The State of our Public Hospitals in four and a half minutes

For all that we have written about the terrible state of our public healthcare system, sometimes is difficult to convey into words how bad it is. But images can speak louder than words, and this report – made by Venezuelan photojournalist Betty Laura Zapata – for UK’s Channel 4 News is quite powerful.

Zapata (who resides in London) returned to Venezuela last year and for two months she shot inside several public hospitals. As she describes:

…doing my own research was the only way to build up a picture of what is really happening. I interviewed doctors, nurses, patients, administrative staff and ambulance drivers.

Few were able to talk to me openly, or felt comfortable giving me their names, for fear of losing their jobs for talking without official permission. But the situation they described was shocking.

And shocking it is indeed. I don’t wanna spoil it for you, just watch it. Warning for graphic images. Nice things you’re defending, Mr. Corbyn…

If you want to see more of Zapata’s work, go to her website and see more pictures of the Project X-Ray, for which she got recognition.