Chávez or bust, cont.

Colocaran-busto-Chavez-Miraflores-AVN_NACIMA20130523_0141_19Looks like I was right after all: the bust of the late comandante supremo located outside the IPSFA shopping center in Caracas will be the first of many.

Nicolás Maduro presented a new bust this week, made by Russian artist Igor Sechien and it comes as a gift from no other than President Vladimir Putin. 

The bust will be put in Miraflores Palace as a symbol of the current Russian-Venezuelan alliance (which can be summed up in one sentence: we give them money and sweet oil deals and they give us lots of weapons and political cover).

One related question, does the deal include giving official government credentials to Russian nationals they can use in case they’re caught with their hands full of drugs?

But don’t worry: there will be also Chávez busts made by Venezuelan artists, like the one which was unveiled in front of the Aragua State Sports Institute’s offices in Maracay.