Gran Mision Mad Rush to Catch Up After Years of Broken Promises


Even after the home-buidling boom of the year ahead of the 2012 presidential vote, chavismo still hasn’t caught up with the puntofijo years’ pace…

GMVV Housebuilding totals still lag the IVth Republic
Still behind

[Hat tip: Transparencia Venezuela.]

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  1. That graph seems to reflect more the average of homes built “per term”, than the average “per year” which would be a closer call (in the 13Ks for both republics).

  2. I understand that these are only raw numbers of houses built per year without taking into account population growth, right? In that scenario, the case is even better against chavimo.

  3. Quico, the relevant metric is houses built per capita (or household or 100,000 inhabitants). Obviously, in those terms the difference would be even more striking.

  4. I wonder if these houses were included when the gov did the math…–casas-sin-estrenar-se-desploman-en-el-tuy.aspx

    These ones for sure were included, but I wonder how long they’ll stand…

    And what happened to the “Operacion Lupa”? Are the government numbers on house building real or not? What does Julio Borges and PJ said?


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