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Full disclosure: I used to be in love with Henrique Capriles.

From 2010 to 2017, I declared my love on Twitter, made friends who worked with him tell him I existed and worked in every campaign so I could meet him (for the sake of my country, guys!). I was certain I could be this nation’s First Girlfriend. I shamelessly flirted when I finally met him, asking him out several times. He politely declined, but I insisted because I’m tenacious and foolish.

I honestly thought we’d make a great couple. I even got jealous when people said he was dating TV presenters.

Yes, I had a ridiculous, pathetic, delusional crush on him and he was indifferent. No me paró bolas. I resent him. I practiced braiding my hair like Lilian Tintori in case I had to step up and give that human rights’ activist vibe, I practiced my speeches to be his best ambassador, I even imagined how I’d deal with threats and chavistas insulting me on Twitter, too. Being ignored or rejected is really painful and I hate him for unknowingly breaking my heart.

I hate the guy.

But I won’t participate in his digital crucifixion.

I hate the guy. But I won’t participate in his digital crucifiction.

I thought he could do no wrong, until last year. I thought he was brave (I still do), and I respect that he’s done whatever his heart said was the right thing. “But he didn’t defend his victory when he ran against Maduro,” yeah, he also didn’t want people killed on the streets for his sake, and that’s a good thing. I think he’s been coherent and consecuente, he has done what he believes to be right, not caving in to the tremendous pressure he must have had.

Few politicians in this country have been as mistreated as Capriles. He was a political prisoner, barred from running for public office, slandered, insulted by both chavistas and opposition, prohibited to leave the country, reduced, insulted, called a liar and a coward, and much more. And now everyone’s saying he’s a corrupt jerk.

Can we at least know for sure he did anything illegal, before we call him corrupt? Can we at least wait for a fair trial?

A crowd pointing fingers at people from El Arepazo in Doral or Parque 93 in Bogotá is plain bullshit. Sure, no stone should be left unturned to find and prosecute everyone who’s ever robbed a penny, including former friends of mine who became bolichicos. But it’s painful how everyone assumes his guilt. Capriles went from what we saw during the campaign years ago to what he’s accused of now. Insulting Henrique Capriles because the “TSJ en el exilio” named him in their trial against Maduro is reactionary and wrong.

First, it’s not illegal to receive private funds or donations for a campaign.

Second, can we at least know for sure he did anything illegal, before we call him corrupt? Can we at least wait for a fair trial?

The “innocent until proven guilty” thing is a conquest of modern civilization, guys. We complain about chavista jurists never giving our political prisoners a fair shake, but we’re skipping that part too.

Yes, I hate him and it takes me a tremendous effort to objectively say: he doesn’t deserve this.

But, apparently, hell hath no fury like a country scorned.

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  1. i guess the big question is what was said (or done) to him that made him decide to accept those fateful reversed election results…i can still remember the faces of utter shock and disbelief when they announced that Chavez had won. thousands of people in the streets of Valencia and they all visibly slumped. that was the first major blow i guess. was it better that we bowed our heads to the bully after that first confrontation or would it have been better to have bloodied his nose even at the cost of getting the shit kicked out of you…just to make him think twice about trying it again?

  2. Should he have called for protests and be jailed for 15 years like Lopez I suppose?He did what he could and he is one man.He tried and he failed like many others before him did because it’s not easy.Let him be as he is not the problem he is a scapegoat.

    • well he did tell people to go home. he accepted the results. hard to say what would have happened had he defended the majority decision that day…Venezuela was still hot and firey, might have been a different fight. he decided to stand up against Chavismo, the people handed him the ball and he fumbled it at the 5 yard line. of course the fans hate him. he probably cost us the game!! I like to tell myself they threatened his family. probably played out a little of both. look capriles. either you take these millions of dollars and play dead or we will make you and everyone you love dead. made it really easy for him. im just an observating guest you understand. never have had any political preferences until i saw what chavismo did to the economy.

  3. You say: “And now everyone’s saying he’s a corrupt jerk”. I think you are grossly exaggerating. I have not seen this happening. There is a mention of Capriles by the Tribunal en el exilio but they only talk of the need for investigating, they go no futher. Probably isolated accusations exist but they are by no means an epidemics.
    I think he or his followers should not worry about this. I know is not plesant to see one’s name to be subject to claims of dishonesty but I don’t believe the country has not taken up this issue very seriously and mostly keep silent.
    It is unfortunate that the country should be flooded with scandals, real or imaginary. But Venezuela under chavismo has become a scandalous society, much more so than before chavismo. I disagree with Capriles in many ways but I don’t believe he is corrupt.

