a rematch of the 2007 referendum… or something. Not surprising, but even if they lost it they implemented those reforms de facto via ordinary legislation.

The Chavernment has denied any intention to change the Constitution or call a Constitutional Assembly, and has invited the opposition to join in the “process”.

So, what do they want to accomplish with all this? Distract the attention of the everyday issues people do care about? A sudden change of strategy for the 16-D elections, given that the comandante presidente won’t campaign? Or perhaps they just really want to change the Constitution to change one little article in particular?

Amanecerá y veremos… Meanwhile, I’ll pull off one from the Mitchell & Webb files:

“What do you think about this issue? Do you have any thoughts? What are those thoughts? Will you tell us them? Any thoughts at all will do. If you have’em, we want to hear them.”

P.S. I’ll take on the other elephant in the room (the communal power) in another post.

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