Dirty campaign update

Here’s something you almost never see in a Venezuelan campaign: a full-on, U.S. style negative smear ad.

A recent post explained that Chávez has three parallel campaigns going at once for the final month before the election: the official one, the state one and the dirty one. This ad confirms that a full smear campaign against Henrique Capriles is up and running. This spot centers on the Mi Vivienda housing program he created as Miranda governor.

The ad doesn’t establish by name who is responsible for its content (except for a RIF number for tax purposes). Anonymity is forbidden in the Article 57 of the Venezuelan Constitution, related to the right of free speech. However, the ad is been promoted by a government-related website, which has been used to promote the comandante presidente’s reelection. In Venezuela, the Chavernment is also its own Super PAC.

UPDATE: As commenter cacr210 indicated, the RIF number (J-30621129-2) is the same one used in Chavez’s official re-election ads (you can see it here and here). They don’t even bother to hide it. Can’t tell if deliberate or just mediocre. #DirtyCampaignFAIL

Here is the official position of HCR’s campaign, from its manager Armando Briquet.

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