  4. Nina, good analysis. Capriles walked the walk, talked the talk, fought the good fight, but what has done him in (temporarily?) with his middle-class base is that he fumbled the ball crossing into the end zone, because “El Tiempo De Dios Es Perfecto”, and now his middle-class base is in Doral/Bogota (you)/Santiago/Lima/Madrid/etc. etc.

  5. He did take the money. I have no doubts about that.

    That being said, I don’t blame him for it. When you’re going up against El Chavismo. you have no choice. The will take any competitive advantage they can and you better do the same.

    There are plenty of reasons to give Capriles shit, but taking Odebrecht’s money isn’t one of them.

  6. Meanwhile, for some serious news:

    Maduro’s huge salary increases force 40% percent of Venezuelan stores to close

    Nearly 40 percent of all Venezuelan stores have closed —some of them perhaps permanently —after the government of President Nicolas Maduro increased the minimum salary by nearly 3,500 percent in one fell swoop, according the National Council of Commerce and Services of Venezuela.

    Many of the companies, which had been barely surviving the gradual collapse of the economy, saw the salary increase and other changes announced last month as the fatal blow in a series of policies that have been gradually strangling their businesses.

    “These decisions are leading many business people to say, ‘No, I can’t do it any more,'” said Maria Carolina Uzcategui, president of the council.

    The problem is that Venezuelan companies are being forced to sell at prices far below cost just as employee salaries are increasing 60 times, Uzcategui said.

    What’s more, the regime has banned stores from increasing their prices to cover the salary increases, arguing that it is not necessary.


    That’s 40% of those that were still open, of course. Which means it’s something like 40% of the 30% still open from just a few years ago. The project is almost complete.

    • Well, according to the laws of commerce, if half of your competitors go out of business, you should be able to double your own business.

      Which means you can lower prices to a certain degree because of your increased sales volume.

      Wait. I apologize. I keep forgetting:

      I’m talking about the real world. Not Venezuela.

  7. Perhaps Capriles is not entirely corrupt, certainly not by Kleptozuelan standards. But he’s a mediocre populachero career politician. A failed Pueblo Populist. Un habla paja tambien, politico de M.. / Populism (aka ‘socialism’ aka “democracy’) and mediocre populist politicians like him or Ramos Allup are in good part what destroyed Venezuela. It’s what brewed Chavismo, and has kept it in power for over 2 decades. Habla-Pajas, tropical career politicians like Capriles are what weakened the opposition, helped to sink Leopoldo Lopez in Jail (1000000 x better than Capriles will ever dream to be), and divided the MUD, going against Maria Conchita Machado (100000 x better than Capriles) or Ledezma (10000 better than Capriles).

    Populachero, (“socialista” a favor del “pueblo”, Tipico Politico de M. como han habido muchos en Cleptozuela, decada tras decada. And extremely ambitious, putting his own political goals above the good of the country. Instead of joining forces with Leopoldo, MCM and Ledezma when the opposition had a chance to overthrow Chavismo.

    And, as some commented here, on top of all that he totally FOCKED UP, exactly when the country needed him most, and had elected him President. Could have and should have fought, should have called for more street protests, and should have knocked Chavismo out, seeking international support. He CHICKENED out. Pussy, on top of Populachero. That’s what he is, that dream boyfriend who rejected you, lady. Not very smart I might add, for rejecting such a pretty lady. I may also add, not well-educated either, typical politician from Kleptozuela, rather dumb, habla-paja and poorly educated. Educacion de liceo barato, at best. Certainly not as well-educated as LL or MCM or even Ledezma or even Ramos Allup. But just as much of a sleazy weasel, politico guabinoso as Henry or Borges. MUD, is what Capriles is, part of the Mediocre MUD. Almost as bad as a Claudio Fermin of sorts, or a Carlos Andres Perez, subiendo cerro en sus campañas) habla-paja populachero politician. Certainly not Presidential material for any successful nation.

    • This is something which needs more discussion. The definition of “populist.”

      I don’t think the term has any meaning any longer, because what does it mean?

      They call Trump a populist simply because he won. His stated policies during the campaign were his policies, so how does that differ from the fucking maniac Bernie Sanders?

      Bernie, and other socialist morons, promise everything at no cost. No price to pay.

      So is that the definition?

      I just don’t get it.

      • ‘Populista’ is someone who pleases the crowds, even though he knows the policy might not be good for the country or the fundamentals are wrong. The populista likes to ride the wave of popularity based on empty or failed policies. ‘Populista’ is subject to the whim of polls. No program, no coherence, just whimsical decisions that in the end come home to roost.
        Populistas: Hitler, Chávez, Maduro, Kirchner, Trump, Perón, Santos, Zapatero, Sánchez..

