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Machado's Crossing of the Andes

María Corina Machado went to areas of the Andes not visited by a presidential candidate since the late 1960s. Throughout the highlands, locals handed her gifts and asked for the returned of their migrant relatives.

María Corina Crosses The Andes

María Corina Machado with the ruana from Mucuchíes.

Last night, María Corina Machado addressed a crowd, with their phones’ lanterns on as has become customary, in the capital of the state of Mérida in the Venezuelan Andes. Machado arrived accompanied by a longitudinal crowd of motorizados, the so-called “motorized force” or “Caravan of Freedom”, after visiting several towns in the highlands such as Pueblo Llano or San Rafael de Mucuchíes: where she was received by a crowd of schoolchildren who came out of the classrooms. There, the locals gave Machado a ruana made in 1967 by the well-known Merideño artist and architect Juan Félix Sánchez.

In the Andes, adding to the emotionality that has characterized her tours, several Merideños –a child with his father in Chile or a teenager with her entire family abroad, for example– tearfully begged Machado for the return of their relatives. Later, Machado headed to Guaraque –finding a sign that said “Hasta el final” put up by inhabitants of the páramo on a mountain– to visit the towns in the south of the state: the most difficult area to access in the Venezuelan Andes, not visited by a presidential candidate since Rafael Caldera in the late sixties.

Venezuela won 2-1 against Ecuador in its first game in the the America’s Cup. Then it won 1-0 against Mexico. Mano tengo fe. In every sense.
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