How not to make ice cream


Last month, the Chavernment got into the ice cream business.

The comandante presidente announced the new Coppelia line, inspired by the famous place of the same name in Havana (what, you were expecting Ben & Jerry’s?)

One month later, things are not going according to plan. This article of El Nacional takes Murphy’s law to a whole new level.

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  1. I was in Cuba last spring and was looking forward to trying Coppelia ice cream while I was in Havanna; however, I was surprised to get very negative feedback from a number of Cubans who said that it wasn’t worth the effort to get there because the icre cream was not what it was cracked up to be. Regardless and also despite the fact that Venezuela has established suppliers of all the ice cream the country needs, Chavez decided to waste the money on establishing Coppelia in Venezuela. Maybe the steroids have damaged his taste buds as well as his judgement!!!

  2. If the Chavernment decided to enter into the organic manure business, there would not be sh*t to be found. They could create a scarcity of sand at the Medanos de Coro.

    Does this name have to do with Coppelia and with the Coppelius of Hoffman’s The Sandman? Is it because Coppelius destroys the happiness and life of everyone he comes into contact with? Fine choice for a name!


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