  8. Nina, you should have realized that Capriles was not going to choose just any Tom, Dick…or, Hairy (just trying to help with your (English language) shtick, Nina–sophisticated Bogotanos will get the Point).

          • Hair and fur are chemically indistinguishable, having the same chemical composition, and are made of keratin. The primary difference between hair and fur is the word usage. The hair of non-human mammals refers as “fur,” while humans are said to have hair. So, basically, hair is a characteristic of all mammals

          • So…, “La Profesora” is wrong. Anyway, each of “Tom” (cat), “Dick” (well, you know), and “Hairy” (male, or female), as well as “point”, has a double entendre–but, Nina knows this when she does her Bogotano stand-up.

          • Net, I was just having alittle fun, with the Hairy. (Hare, Hair, Heir)

            As you know English is a language that has never had a problem with borrowing from all the great languages of the world, and as such can be baffling and confusing even to the native speaker.

            Sorry to step on your tows (toes)

  9. I dont for one minute believe that recieving electoral contributions from a company is an act of corruption , in a democracy campaigns are run on money and if you are an opposition candidate in Chavez Venezuela that means that you are starved of funds and cant be too exquisitely fuzzy about who you get them from. In the US many corporations as a matter of course make contributions to candidates from both sides in a campaign, Wouldnt surprise me that Citgo made contributions to candidates from both parties in the past without expecting any favours as a result of doing so.Its well known that the current govt contributed funds to president Trumps inauguration which was hypochritical but not an act of corruption ….what makes a campaign contribution an act of corruption is making them in exchange for huge over priced contracts that never get done like the former head of Odebrecht reported when being interrogated by Brazils judiciary . Specifically he spoke of many millions of US$ being handed over to Maduro personally in exchange for the award of enormous contracts for which Odebrecht overcharged big sums and never completed , we are talking of several billion dollars which were paid to Odebrecht for work which was never done ,nothing comparable to the funds which might have been contributed to Capriles electoral fund in exchange for no contracts whatever….!!

    • Exactly Bill.

      Capriles recibió dinero de fuentes privadas en ambas campañas. So what.

      Es la única manera que podía financiarlas. Y eso no es ilegal y punto, no importa si fueron 2 o 20 millones.

      Al contrario de tanto Chávez como Maduro, que se llenaron a costa de elefantes blancos e inconclusos y se llenaron de billete hasta los teque-teques.

      • He received money from Odebrecht, the official chavista and PT money laundering machine. That is poor judgment at best. The act of corruption was not consummated. The contribution did surely have strings attached (contract continuation) in case of victory. The guy is a loser. Next!

  10. Instead of calling for protests, uniting the MUD opposition, and fighting for his stolen election, Capriles was probably banging 5 chicks in various fancy hotels and covert locations. Una por pueblo visitado. A man can only do so much besides hablar-paja y politiqueria populachera.

    • He could have banged ten times as many chicks if he had stepped aside, relaxed, and let Leopoldo be the candidate.

      Except God forbid the Pueblo would actually elect an intelligent, Harvard educated Gringo “puppet.” A guy, by the way, as former mayor, was the first to take to the streets in protest when Hugo stripped the Caracas Metropolitan Police of its authority.

      He saw the writing on the wall from Day One. And what was Capriles doing those days?

      There can never be enough posts pointing out the fucking stupidity, arrogance, amnesia and greed of the Venezuelan pueblo, so keep those posts coming.

  11. Fuck Capriles. Leopoldo is the real hero.

    This broad must have been a real pain in the ass if Capriles wouldn’t even take a blowjob from her.

    My God, Quico. Will you publish absolutely ANYTHING!?

    (Will someone please explain to Canucklehead what a blowjob is? I’m sure his hero Trudeau made them illegal as degrading to women.)

  12. Oh I’ll participate in his digital crucifixion all right, Ill bring the digital nails and hammer “denle a esa cacerola para drenar esa… esa rechera” that little stunt pretty much destroyed every fair chance of a popular revolt. Capriles is a spineless cuck, good riddance.

    • Yeah, bang that cacerola arrechamente in your home that electoral night–but, don’t forget the bailoterapia in the next day’s protest march….

  13. Thanks to MRubio and Marc for keeping the comments real on the ground. As well as insights from Bill, Corlonel and others..

    For once I agree with IRAte, quico or someone should moderate some comments before irate and PC and a few other old angry white men turn this into porn site for more ignorant old angry white gringos.

    Nina wrote a nice post with an interesting, personal twist. Thank you Nina.

    As for irate and pc, there is no reason to humiliate her while hiding behind your keyboards.

    Btw, that isn’t “locker room talk”. It, and you are just disgusting.


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