As the holidays roll around, sometimes you just want to give the people close to you a little slice of Venezuela. And boy do we have you covered!

Presenting The Store.

It’s Caracas Chronicles Merch Heaven!

The Store is T-shirts, sure, but it’s also hoodies, tank tops, tote bags, posters…need a Whiskey and Tequeño iPhone Case? Te lo tengo. 

Our first collection is in collaboration with Íconos Venezolanos, an amazing group of young Venezuelan designers. These guys just have a knack for images that put you right back in Caracas, wherever you may be now.

We know you want us to keep Caracas Chronicles free and ad-free, so we’re keeping it a punta de creatividad.

So come in and give it a look.

Our readers keep us going: everything we do here we do for you guys. We know you want us to keep Caracas Chronicles free and ad-free, so we’re keeping it a punta de creatividad.

And that’s what The Store is about: with every purchase you don’t just get to take home a little bit of Venezuela, you support all the work we do here at Caracas Chronicles too. Dos pájaros, un tiro. 

And hurry, just a few shopping days till Christmas!

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