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Coming soon to your neighborhood

Violence in Caracas reached new highs in April, and the numbers so far from May aren’t much better. Given this scenario, Nicolás Maduro announced this week that the Armed Forces would participate in a special security plan.

In his words, the plan would “…deploy special forces of the Army and the Armed Forces (FANB) to the streets to protect the zones that have to be protected.”

Sounds like a slam dunk, except that that would be… you know… Unconstitutional.

The 1999 Constitution made clear the difference between the role of the Armed Forces (in charge of national defense) and the one of the Security Bodies (in charge of public order). Only the National Guard is autorized to assist in the “maintenance of the internal order”.

The only way the rest of the Military can participate in public security operations is through a “state of emergency.” Which, I guess, is what we’re living with anyway.

Interior Minister Miguel Rodríguez Torres is very open to the idea, as he said that “…there’s a potential in the FANB that can be used to reduce criminality rates quickly”. So… that means using armed helicopters for chasing criminals like in Rio de Janeiro? Or perhaps those Russian missile systems could be deployed against pranes or something? The risk is that they could keep them, like some of those Dragunov sniper rifles.

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  1. Posse Comitatus es un invento burgués…. how long do you think before a PSF shows up here to tell us that the US is violating it too?

  2. There’s a new president of the TSJ to interpret into non-existence that one.

    Does anyone think the military, which now rests easy doing nothing except collecting their pay and previleges, and waiting for the signal to engage in a coup or counter-coup, will like this new distraction from its central role as maximum parasite and arbiter of power?

    • Canucklehead,
      You are 120% correct. Even the military fears going into some barrios. They would be out-gunned and quite a few would get killed. Those Cuban commanders could expect to be fragged (Vietnam era word for killing your own commanding officer) right at the start. Having cool uniforms filled with medals for parades is no help in a real gun fight. Many innocent people would like be killed also. This domestic police action is not in the military job description.

      If the military uses heavy tactics that adds to the killing and destruction, Chavismo will decline even more rapidly.

      • Recipe for disaster. That’s why we invented…policing. Sadly, this action is an admission of an inability to police. Big guns, ill fit training, inexperience, no local knowledge…disaster.

  3. I am particularly worried about this new initiative. I can’t help but think of the aftermath from el 27 de Febrero, when the army went on a rampage in Caracas (and other cities?). We’ve all heard the gruesome stories.

    Different circumstances, but still.

  4. GNB personnel performing ‘custodial’ functions in government buildings are not supposed to do anything if the violence or crime ocurrs outside the gates of the place where they are stationed , a few months ago two rival Psuv labour union groups got into a exchange of bullets in front of the Pdvsa building , one person getting killed . The GNB did nothing to intervene ‘not their job’ they said , worse still a bit later a happy trigger from one of these groups shot a barrage at the Pdvsa gate and the GNB again did nothing . Govt employees working at heavily guarded places complain that they are robbed and assaulted shortly after they leave their work place and the GNB just looks the other way.!!

  5. hey everyone, remember that time Izarra laughed on TV because of a comparison between Mexico and Venezuela on domestic security issues, because Mexico was facing a crisis and had to send the military out on the streets?

    • Since the guy who went after Julio Borges on the AN and hit him was a Cuban I guess is safe to say a high percentage of those Armed Forced will be Cuban too…

      • feathers, you’ve got a keen eye. Tell me, does that photo of the guardia nazional, accompanying this post, look like a bunch of women in uniform?
        Not that there’s anything wrong with women being in the front lines of the armed forces, if they choose. It’s just that I wonder if they’re being used as barrio fodder….

        • You r right some of them do look like women. CC posted here the other day some GN women harassing and kicking some girl who was protesting. Bunch of Cuban Iris Varelas.

  6. I listened to his linked announcement. He uses the phrase “Union Civico-Militar” to describe his new policy. So, they close down the Parliament, steal the election, occupy the judiciary, and proclaim Civil-Military Union, in violation ofthe Constitution. If Oppo p.r. people can’t hit this one out of the park, they’re not paying attention.

  7. Once the military is deployed, its easier to dar el golpe. I would not deploy them if I were Nicolas, but hey, Nicolas is what he is…

  8. Why doesn’t the opposition explain over and over and over again what “murder rate” is and how Venezuela’s rate compared to the rest of South America now and how it compared in 1998?

    We should be explaining this information. Imagine leaflets distributed in every single bus terminal across the nation for people going to Maturín, Los Teques, La Guaira, Guacara, Calabozo, Punto Fijo, Carora, Acarigua, La Victoria and the other 50 main secondary cities, where Venezuela’s majority live.

    The 9th or 10 minuter of Justice we have is saying now crime cannot be solved in 2 years. They have had 14 years and the murder rate has more than tripled since then.

    We need to explain this and we need to give references to Venezuela’s majority. Venezuela’s majority has never ever ever been abroad.

  9. The live their reality and they now that the majority in the Barrios get killed, and well warming the frog…

  10. Maduro made the announcement-

    The last paragraph is all telling–
    “The interior ministry recognises that many of the robberies, murders and kidnappings are carried out by “mafia” within the police forces themselves. Experts say the problem is rooted in a dysfunctional justice system, poor working conditions for police officers, and chaotic and gang-controlled prisons. Maduro, a 50-year-old former bus driver, said he would also seek limits on television programming that promotes violence and a “cult of weapons”.

    Maduro wants to limit television programming that promotes violence? Violence is promoted in the AN. The AN needs to be censored first. Then Maduro needs censoring.


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