#ADWARS: The campaign has begun.

To celebrate the official campaign launch, we bring you a digest of both side's ads thus far.


The campaign for the December 6th election will formally start today. I say formally because both political sides started pushing their messages on-line and on the air a long time ago. Not that the CNE cares much about that.

Now, let’s take a look to the latest from the MUD and the PSUV-GPP:

The opposition’s latest ads are all about location, location, location. Location on the ballot, that is.

You might have heard of MIN, the small political party hijacked by the Supreme Court, which has been turned into a huge electoral boobytrap, thanks to its placement right next to the MUD on the ballot, and the use of the word UNIDAD. Nicolas Maduro himself has publicly referred MIN-UNIDAD as “the opposition”, in what seems to be a deliberate attempt to confuse impressionable voters. It’s just one of the many electoral dirty tricks Luis Almagro and OAS have called bullshit on.

So, the MUD just released these new ads where they ask voters to “not be fooled” and identify the actual Unity card as the “one with the little hand”, in reference to its logo. They also push their placement on the ballot (bottom lefthand corner), through the power of repetition, just like HeadOn. They even take advantage of the hand symbol to spin a more positive attitude into its message.

Meanwhile, Chavismo keeps on focusing on the “brave people” part of its main campaign slogan. Better get ready for montages! Info-graphics! Poster-making! Smiling faces! Chicha!

I don’t know about you, but I found these commercials quite boring. I know that I’m not the target audience, but still the whole execution is either uninspired or just plain lazy. They really want to rally their more passionate base, but it feels more like they want to put them to sleep.

And to prove my point further, take a look to this piece apparently directed towards younger crowds:

UGH! The first thing that came to my mind is this. The second thing that came to my mind was… um, this isn’t working, fellas.

Get Joao Santana back ASAP. He’s actually available right now. Just stop doing these. Just stop.

Wait a minute, why I’m giving them advice? It’s not like they’re trailing badly in the polls…right?.

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  1. Chavismo already won by forcing MUD to spend their (very limited resources) explaining how to vote, not convincing the electorate. That being said, the PSUV campaign is very weak. It doesn’t look to persuade much either. I’m actually surprised that they would call out “Colombovenezolano” as one of their characters, given how they have mistreated this part of the electorate lately… Not much thought there. Net, it doesn’t seem that these campaigns will work one way or another, but let’s see if they evolve.

  2. Having to spend money on ads that tell people how to vote is a victory for the government. And that “Como sea” ad looks more menacing than anything. Still, the election is the MUD’s to lose.

  3. I agree with “como sea” sounding very menacing. And they are using it as a fixture in several ads. What about radio ads? The MUD ad with “Venezuela está pariendo” I tbink is awful, although memorable; but not sure it works for it’s purpose. The ‘dolar’ ad from Guanipa is terrible. I think no one is doing a particular good job at this moment.

  4. The PSUV ads don’t mention the PSUV, or Maduro. It doesn’t assert that things are better, or even mention any specific benefits which might have arguably been achieved. They don’t even blame the imperio for anything.

    Bland, and likely ineffective.

  5. One thing that should be told to voters: “Como sea” (aka “any way at all”) would pretty much mean “o los mato a todos” (aka “or else I’ll kill you all”)

    Another thing that should be drilled into voters’ minds: “maburro his family and ALL the enchufados are drug lords, and drug trafficking has grown crime here in your barrio”

    Stuff that the MUD shouldn’t even mention: “el legado de ch***z”, “we won’t change anything about the current system if we win” and bullshit like that.

    Also, isn’t that “Joao Santana” a fucktard SoB who specializes in playing the dirtiest tricks imaginable for campaigns, like being the artificer behind those infamous mounted audios like that one with Ceballos’s wife?

  6. Esto es solo el abreboca, una campana se programa con cambios de ritmo y cadencia , terminando con lo mas fuerte . Esperemos para ver !!

  7. Thoughts about the last ad with the girl in the red t-shirt:

    1. From the very first frame I could hear people thinking, “Coño! La esquela de mi hijo no vea nada así!”

    2. The dialogue was boring repetitions of old and tired Chavista slogans that I don’t think people even consciously hear and more.

    3. However, in the moment of the “como sea” at the end, I could feel the girl’s tone change subtly, but clearly to where it was clearly a defiant threat. If you pause the video at that moment, it comes through in the expression.

  8. “Los Jovenes dicen el Futuro ej nuejtro?!, a defendel la rebolusion.”

    We’re in great hands, folks.

    Brilliant incorruptible young Mud entrepreneurs del siglo 23.
    (uh, then again.. those are all in Argentina, Miami or Madrid, but they will go back to the beloved Bolivarian patria first thing tomorrow, after they load up on diapers and harina pan this year)


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