VP Maduro: No inauguration on January 10th (Updated)

Minutes ago, the President of the National Assembly Diosdado Cabello just read a letter from Vice-President Nicolas Maduro, in which he indicates that President Hugo Chavez won’t attend the official inauguration of his third term of office (2013-2019), established to start on that specific date according to the Article 231 of the Venezuelan Constitution.

In the letter, Maduro informed that the formal swearing-in would be postponed to a later date and that it would be held in front of the Venezuelan Supreme Court (TSJ) instead.

UPDATE # 1: Information Minister Ernesto Villegas indicates via twitter that there will be a press conference of TSJ President Luisa Estela Morales tomorrow at 9 a.m. VP Maduro hinted earlier that the Supreme Court has the power to set a new date for a new inauguration.

UPDATE # 2: The Chavista majority in the National Assembly voted an agreement to give Chavez “…all the time he needs to take care of his condition”. The MUD deputies didn’t support this proposal.

UPDATE # 3: Vice-President Nicolas Maduro was not long ago on cadena nacional from the Miraflores Situation Room with the Cabinet and the Military Chiefs, including the Defense Minister. Looks like it was recorded earlier today. He repeated the contents of the letter he sent to the National Assembly and he’s doubling down on his interpretation of the Constitution. The military heads gave their full support (via video-conference) to Maduro.

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