Poll-yanna Chronicles

Every poll published this cycle and every seat projection, in one place. Thanks, Jimmy Wales!

This Wikipedia page bringing together all the publicly available polls ahead of 6D is pretty cool.

You can tell the government’s out of money by the fact they can’t even afford more than one fake pollster who’ll still go on record to say they’re winning.

I mean, ICS? That’s the best they can do? Really!?

I guess North America Opinion Research was just too expensive for them this time. And Keystone Mercadeo Táctico, too. And Top Data. And Predicmatica. And GIS XXI. And Servimercadeo. Hell, they can’t even afford to get Schemel to say they’ll win anymore; though he’ll still hedge maniacally for them, apparently.

Se nota que el petróleo está a 34, ¿no?