Worst. GMVV House. Ever!


Following on from GEHA’s post, some GMVV houses are collapsing before they’re even assigned!

Update: Needless to say, this one got chigüired in an instant.

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  1. OMG. All that wasted energy in building something which appears to have been sub-code. Oh wait, there are no codes. Any ole thing will do.

  2. I just emailed you some photos of a housing project in Antolin de Campo, Isla Margarita where the houses are made of foam with no columnas or vigas.

    A disaster waiting to happen

    • I live in Antolin del Campo as well and have seen the disaster. The houses build there have no foundations, just a floor poured on uncompacted gravel and landfill. With a nice rainy season there will be little left of those houses.

  3. Which reminds me of an online conversation I had with a PSF some five years ago. I pointed out that housing construction under Chavez was much lower than under the Fourth Republic. The reply of the PSF- and he had some documentation to back it up IIRC- was that government-constructed housing under Chavismo was much better than government-constructed housing under the Fourth Republic. No so much these days, it would appear.

  4. From our friend the Lithium-dependent Capybara:
    Gobierno entrega viviendas pre-destruidas…

    A great play on words. It reminds me of the US advertising line of “pre-owned cars,” instead of “used cars.”


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