My kingdom for a baseball cap


The Chavernment sometimes uses the mandatory simulcasts on all TV and Radio stations (known as cadenas) to promote its image and political agenda through elaborate infomercials, but last night they went even further: an entire cadena in primetime to reclaim the political ownership of a baseball cap.

The “tricolor cap” has been around for years, but it came into prominence during the last presidential campaign after opposition candidate Henrique Capriles Radosnki started to wear it and the electoral board tried (unsuccessfully) to stop him.

The tricolor cap became “Capriles’ cap” and a powerful visual symbol for the opposition all the way to October 7th. But guess what? We’re not allowed powerful visual symbols.

Well, a whole new chapter of “Gorragate” begun this week with the presentation of a brand new model by Nicolás Maduro, who says the tricolor cap has been “…a symbol of the Bolivarian Revolution from quite some time”. The day after, during the infamous last session of the National Assembly, both sides staged on the floor “the war of the caps”.

Chavismo wants now to expropriate the tricolor hat for themselves. After all, the idea of banning it didn’t work and simply ignoring it wasn’t an option. This is not about changing its own symbol, but to simply taking from the opposition everything that could help them. Capriles himself has already made clear he won’t give up the cap anytime soon.

Chavismo has decided to raise the stakes this week. Polarization has worked for them before and think Chávez’s long absence won’t hurt. Even one of its main pollsters concurr.

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  1. I know the mechanics of these work deeper than most people think. But seeing it at bird’s eye view, all the shitstorms we are facing and they make a cadena for this. I just cant believe im living in this place.

  2. Since they now cannot visually differentiate themselves from Chavismo, perhaps the opposition should seriously consider wearing red berets.

    On a more serious note, many of us are hoping you CC guys can regale us with a few words on the latest gerrymandering push from the CNE for the July 14th Municipal Elections.

  3. Its not who does it first, but who does it best. Chavez could have started using a tricolor cap first, but Capriles was the one who really got the thing going and made it into a symbol, of course, the tolerant revolution of peace and love couldn’t handle that so they made a cadena insulting all of those oligarch traitors who use the tricolor and told them “Hey! This is our cap! you don’t have the right to use it!
    Dios parecen carajitos.

  4. I really thought they had more intelligence than this. Don’t get me wrong, it’s intelligent in the way it takes a symbol away (or at least neutralises) an opposition symbol but it begs the question “why”? Why do they feel the need for such a childish, pathetic action?

  5. As always, their greed comes through. It’s not only limited to money (that same greed for money that they imitate to a jot and tittle) as that of the capitalists they so happily denounce.

    No, our Socialists will lay allodial claim to everything that seems to be worth something. Be it of monetary, political, artistic or social value.

    Sharing, as, you know, like allowing anyone else to use something, is alien to them Revolutionary Socialists.

    At least the most greedy capitalist will only take your money. And we are to believe our lot will be better after we have been (forcibly) robbed of everything, from property and up to cultural mores and customs.

  6. In the meantime, somebody is making a killer with the manufacture of the tri-color baseball caps. I’m sure it’s an insider boliburgues fat cat that was cued by Maduro a couple of months ago.

  7. Oh god our politics are such a joke. That last AN session with all the cap idiocy made me so embarassed. I sure hope it stays inside the country so I don’t have to explain to people here why our politicians act like 12 year old girls.

  8. verga pana, con esta paja de una puta gorra Venezuela dejó oficialmente de ser un país para convertirse en un mal chiste. amigos chavistas, les regalo esa mierda (de gorra, de país, de chabe)…


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