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Furia Bolivariana

Following the arrest of union leader Víctor Venegas in Barinas and the resurrection of the Anti-NGO Law bill, Maduro announces a “civil-military-police plan” to “confront conspirators.”

The War On Civil Society

New protests in Barinas following Venegas’ arrest.

The government arrested Víctor Venegas in Barinas, a local union leader and Vente member, following state protests by teachers demanding better wages and working conditions. The arrest, which ushered another wave of protests in Barinas, happens a few days after the 2020 National Assembly resurrected the process to approve the Anti-NGO Law to supervise and control -and even close- NGOs operating in Venezuela.

Following Venegas’ arrest, Maduro announced Furia Bolivariana: a “civic-military-police plan” in “every corner of Venezuela” to “confront any action that threatens the peace of the Republic” and “conspiracies.” These moves, including the temporary arrest of Súmate director Roberto Abdul, seem to be part of an escalade against organized civil society following the success of the opposition primaries.

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