Things to do in Miraflores before leaving for surgery


web_696156-01-08_big_tpBefore his departure to Cuba, the comandante presidente finally swore in the new Defense Minister Admiral Diego Molero Bellavia late Sunday night.

The official ceremony was delayed for weeks and ended up being more intimate than the usual military tradition.

He also met with his economic team and put the upcoming paquetazo on hold. A local newspaper reports that Finance Minister Jorge Giordani proposed a currency devaluation and an increase in the subsidized price of gasoline. Both proposals were rejected for now.

There will be changes in the Mision Cadivi, including the end of the infamous folders.

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  1. First the opposition’s like: “They’re gonna do a paquetazo, you just wait!”

    Then after the elections when it doesn’t happen the opposition’s like: “Well they really WANTED to do a paquetazo, but they decided not to do it…. but I told you they were gonna do it, even if they didn’t actually do it!”

    • First, the chavistas are all like “Chavez is not sick, you clueless fools!” Then Chavez says he is sick and annoints a successor, and chavistas go quiet.

        • GAC,
          No one knew. There has been a lot of uncertainty around all of this. Both the illness and the economic measures. No one is speaking honestly to us (you and me) on what’s happening to Chavez and what are the government plans.

          It is always a surprise.

          • Yeah, cancer tends to be that (a surprise). Or did you expect to Chavez to have known beforehand that his cancer was going to reappear?

          • After a OP, chemotherapy with a recurrence, yes, with certainty (let’s say 95%, that is what I wrote at that point). And I don’t know what he knows… what a cancer is that.

          • You asked if he knew. For the second question, yes, for him and for the so much talked political stability. He knew more than you and me about what a cancer he has, why was he begging for life at some point? He had a chance to be healthy again, but probably lower than 1% (if you know the cancer type and there is a recurrence, only some cancers are better than that, bet he had one in the other category). Well, he thought he is the only one who could lead Venezuela and risked that already small chance imposing more stress on himself. Compare Chávez with all the other LA presidents in battle with cancer.

          • Are you claiming that Chavez was actually ‘cured’ somewhere at these 18 months and had a relapse?

            I argue that he wasn’t and that he was always sick and he lied. You will argue the opposite. But until his doctors publish a full report we will never know.

          • Not sure if you know anything about cancer, but usually they operate, remove the cancerous tissue, and follow up with radiation, chemo. (sometimes they do radiation and chemo before operating). That is then followed up with periodic checks to see if tumors have reappeared.

            Your scenario doesn’t even make any sense, since he would have had to have been carrying around cancerous tumors in his body without treating them in order to have been lying about his condition. It is obvious to anyone with any logic that tumors were removed, but that cancer reappeared in the same place.

            If Chavez had released an official medical report, the opposition would have claimed it was a lie too, and would have demanded a report by an independent doctor. And you all would have repeated that like parrots, like you always do.

          • Exactly, Get a Clue is right. They operate and remove the tumors.. That is then followed up with periodic checks to see if the tumors have reappeared.

            HOWEVER, Chavez declared himself cured and free of cancer before those follow up checks were performed, no experienced oncologist in the world would do that. Whether he knew he still had a few cancer cells or not, to declare oneself cured before those follow up checks Get A Clue mentioned is simply A LIE.

          • You don’t need a medical report to avoid inventing scenarios that don’t even make any sense. Any idiot can do that.

          • Get a clue, assuming all what Chávez said was true, then,
            -they first removed a very big tumor (baseball-size), that implies a fast growing or long time tumor. Probability of cancer cells emigrating: high.
            -they for sure removed local tissue if possible, normal practice.
            -they used chemotherapy, so they assumed this migration was very probably.
            -a recurrence appeared in a short time, a cancer with no response to chemotherapy, very bad. Again, fast growing cancer, highly aggressive cancer type per definition.
            That alone get you a very, very, bad prognosis. If you know what cancer type you have, like they did, you can be more precise.
            -cancer cells alone or in small groups are not detectable in the organism, only at a mm size, so any “negative” found isn’t really “negative” until time prove that.-

          • Get a clue,

            Chavez deliberately lied when he said his body was “totally cancer free”:

            If he wasn’t such a megalomaniac he would have anointed a “successor” 18 MONTHS ago, even if it was just in case.

            I’m appealing to your flighty objectivity, GAC. Don’t you think its rather irresponsible to run for reelection knowing the prospects of your disease, and on top of that lie and do everything to cover it, without having a B-plan?

          • GAC:
            Any president who publicly announces: ‘Toy curao’, before the standard 5-year remission period, is delusional, irresponsible, or both. Evidently, that’s how you like ’em.

          • Please, Get A Clue: Get A Cancer… then you can have an opinion… Hope you get the best in your case: brain cancer… it will just compromise the organ you use less!

          • It wouldn’t effect GAC’s functioning at all. The cancer would stick to his dura mater, and likely not be able to even penetrate that thick barrier separating his brain from the rest of reality.

        • Well, Bocaranda has been saying this for 18 months or so… I know he is a “bete noir”, but chaveco he is not…

          If he knew, Chávez knew, and also the CNE… They all lied…

          And, Get a Clue, I suppose you can always get a “Clue!” (the game), and play it with your mates at the fraternity…

    • Hilarious, Giordani proposed a paquetazo. The opposition has nothing to do with it.

