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Nutella for the people

Reuters published this piece on how Tellechea (the president of PDVSA and Maduro’s oil minister) is trying to bring back a technocratic approach to the industry. Of course we focused on the wrong thing:

“At Pequiven, he is delivering prized monthly foodboxes. A company retired employee who proudly displayed its content to Reuters this month on condition of anonymity, said he hopes his counterparts at PDVSA can get something similar.

The boxes contain some 50 products from meat to deodorant, which are superior in quantity and quality to the staples poor Venezuelan families receive from the government. Pequiven workers said they had even occasionally been treated to jars of Nutella, the hazelnut and chocolate spread which is a rare luxury in Venezuela.”

FACT CHECK: Rare luxury?

Meet the candidates

We are publishing English versions of the conversations that our friends at Politiks held with the primary candidates. So far we have two:

  1. Tamara Adrián
  2. María Corina Machado

You are elected to fight, to change the conditions, not to say “it is what it is.” First, you fight.

María Corina Machado

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