Another one for the “Where’s Waldo?” files

Call me, maybe?

The new Defense Minister, Admiral Diego Molero Bellavia was named fifteen days ago via phone call, after his predecessor Henry Rangel Silva was sent to Trujillo.

He’s still waiting for his official swearing-in ceremony in Fuerte Tiuna, but that’s on hold because it requires the presence of the comandante presidente himself.

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  1. The ‘comandante presidente’ is clearly ill. I think the massive use of steroids, and other drugs, that he had ingested during the campaign has taken its toll on the body. His disappearance from the political stage would indicate some severe complications from the cancer. I would give his continuing tenure as ‘comandante presidente’ 3 months,….tops. Just watch.

    • Yet, he pops up like a jack-in-the-box, looking like the fresh bloom of a rose, the last time, coincidentally after the rumour mill announced an imminent Bocaranda post of Chávez’s return to Cuba (for medical treatment). (Boca’s comment, if true, was never posted.)

      • My guess, he accepted he will die sooner than later, and he is using this time to make real “Chavez ahora son todos”, that is, he is not indispensable for a “revolutionary government”. He is ensuring that the machinery works smoothly when he passes away.


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