      Also, we aren’t saying Chavez wants or does not want to enact a fiscal tightening package, the opposition is pointing out it is inevitable. It’s just a question of how sudden that fiscal tightening will be, the longer the delay, the more painful it will be.

      • Yes, because any fiscal tightening, any reduction in spending, even a simple devaluation, that’s a “paquetazo” according to the logic of this blog.

          • Wrong again my friend. The paquetazo that Capriles was accused of came from a document leaked by de Lima that listed a whole series of measures that Capriles would take, including freezing pensions, removing price controls, increasing cost of electricity, removing food subsidies, increases in public transport costs, etc. etc. etc.

            You will just say that document was a lie (again, its all lies!), but it doesn’t take a real genius to know that Capriles and the MUD support this neoliberal agenda. They all signed the MUD agreement last January with this intention, and the document was written by some of the same officials that carried out CAP’s paquetazo. There is plenty of reason to expect that agenda out of an opposition government.

          • For the record. I think what Giordani is suggesting is necessary. I just think is hypocritical to create fear for that ‘leaked’ paquetazo and then do it yourself. That is also lying to your constituents.

            And to the eyes of the huge majority of venezuelans, raising the price of gas (which I think is totally necessary but chavez lacks the balls) will be seen as a paquetazo.

          • Just one small problem, what Giordani is suggesting is nothing even remotely close to what they were accusing Capriles of. But, oh well, don’t let minor details get in the way of your narrative.

          • Sure. We will see how far Giordani goes. Just give him time some time. By the way “removing price controls, increasing cost of electricity, removing food subsidies, increases in public transport costs, etc. etc. etc.” are a way of “fiscal tightening”and “reduction in spending” my clueless friend. Or where is the reduction coming from? Do you know?

            What is precisely Giordani planning to cut?

          • Yes, because ANY reduction in spending is the same as doing all of these measures. Again, don’t let details get in the way of this narrative about a “paquetazo”.

          • That’s right. Any reduction in the gasoline subsidy is something that Chavez has since 1998 denounced as neo-liberalism. He ran on the platform of keeping gasoline subsidies. It has been his policy for 14 years to keep them in place, with increasing costs by the year.

            For you to pretend this is not the case shows just how indefensible you realize your position is. If you admit even this one reversal, you would have to confront everything else you have held to be true and your faith in Chavez would fall apart. You are in the same position as a religious fundamentalist.

          • Who “all signed the document,” you and your friends?

            The list of measures you listed are all the minor ones, I’m not sure if you’re familiar with Venezuelan history, but what drove Caracazo was the increase in Gasoline prices. Increasing gasoline prices is what Giordani proposed, so Giordani is following in CAP’s footsteps.

          • Thanks for showing your utter ignorance. To answer your first question, apparently you know nothing about the politicians you support:


            As for the Caracazo, gasoline price hikes were what detonated the violence, but the general food scarcity that led to the mass looting was due to the eminent removal of price controls.

            You might get a clue before lecturing others…

          • Good link GAC, as the Ultimatas Noticias article points out, the thing is a guideline. It was not Capriles presidential platform, which specifically repudiated a number of its points (even though people here disagreed with many of Capriles promises such as not firing any public employees). You read this blog, but you’re not aware this disagreement?

            And you make another good point, the gas price hikes detonated the violence in Caracazo, but the food shortages already exist in Venezuela. So indeed, what Gioradani is proposing follows right in the footsteps of CAP!


        • So, I assume that if Capriles had won, and he had implemented ONLY HALF of what Giordani proposed, you would have been ok with that. You would have found it reasonable, and wouldn’t complain.


  2. From the photo above one can’t help but notice that Bellavia and Maduro have spent a lot of quality time at the dinner table. Is this the new image of the Bolivarian Republic,…chubby?

      • I was thinking about that, no public appearance at all. El pueblo had to go to Bolívar squares, not to Balcón del Pueblo, Chávez don’t talked live for a month. All what is showed is filmed and showed later. And what for a dress code (Fidel’s one) for that official act…
        It’s hard to me to believe this is only a show and he is healthy… You never know, but I don’t believe that.

  3. No paquetazo? Great. More cheap cadivi dollars for the very select few who can access those dollars and sell them at something like 4 times their original price.

  4. One of the few benefits of being close to “hanging the tennis shoes” (Guindar los tennis) is that you really can afford to delay the inevitable. I bet Chavez is going to go out with a huge spending binge, poor Maduro is going to have to deal with the consequences in 2014/15.

    • Yeah, it doesn’t make economic sense, but it’s fiscally possible to throw caution to the wind and spend like crazy for about another two years. He can spend down the gold reserves and load up on debt a bit more, there are still people willing to lend to Venezuela.

  5. Things To Do In Miraflores Before My Demise: Authorize the purchase of 1-way tickets to “La Isla De La Felicidad” for GAC and his fellow 60M+ Mercenaries, just one example of how I have sold out the PATRIA, PATRIA, PATRIA…..


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