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Chavismo v. Reggaetón

Tarek W. Saab, wearing a Pink Floyd t-shirt, is tackling the new instrument of the global neoliberal elites’ plan to dissolve the family unit: reggaetón. Yes, you read it right. Cambia esa cara de seria, esa cara de intelectual, de enciclopedia 🎶

Illicit Economies’ Weight in Venezuela’s GDP Double the World’s Average

Transparencia and Ecoanalítica published their updated report on illicit economies in Venezuela and its findings are astounding: they represent 16% of GDP, 56% of government tax revenues and 78% of annual imports. Globally, the weight of illicit crimes is between 8-10% of the GD – half of what it weighs in Venezuela. We wrote about last year’s report here.

Prudes, Comegatos and Chavistas

Tarek W. Saab, wearing his Dark Side of the Moon shirts, welcomes folkloric singer Cecilia Todd and members of Serenata Guayanesa -among others- to wage the anti-reggaetón cruzade.

Just another brick in the wall…

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