An example of fiscal irresponsibility, cont. (UPDATE)

Don’t talk to me about food, please

A lot of things have happened since I wrote about Evelyn Urdaneta, the mayor of an Anzoátegui municipality that faces possible bankruptcy because PDVSA hasn’t paid local taxes for almost a year.

She went to Caracas last week to keep up the fight. Then, she started a hunger strike (along with some municipal workers) in front of the United Nations’ office in the capital.

After four days, she insisted that “…she wouldn’t move until the government gave her an answer”. But there could be a possible solution on the works, as PDVSA has agreed to discuss the debt.

UPDATE: A deal was reached between PDVSA and the Freites Municipality. PDVSA-Gas paid 25 Million. Other parts of the debt will be paid at November 30th and December 12th.
Mrs. Urdaneta announced the agreement herself and the hunger strike is over. Thank God.